T-Eye Automated Driving Recorder ADR-3000

January 31, 2012 · Posted in Technology 

T-Eye Automated Driving Recorder ADR-3000

With such hit television programmes as “Police, Camera, Action!”, “Ultimate Police Interceptors” and many other police reality airings, does one ever really feel you wish you had been in an unmarked police vehicle when some total loon cuts you up and treats you to some free adrenaline rush while he/she fortunately chats absent on a cell phone clamped to their right ear using the left hand, whilst “driving” with their other hand? No? I suppose it’s just me then, but I suspect it’s not only me.

The truth is, many “accidents” are someone’s fault, and the cause I put the word “accidents” in inverted commas is the fact that most could have be totally averted. Unfortunately, if this kind of an incident does occur, then it could not be avoided, and here we are, having a smouldering wreck, fortunately no accidents, but without witnesses, and now a really hard battle to try to show it was not your fault.

I would adore to proclaim this gadget gives you a twelve 2nd warning which you are most likely to be hit or collide with another street user, but that level of technologies hasn’t been attained yet, alongside a microwave sized box that materialises what ever meals you fancy from the bordering air molecules, negating the require for grocery buying and the awful squander of area that the cabinets and refrigerator freezer took up…

Nevertheless, this gadget does really exist, and can offer reassurance and security with every trip you take, be it like a taxi driver, courier, or (risking) the school operate having a stopover for bread and milk. The T-eye automated driving recorder is your witness. It sits not in the passenger seat, but discretely behind the inside mirror, and gives a full see both forward and aft from the driving position. Every trip, it data the visitors and accessoire tirelessly, with all info becoming saved ought to it be essential for review or proof.

This remarkable device sports two state of the art one hundred seventy degree solid state video systems providing a combined 340 diploma recordable viewing array, with GPS enhanced video clip recording. It detects a collision and sudden acceleration or braking circumstances using a 3 axis accelerometer, recording compressed video clip at sixteen frames for each second at complete VGA resolution of 640 x 480. The GPS system continually logs vehicle pace, trajectory and place, becoming the most reliable witness in any questionable incident.

Included is Computer software program to view GPS data and video information simultaneously, proving the speed you had been adhering to once the collision/near skip transpired, together with place and all bordering views in the other windows, as if you had a dependable witness in every seat.

If others drive your vehicle (partner, siblings or offspring for instance) or you have pool or employ cars for the company, this gadget can provide safety to your integrity and show the pace and circumstances associated with that mysterious scrape you know was not there when you last drove it. It isn’t a spy within the automobile, or “Big Brother” but merely works whilst driving; monitoring conditions should an unfortunate accessoire happen.

Additionally you possess the unmarked video car like the police use within the television programmes; just keep in mind to not give chase!

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