Using Wander for Marketing Your Business

June 28, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

Wander is a brand new tool to build your brand. To best describe it, it is a fusion between Yelp and Pinterest with the tagging and mentioning qualities that of Twitter. We all have a list in our minds of our favorite places we have visited or ones that we dream to one-day visit, but tend to loose track of and forget to go. This is a place to organize all of those places which you “Wander” whether in real life or in your imagination. Get it?

This is a great tool for businesses that are places. Lets say for example that your business is a restaurant or a hotel, you can not only have your own page, but Wanderlog allows for all posts from other people about your same place to all be linked together on the same page. You can also post and recommend related businesses or products that users will find on your log and that will connect back to you. This allows people to engage with your brand in a different way. It would be like a visual yelp, where you can organize, log, and plan your food or vacation escapades.

You can also mention people similarly to Twitter. It tags and categorizes places and users. However, instead of @mentioning a person, they ask you to *mention a place*. This allows anyone using the program to follow a specific place and specific user.

Another great thing about this new tool is that it is just one more way of getting your brand or business more exposure and online presence. This is also going to be a great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool because it will create more content about your company and will be cross linking which will give you more points with Google ranking.

Wander has believers as it has received a cool $1.2 million in seed funding so far. Will you Wander over? Register your names now before they get taken!

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29Prime: Goodbye Google Maps, Hello Apple Maps!

June 17, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

Google Maps is something that millions of people rely on daily. You could be searching for a local business or getting directions to a new location. Whatever you need, Google Maps most likely has it. Unfortunately for Google, they have some huge competition coming their way. Will Google be able to adapt to this change quickly and one-up the competition that they face? Only time will tell.

Later this year, Apple’s iOS6 will be released. Apple announced that they will have their own ‘Maps’ section on the iPhone, removing what is now ‘Google Maps’. Apple states that the new feature will contain real-time traffic information, 3-D flyover views, turn-by-turn navigation, and Siri to assist in giving directions.

Siri, the voice controlled assistant, is considered a fine asset. Apple made some huge improvements to Siri. Apple plans to make it more helpful and accurate for users. The new application will apparently include more than 100 million business listings globally at launch time. On the contrary, Google only has around 80 million business listings in their current directory.

Reviews are extremely important for the consumer. They allow the customer to make an informed decision about a business and their services, based on previous customer experiences. Apple also announced that Yelp reviews will be integrated into the business listings. Yelp reviews tend to be detailed accounts of previous customer experiences. It seems that Apple is winning the battle of the apps!

Google and Apple are in constant competition with one another. Google quickly announced the creation of 3-D maps for Android users, however, they did not state when it would be available to the public. One downfall of the Apple Maps app is the fact that there are no public transit directions. Google has this, as well as walking directions for the users with an estimated time of arrival. Time will tell which maps application will be more helpful for users, but we’ll just have to wait till iOS6 releases.

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29 Prime Review: Importance of Website Maintenance

May 27, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

Several small business owners often have questions about online marketing. A common question they face is: what is the importance of website maintenance? There are often several reasons to keep your website updated, however, I will just mention a few of them.

Maintaining your website is a good practice because websites often need updated information. Customers turn to websites to learn more about what is going on within a company. Having outdated information can deter potential customers from using your business and services! That is the last thing you want as a business owner.

A large part of maintaining your website is constantly giving it a ‘face lift’ and freshening up the appearance for your viewers. When people come to a website, they do not need to be bombarded. Make sure your website is not cluttered with words and is visually pleasing to the viewers.

Using your keywords in the search engine may bring some surprises you weren’t expecting. Some of these surprises inlcude errors if you let the site go too long without maintenance. The keywords you chose before may not rank anymore but you wouldn’t know without checking in on things. Inspect the entire site, not just the beginning. Check any links to make sure they work, or forms that customers may fill out.

Business owners must constantly perform routine website maintenance. Online marketing is not something that can take care of itself and should not be neglected. It needs routine maintenance to make sure the content of your site provides information to assist customers and attract them to your business. Constant supervision is not necessary. Broadening your horizons and working on other projects to expand are equally important. Be aware of what is going on within your website since that is one of the most solid ways to reach your audience.

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