Explore and enjoy the nature, come and visit the centenary Lakes and Botanic Gardens in Australia

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People who would like to explore and revel in the nature, should come and visit the centenary Lakes and Botanic Gardens in Cairns, Australia

This lovely place is around 4 kilometers from central Cairns and is well connected to other bits of the city as well.The garden is a tropical oasis which is spread across 38 hectares of land. Travellers like to enjoy the beautiful local Australian gardens which are properly maintained. The entry to the garden is free and it opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 4:30 in the evening.

The garden is among the best public attractions at Cairns. People love to visit the garden with their family or chums to have some great time together. Though the entry to the park is free, travellers can donate any amount in various collection boxes which are present at various points across the garden. Donating cash is the easiest way tourists can contribute in conserving the park as their money helps the govt. and the park authorities to maintain the park for the generations to come. The park is not just a visitor attraction but also a place for conserving Australian natural treasures.

The garden was established back in the year 1886. Some of the plants and trees which were planted at the time of its establishment exist even now. Travellers are astounded to see those nineteenth century plants which have been maintained in an excellent manner.Botanical Garden is a good collection of plants and trees which are uncommon and unique. The majority of the plants which are present there are only found in this particular bit of the planet. The park includes exotic species of palms, bamboos, vines, ginger and a sizeable range of tropical fruits.

Out of all, the most dazzling plant found inside the garden is the tropical flower named Amorphophallus Titanum. The amazing thing about the flower is that the weight of a full grown flower is around 70 kilograms and the length of its single leaf is around 7 meters. The flower is one of the two rare rainforests plants which is located only in Australian Continent. The garden is composed of varied orchids composed of flowers of different colours. Such orchids are spread across the garden making it one of the prettiest places in Cairns. The garden also consists of diverse tropical fruit trees like Soursop, Purple Mangosteen, Black Sapote, Durian and diverse other rare fruit tree species.

Botanical Garden is also famous for its centenary lakes. Loads of people like to visit the lake as this is a perfect spot for family picnics. The lake is also a favourite spot for the birdwatchers as they get an opportunity to see 130 different types of bird species which inhabit the area.The lake is also the base for number of fishes which are uncommon and pretty, turtles, water birds and diverse other nautical animals. The lake is surrounded by a long boardwalk which slinks throughout the whole park.

Though the lake is very popular among the traveller community, yet it is advised that people should not swim in that lake as there are high possibilities that there may be a crocodile within it. The threat regarding the crocodile becomes even larger in the rainy seasons. Also take a look at the Tanks art center which is one of the most famous performance centres in Cairns. The center is located within a World War Ii navy oil storage tank and is now used for hosting a good range of programs. The place is utilized for hosting art exhibitions, music concerts, tank market and masses of other events.

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