Acer S7 Touchscreen Series

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Acer has finally presented its ultrabook Acer S7 using the touch screen features. The ultrabook Acer S7 will be for sale in two sizes. Both of the sizes of ultrabook Acer S7 support the touchscreen. The Acer has also announced that this ultrabook will support the windows 8 operating system.

The ultrabook with the 13.3 inch size will also have the sculptured glass cover with a glossy look to deliver the elegant and trendy look. The use of the aluminum unibody in these ultrabook models has made these devices light and slim. It’s also touted that the battery life of the 13.3 inch Acer S7 will be up to 12 hours, while the life of the battery of the 11.6 inch model will be upto 9 hours.

However, it’s true that the complete specifications and details of the Acer S7 are not declared by the company yet. Still there are many features that have been declared through different channels and sources. The Acer S7 ultrabook will have the fold back feature of 180 degree. This will allow the lid of the ultrabook to lie flat on the surface. The battery timings of the 11.6 inch Acer 7 model will be up to 9 hours and the 13.3 inch model will have up to 12 hours.

The Acer S3 series has faced the issue of over heating earlier. Keeping this issue in mind the Acer S7 is designed with the Twin Air Cooling System. This is a new approach introduced in the ultrabook models. This will solve the over heating issue of the ultrabook device, and it will also help in keeping the performance of the device more advance.

The backside of this ultrabook will have the combination of metal and glass. The measurement of the entire chassis is 12 mm. Another amazing feature of the Acer S7 is that its lid can be laid with the 180 degree. This will also allow the touch mode too. The entire specifications of this amazing ultrabook are not yet revealed by the company. The keyboards of this ultrabook are made of plastic, and this has add more convenience in the use of it. One feels more comfortable with this excellent innovative technology used in the Acer S7.

The use of the full HD display of this ultrabooks makes it more sensational. The glass lid is introduced in the Acer S7, which was also used in the Envy model of HP. The use of the Twin Air Cooling System in this ultrabook has reduced the problem of overheating. This issue was faced by S3 users in some hot areas.

The Acer S7 will face tons of competition on the market due to the Apple and ASUS products with some of the similar features on the market. Using the high graphic pixels has made the lid of this ultrabook resolution more appealing. The Acer S7 is indeed will work as a showstopper in the ultrabook market.

The Acer has revealed that the Acer S7 will have the Windows 8 as its operating system, and the users of the notebooks will notice great difference regarding speed and performance. The glossy photos of the Acer S7 cannot make you feel the difference that you can experience by using this ultrabook device.

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One of the Most Popular Laptop Brand

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Acer is seriously a recognized Taiwanese manufacturer pertaining to private computers. Acer laptops are usually preferred one of a lot of technologies knowledgeable buyers due to the price tag and also their progressive capabilities. Founded in 1976, Acer may possibly be production computer systems that can still flourish obtainable in the market. As a lot as top quality will go, Acer laptops are thought to become your fourth best mobile computer model within the world proper immediately after Macs and New laptop.

One from the really discussed revolutionary characteristics supplied by Acer laptops might be the computer’s desktop telephone that is special on the brand. Acer laptops also give persons the potential to get pleasure from higher definition television exhibits thanks to its fantastic good quality weighed against the certain display size. Though it lifetime of Acer laptops could not be given that exceptional given that what Apple pcs may have to provide, they’re even now regarded as becoming on the list of best on the market. Acer laptops could be identified all around the world together with the warranties which they provide frequently intercontinental protection that enables users to take care of his or her product or service whilst exploring.

One of the very most desirable features of Acer laptops will be the cost. Should you be that compares a great Acer laptop together with distinct prevalent functions as well as a laptop computer the exact same capabilities from your unique brand including ASUS it can be attainable to establish that Acer is among the most expense successful. The lower price is not necessarily on account of low good quality considering that numerous people have a tendency to think. Truly, given that Acer laptops are created inside Taiwan, the production rates are considerably beneath exactly what a US produced model like ASUS.

In reality, simply because Acer laptops are developed inside Taiwan, the specific making pricing is considerably less than that of a US created style like ASUS. Quite a few reviews with regards to Acer laptops have got known that this normal cost could be worked out though around $600 for any model while working with added capabilities. Your display screen types also are normally in favor with quite a few buyers. It really is truly feasible to find a fantastic Acer laptop working with your collection of capabilities in addition to display size due to the wide selection of the specific laptops which might be introduced within the manufacturer. Are you conscious that specifications, Acer laptops are invariably rapid capture up with the marketplace requirements?

One from the extremely frequent drawbacks relating to Acer laptops may be documented since the diminished pace soon after with them for some time. Additionally, the additional time frame used for booting up in addition to web cam connected troubles will often be probably the most frequent problems regarding the merchandise. In addition to these sort of smaller aggravations, Acer laptops are fantastic for the distinct economy person who would like to communicate the certain altering sector needs without having spending some dollars.

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Information About Quad Core Computers

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Any time chatting on the subject of quad core computers you confront the most productive and vibrant notebooks for sale in the marketplace. The quad core title relates to the actual sum of cores within a cpu and in this unique example quad would mean four. The central processor performs like the mind of the computer system so to speak, and it is in command of every one of the calculations that are expected to make the mobile computer work. The original central processing units held an individual core but when systems evolved, manufacturers began to integrate complementary cores and released the era of dual core processing. Lately, Computer companies set out to manufacture processors equipped with four cores and this is regarded as quad cores. The explanation for many of these newer variations is as soon as a processor has more than one single core, the cores separate the processes in the notebook which successively permits a notebook’s central processor to perform much more efficiently in addition to better speeds. Fundamentally, quad core notebooks can potentially perform one process and prior to when that procedure is done they can easily start off and end an extra task. This provides several benefits such as more effective gaming, multi media, and also video editing functions. The key is to try to pick out a quad core laptop that will best cater to your computing expectations. Listed below are the very best quad core mobile computers available.

Alienware M15x

This unique quad core mobile computer is believed by many to be one of the better 15 inch computers accessible that you can buy and that is principally because of the capability it gives using the processer. The core i7-920XM CPU is a high-class, formidable central processor to declare the very least and it is also great with regards to multi-media ventures and will leave a person with limited lag. Although the core is particularly effective the mobile computer does have shortcomings in some other aspects, particularly memory, and merely a single harddisk. Additionally, it’s not appropriate for video gaming mainly because it merely possesses one single video card. This is a smaller Fifteen in . laptop, which many folks favor, making it ideal in traveling occasions.

Sony Vaio VPC-F117HG

The Sony Vaio is large as well as cumbersome, yet when you imagine high end laptop computers this will be ultimately filled laptop computer. Launching with the central processing unit you have an i7 quad core central processor, Blu-ray, a Nvidia GeForce GT 330M GPU, a Sixteen in . 1040p display, together with 6 GB of Ram. The sole problem is that along with the power comes a brief life span for the battery pack with a measurable median of a 2 hr survival time. You must pay a high cost to acquire this absolute wonder, but when you’re into games it will be worth each and every nickel in the industry of quad core laptops.

Acer Aspire 8942G

The Acer Aspire is surely an entertainment unit and presents this having an gigantic 18.4 unique LCD monitor. It’s also loaded with integrated qualities including a Blu-Ray writer coupled with a full hi-def video display. The Aspire additionally carries with it an ATI Mobility Radeon HD5850 graphics card and also the all infamous Core i7 quad-core cpu. This unique multimedia happy computer offers many other outstanding capabilities for instance a internal TV tuner as well as two hard disk drive bays furnishing you with a superb alternative for your entertainment at home.

HP Envy 15

Concerning visual appeal this is certainly among the finest looking quad core laptops and it is also Hewlitt Packard’s entertainment system. The complete hd monitor together with a Core i7-720QM Central processor allows the user to have anything they require relating to media, but it does give up a good deal within other elements. This is mainly for the reason that Hewlett Packard neglected a number of components to help offer the Envy a drastically skinnier outward appearance when compared to other quad core laptop computers. If you’d like for flair to go together with high end processor power then this certainly is the notebook for you.

Asus G51J-3D Notebook computer

This is a better than ordinary video gaming PC with a particularly potent Core i7 720QM Central processing unit, but the thing that makes this specific computer terrific is the incorporated Nvidia 3D Vision technology. This is the 1st computer to feature Nvidia’s 3-D innovation and will be a joy for any kind of game player that takes pleasure in the idea of 3-D online gaming. The draw back to this particular mobile computer is ironically the 3-D concept as well as it demands a substantial amount of costly extra components so that it will operate. When you are ready to hand over some dough this is the thrill ride of quad core mobile laptop computers.


The fact that every single one of these mobile computers contain high-class quad corecentral processing units ensures that each one should serve individuals very well within both gaming and multi-media. The true divergence is going to be other variables that are vital to a person. Should over all size matters then you may truly want the Alienware M15x, should you want the best of the best then the Sony Vaio VPC-F117HG will have what you require, and in case somebody wishes for an experience which happens to be different than all others then Asus G51J-3D Laptop’s 3D capabilities will certainly get individuals running.

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Acer as5253 review

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Now I have 2 Acer laptop’s as I needed to replace my aging 5220 with the Acer AS5253 and also wanted to write an article about them. I know that Acer’s are great laptops and that’s what made me buy another one.

Although my first Acer is working well I thought I’d buy another one as a back up machine. Laptops shouldn’t get damp in them as this tends to slow the machine down.

As I work on-line every day and I take the boat to Florida in the winter months I tend to take the Acer with me as I have staff in the Philippines I need to keep in contact with all the time.

Buying the Acer AS5253 was a good idea. You get a sense of power when you video call a member of your staff if like me you have them in the Philippines and can’t get your point across simply by emailing them.

By adding 2 more GB of memory you will see a marked difference in the speed of your new laptop. Adding another 2 GB of memory is easy by unscrewing the 2 screws on the bottom of the machine and dropping the second memory chip in side and replacing the screws. That’s it.

3 USB slots will come in handy because I use them for the Mouse and the keyboard. I know its more luggage to have a separate keyboard and mouse but its worth it in the end.

A lot of laptops are slow at booting up and operating but the new Acer 5253 with its AMD dual core processor doesn’t waste much time in doing all of those things. As hard drives get bigger (My old Acer 5220 and the new 5253) both have 250 GB hard drives but I never could fill the first one up.

I can’t believe LCD screens are so bright until you watch the Acer’s 15.6 HD widescreen. Playing games on the Acer 5253 is just a joy as its using the ATI Radeon HD 6310 Graphics card that handles today’s games and graphics without a flicker in sight.

I’m truly happy that I bought another Acer and this one comes pre-installed with Microsoft’s ‘Windows 7′ Home Premium (64 bit version).

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