Acer as5253 review

November 30, 2011 · Posted in Computers · Comment 

Now I have 2 Acer laptop’s as I needed to replace my aging 5220 with the Acer AS5253 and also wanted to write an article about them. I know that Acer’s are great laptops and that’s what made me buy another one.

Although my first Acer is working well I thought I’d buy another one as a back up machine. Laptops shouldn’t get damp in them as this tends to slow the machine down.

As I work on-line every day and I take the boat to Florida in the winter months I tend to take the Acer with me as I have staff in the Philippines I need to keep in contact with all the time.

Buying the Acer AS5253 was a good idea. You get a sense of power when you video call a member of your staff if like me you have them in the Philippines and can’t get your point across simply by emailing them.

By adding 2 more GB of memory you will see a marked difference in the speed of your new laptop. Adding another 2 GB of memory is easy by unscrewing the 2 screws on the bottom of the machine and dropping the second memory chip in side and replacing the screws. That’s it.

3 USB slots will come in handy because I use them for the Mouse and the keyboard. I know its more luggage to have a separate keyboard and mouse but its worth it in the end.

A lot of laptops are slow at booting up and operating but the new Acer 5253 with its AMD dual core processor doesn’t waste much time in doing all of those things. As hard drives get bigger (My old Acer 5220 and the new 5253) both have 250 GB hard drives but I never could fill the first one up.

I can’t believe LCD screens are so bright until you watch the Acer’s 15.6 HD widescreen. Playing games on the Acer 5253 is just a joy as its using the ATI Radeon HD 6310 Graphics card that handles today’s games and graphics without a flicker in sight.

I’m truly happy that I bought another Acer and this one comes pre-installed with Microsoft’s ‘Windows 7′ Home Premium (64 bit version).

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