What To Consider In A Great Argentinian Steak House

July 16, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks · Comment 

When one thinks of Argentinian steak house NYC restaurant lovers could not help but think of succulent beef coming from this wonderful land. It is a known fact that some of the best beef like the grass-feed cattle come from Argentina duly raised by gauchos. But apart from beef, it also has a lot to offer to the world.

Apart from soccer players and supermodels, laidback and quintessentially happy lifestyle, Argentines are known to embrace life with zest for food and parties. Bringing such qualities into New York’s bustling scene is nothing but short of amazing. Apart from steaks, checking out of other amazing menus will surely satiate the palate.

For pie lovers, empanadas and empanaditas are to die for. These are small pies filled with special fillings like ham, cheese, vegetables and meat. Much smaller than the original ones, eating six or seven in a single setting is quite normal. Some even request for tuna or fish fillings. But make sure to ask for specially made dips to add more zest to it.

If you have tried barbecuing in Buenos Aires, you will notice all these sausages instead of the usual hot dogs. Chorizos and blood sausages are quite common and are usually made of either pork or beef. You can ask the chef to make yours extra spicy for a much zesty taste.

When it comes to pasta, Argentine dishes are usually a mix-and-match of various design and style from European countries. Fogaza, provaleta and milanesa are just some of the renowned pasta usually served with large amount of cream, red meat or pesto sauces. High-end New York restaurants usually make their own variety of equally appetizing sauces.

When looking for best argentinian steak house nyc diners should never leave without tasting wide array of desserts. From medialunas to dulce de leche and Argentine gelatos will surely make your palate water for more. And of course, never forget the wine especially the Malbec.

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