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February 7, 2012 · Posted in Legal · Comment 

Many signs point to an improving economy, but the process of recovery is unfolding slowly. With increasing economic momentum, however, comes a need for many companies to resume job creation as business activity slowly expands. Firms specializing in all aspects of litigation are part of this resurgence, but may find that job recruitment can be lengthy and expensive without the assistance of an experienced legal staffing group.

Even during economic boom times there can be a shortfall of available and highly-qualified workers. Law firms are not in the business of retraining workers, especially in areas of specialization that require specific skills or degrees, and most conduct job searches to fill openings. Positions must be advertised, resumes eliminated, and potential employees interviewed, in addition to conducting screening and background checks.

To make these searches most cost efficient, outsourcing them makes good sense. This does not mean sending the work to a low-wage country, but rather contracting it out to a local or regional agency. Outsourcing removes a heavy load from busy in-house personnel departments, and provides greater access to applicants who have already gone through a thorough vetting process, including interviews and skill examinations.

A staffing agency benefits both workers and employers. A thoroughly vetted employee pool usually includes not only newcomers, but also established, successful career people who often have been specially referred, including many who want to advance their career with a different firm. This group includes attorneys and paralegals, as well as those who provide office services, such as legal secretaries and administrators.

An experienced agency goes beyond providing a ready list of people with potential, however. These services are positioned to help with nearly any law office hiring need or situation, eliminating a lengthy search. When extra help is needed quickly, temporary workers are immediately available, helping prevent heavy caseloads from processing delays. This helps build and maintain a good business image and reputation.

In addition to taking up the slack during periods when workloads are abnormally high, an agency may also provide an excellent selection of temporary, skilled workers to cover for regular staff who are absent due to serious illness, a regular vacation, or who are currently handling special projects. These workers may be retained for as little as a day, or for much longer if the situation warrants it.

Employers and employees alike benefit from this arrangement. Many managers know that observing a new but temporary worker in real time is an excellent way to evaluate talent and abilities, often with the added benefit of being hired full-time. Employees spending time doing real work in a new setting are able to better evaluate whether the job is the right fit for a permanent choice.

Other staffing solutions include related payroll services designed specifically to retain employees until they can actually be hired, including checks, insurance, and taxes. When it is time to increase legal staffing on a full or part time basis, working with an established and respected personnel service streamlines the entire process, and molds it to fit your own specialized hiring needs.

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