Looking into Hot Designs For Your Night Out

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If you are serious about clubbing, sexy dresses are absolutely essential. This is perhaps the easiest way to have a good time and look your best. All week long you may work hard and on the weekend you deserve to relax and enjoy yourself. Here are some of the designs and selections that you may wish to check into for your next night out.

if you want to sparkle and catch eyes as you enter the club, you may wish to consider a shimmering dress. Choose one with a sleek leather look and long sleeves for that special evening. You can select something with a v neckline and a waistline that is risen. This type of dress is perfect for a wide belt, and will provide a custom look.

The beauty of the shimmering dress is there are so many different selections. If you have a great body, you can accent your best features. However, some models allow you to play down certain features. Take your time shopping for these models and you can find something that will be the perfect fit for the evening.

If you want something sexy to wear to the club a tank dress is worth considering, and the shorter the better. This can be an excellent way to show off your curves. Maybe you would like a snug fit tank dress that has side cutouts. If you do not care for the cutout look, try showing all of your back with a crisscross strap design. For a look of “mystery”, utilize a lot of dark mesh.

That “little black dress” is one of the most versatile looks you can have. It never seems to lose it appeal for clubbing. Whether you choose one shoulder or two, you will fit right in. You may even wish to go “shoulder-less”. Pick the neck that you want and plunge it as far you wish, and still be legal. Material options include sequin lace, chiffon, and knit.

A sexy bandage dress is sure to make eyes pop when it enters a room. This look makes it appear like you have tightly wrapped some amazing garments around your body. Maybe you want to accent the bust area. Pick a dress that has a strong line just under this region. Just about any kind of neck or straps will work with a bandage dress. Solid colors are fine but not absolutely necessary.

Shopping for sexy dresses can be a lot of fun but it also can be time consuming. You may need to try on a lot of different ones to find the exact fit for your needs. However, you also may wish to shop online. This can save a lot of valuable time. As long are you know your size, you can get the right fit. Most online stores are not difficult, when it comes to returning items.

When you shop sexy dresses online you can save a lot of money. Remember to check out as many styles as you can to insure the right look. Include bandages dresses, as well as shimmering and tank dresses, in your search.

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Texting Girls – The New Method Of Dating

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[youtube:JS_1inzbwjU;[link:watch this video];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS_1inzbwjU&feature=related]Before we get into the nuts and boltsof PUA text game, let’s talk about the top 3 reasons why it’s so powerful and how it can get you laid like crazy.

In this article, you are going to read more about flirting over text and how to text a girl you like.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #1: Texting Is “Under The Radar”

A big reason why texting is so effective is that it is so casual and under the radar.

Women feels a lot more comfortable with texting than they are with full on phone conversations. Women tends to feel more comfortable talking to a guy via text rather than over the phone.

As a result, women will allow themselves to drop their shields and just “have fun.” They’ll be willing to talk about things that they wouldn’t talk about in a phone conversation and share naughty secrets that they wouldn’t otherwise.

The impersonal nature of text flirting, allow women to explore fantasies and turn on that they might otherwise feel guilty or embarrass to talk about.

By the way, women has a lot of suppressed fantasies and being able to explore them is a HUGE turn on for women.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #2: Women Are Turned On By Words

Get this…women are turned on by words!

Don’t believe me? Just look at how many romance novel books are on the bookshelf at stores. You’re not reading them. I know I’m not reading them. Well, guess who’s reading them.

In fact, romance novels the biggest selling book category of all time. Why do you think that is?

See it’s hard for a guy to understand this because we are so visual.It’s hard for us to wrap our head around this because we are mainly visual creatures. Women are much more turned on by things that are not physical. This is good news for us guys who might not look like Brad Pitt.

And this is where know text game will give you a huge edge over most guys. By knowing what to text a girl and just what words and phrases turn her on, we can quickly and easily build comfort and sexual tension.

We’ll talk more about this in future articles.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #3: Texting Is The Way Of The Future

And lastly, text game is so great because it’s so darn convenient.

Yes, we are entering a new era of our culture where text messaging is the preferred method of communication, especially in the dating area.

Think about it. Texting is quick and easy. It’s convenient. A woman doesn’t have to interrupt her day to answer a text message. She can do while at work or out with friends.

And of course, as mentioned above, a woman are much more likely to engage in conversation with a man she just met via text, because it’s so much more casual and safe.

In fact, texting is becoming so popular that I wouldn’t be surprise that there comes a day when girls will ONLY talk to guys they just met using phone texts.

And this is why it’s so critical for you to learn about text game seduction.

If you’d like to learn more about text game, visit here: www.howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/how-to-text-a-girl-you-like-when-and-how-often-to-text-her/

3 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make When Texting Women

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[youtube:vz0CqIyL4wA;[link:watch this video];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz0CqIyL4wA&feature=related]When it comes to texting girls, most guys make a lot of bad mistakes.

In this article, you are going to read more about how to text girls and how to use callback humor.

The sad thing is, most of the time, these mistakes are very easily avoidable. In fact, there are 3 very common, yet very deadly mistakes that guys often make.

I’m going to tell you what they are and also how to fix them. Pay close attention and try to spot times in your life where you might be guilty of these mistakes.

OK, here we go…

Text Game Mistake #1: Sending Her Too Many Texts In A Row Before You Even Get A Reply Back

You should never send a girl multiple text messages without her first replying back to your original message. The only exception is when your first message did not get delivered and your phone gives you an error message.

Other than that, you should ALWAYS wait until she respond to your first text before you bombard her in box with more messages.

You might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?”

Because not doing so only communicate to her that you are needy and desperate. It’s like constantly talking to someone who won’t even talk back to you.

This will cost you major brownie points.

It lowers your value and gives her power over you. The more you keep texting her without her replying, the more it becomes apparent that she is the prize and you are just begging to talk to her.

Just remember, you just met this girl. Don’t give her the impression that you are already picking out the wedding dress.

Text Game Mistake #2: Being Boring

The first text message to a girl you just met is the most important text you will ever send her. The first message you send will be the one that cause her to decide whether or not to reply back. It’s almost like an advertisement.

Here’s what most guys write with their first message:

“Hey, this is Henry. It was really cool meeting you last night…blah blah blah.”

That’s not a good first message.That’s boring. It doesn’t compel her to respond back.

Here’s something you need to remember…

You Are NOT At The Top Of Her List!

OK, that was a little harsh. Sorry about that.

But really, hot girls give out their numbers ALL the time to a bunch of different guys. That means she will probably not remember you. And if she doesn’t know who you are, why would she reply?

Instead you should say something attention grabbing that also relates to the time when you met her. Something like…

“Man what was the deal with that crazy guy on the dance floor last night?! I think he gave me a black eye – John”


“Wow. Now I know who you look like”

Girls always care when you mention something about their looks, so this statement will get her attention.

Also, in this message, you are also using another technique called callback humor to get her to remember the positive feelings she had when she met you. More on this in the future.

Text Game Mistake #3: Sending Texts That Are Too FORMAL

You are trying to maintain a playful mood. So don’t send her messages like…

“Dear Stacey, I’m really glad we had a chance to talk last night and I had a very pleasant time…”

Instead as yourself how you would talk to your friends. Think of how you would talk to your own friend. Would you tease them and crack jokes if they did something stupid?.

Instead of the usual, you could say something like…

“Wow, I just had the craziest day. I don’t think you can top it. How’s yours going?”

Remember our ultimate goal is to escalate the texts to this girl to a sexual level so it’s best to start off with a playful tone, rather than a formal one.

If you think none of this apply to you, watch out. You don’t want to be like all the other guys out there who…

Screw up their chances with the girl that they like.

Don’t make the same mistakes. The pitfalls that I’ve mentioned might sound simple but by avoid them, you can double or triple your chances with a girl.

If you’d like to learn more about what to text to a girl, visit my webpage: www.howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/how-and-what-to-text-a-girl/what-to-text-a-girl-how-to-use-callback-humor-to-create-instant-attraction/

What Most People Don’t Know About Attraction

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Have you ever experienced this? You are extremely happy because you’ve become involved with a wonderful person. Life is full of sunshine because they seem to be your soulmate, the person you’ve dreamt of for years. Things just could not be better.

The next thing you know, somehow the situation changes. This person doesn’t seem so wonderful anymore. The very same qualities that drew you in before now strike you in an opposite fashion. They were reliable, but now they seem uptight. They were caring, but now they seem clingy. As you perceive it, they are no longer the same person you originally loved so much.

If we’re being honest, the difference is at least partly in your own head. This partner did not suddenly become an entirely different person. Also, this entire scenario, far from being strange or damaging, is actually quite typical and even has an upside to it.

Why would it be normal and healthy to do a complete 180 on your feelings about someone that originally attracted you strongly? Well let me explain.

There is a very important theory in relationship therapy circles which states that you are attracted to someone not because you are compatible, but because you are actually incompatible in a precise way. Sure, you might feel compatible early on. But this is just your mind tricking you into becoming attached to someone that, deep down, has some significant differences from you.

Now, at this point, you may be highly skeptical. I wouldn’t blame you for declaring that this is nonsense. But hear me out about the rest of this theory first.

Psychologists who have bought into this viewpoint say that we all have parts of ourselves with which we have lost touch. This happens because of certain painful experiences that we have undergone at various stages of life. We attract someone who is different from us in just the right way so as to draw out those hurt, lost parts of us – and so as to allow us to draw out their own hurt, lost parts. Thus, romantic relationships have a psychological symmetry to them that ultimately helps both people become more whole.

You can understand how a situation like this is likely to result in some discord. The moments of discord are the ones during which your perception of the other person is apt to switch from pleasant to unpleasant and during which your happiness with the relationship is probably going to transform into annoyance. When this takes place, a lot of couples break up.

However, this can be a mistake. Since you will still have the same areas of yourself repressed and suppressed, you will likely just attract another person who seems compatible at first and then, once again, begins to frustrate you in the same ways as the last. We see this story play out all the time where a person repeatedly, and almost magically, ends up in relationships where the same buttons get pressed over and over.

What is the wiser alternative to breaking up over the conflict? It is to instead seek resolution of it. When you accomplish that, the payoff can be something enormous.

That something is the kind of love you’ve really needed all your life. And there are many resources to help you learn how to complete that resolution and achieve that relationship that most people only dream of. It takes work, but perhaps nothing in which you invest your energy will ever prove more rewarding.

Alice helps others make love work. Follow her work on her Posterous site.

Mistakes To Avoid When Texting A Woman

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[youtube:vz0CqIyL4wA;[link:watch here];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz0CqIyL4wA&feature=related]Even though almost all men think they know how to text women in order to create attraction and interest, many of them regularly commit simple mistakes that end up murdering any attracting the girl might have had.

The worst part is, these are simple mistakes that could easily be avoid. As a matter of fact, I can think of 3 major bone-head mistakes that most guys (including you) are probably making all the time.

In this article, you are going to read more about how to flirt through texting and good mindset for flirting with a girl over text.

I’m going to tell you what they are and also how to fix them. Try to spot which one you are guilty of.

Let’s begin…

Text Game Mistake #1: NOT Waiting Until You Get A Reply Before Sending Her More Texts

You should never send a girl multiple text messages without her first replying back to your original message. This is only OK when the first message didn’t go through.

Otherwise, don’t break this rule.

Why, you ask?

Because this makes you look needy. It’s like constantly talking to someone who won’t even talk back to you.

This is a huge TURN OFF for women!

The shift the power over to her. The more texts that you send without her reply, the more you are telling her that she is the prize and that you are working really hard to get her.

Hey, you two only just met. Don’t make her think that she is already your future wife.

Text Game Mistake #2: Making Your First Text To Her BORING

With texting, first impression is very important. If you come off as boring, she won’t want to talk to you.

Most guys make the first message they send out look like this:

“Hi, this is John from the club last night. It was really cool meeting you last night…blah blah blah.”

That’s not a good first message.That’s boring. It too vanilla and doesn’t stir any emotion.

Here’s something you need to remember…

You Are NOT At The Top Of Her List!

OK, that was a little harsh. Sorry about that.

But listen, the truth is, the girl (especially if she’s hot) probably gave her numbers out to a bunch of different guys last night (girls do that.) So sending some vanilla text message is not going to make her remember you. And if she doesn’t remember you, she won’t reply!

Instead you should say something attention grabbing that also relates to the time when you met her. Something like…

“Man what was the deal with that crazy guy on the dance floor last night?! I think he gave me a black eye – John”


“Oh my god. I just realized who you look like…”

Girls are VERY interested in their looks and this statement is sure to peak her interest.

Also, by bring up something funny or interesting that happened last night, you not only remind her who you are but also pull her back to the emotional state that she was in when she met you (and having fun.) This is a very powerful technique and very important for building attraction (more on this in other articles.)

Text Game Mistake #3: Sounding Way Too Formal In Your Text Message

Remember, you are trying to hook up with this girl, not audit her taxes. So don’t send her messages like…

“Dear Stacey, I’m really glad we had a chance to talk last night and I had a very pleasant time…”

Just pretend that you guys are already friend and talk to her as such. Bust her chops sometimes, but be playful about it. This might not work as well on foreign women because of the language issue.

Instead of the usual, you could say something like…

“Hey! Man, I think I just had the weirdest day of my life. Yours must be pretty crazy, i bet.”

This message also serve to arouse her curiosity and make her wonder what was so weird about your day.

It’s much easier to escalate things to a sexual level if you start off with a playful and teasing dynamic.

If you think none of this apply to you, watch out. You don’t want to be like all the other guys out there who…

Destroy Their Chances To Sleep With So Many Hot Girls

Don’t make the same mistakes. The pitfalls that I’ve mentioned might sound simple but by avoid them, you can double or triple your chances with a girl.

If you’d like to learn more about text game, visit here: http://howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/how-to-text-a-girl-the-right-mindset-to-be-in-when-you-text-a-girl/

How To Attract A Girl Via Text

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[youtube:gmKYivPTFxY;[link:cute text messages to send to a girl you like];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmKYivPTFxY&feature=related]If you are like most guys out there, then you are probably not having much luck with the ladies. And the reason is most likely because you are breaking one or more of these rules of text game.

In this article, you are going to read more about text flirting and pick up lines to get a girl’s number.

I’m going to tell you about two very strange texting game rules that will give you a huge boost in your success if you follow them. They might sound off to you at first but they really do work.

Alright, here we go.

Texting Girls Rule #1: Always Wait For Her To Reply To Your First Text Before You Send Her More Messages

This is a very common mistake but it is easily corrected.

Usually a guy will get really excited about a girl he just met. They seem to be hitting it off and having fun. So he sends her a text message and for some reason she doesn’t respond back to him right away. Maybe she’s in a meeting or something. Anyway, he continues to pound her inbox with more messages and when she looks at her phone, she is weirded out by his aggressiveness.

This practice only makes him look weak and clingy. Girls are not attracted to those kinds of qualities.

By doing this, you are only shifting the power over to her side, lowering your value in her eyes, and making yourself seem needy and desperate.

Texting Girls Rule #2: Match (Or Exceed) Her Respond Time

This rule means exactly what it sounds like. If it is taking her about 20 minutes to text you back, then you don’t want to be responding to her text as soon as you get them. Instead, wait 20 or more minutes before you reply to her.

You don’t want to respond to her text right away if it took her 15 minutes to respond to you.

It makes you look like a guy who has nothing going on in his life. It makes you look like you are just sitting patiently by your phone in order to read and respond to her texts.

Alright, that’s all the rules that I’m going to cover in this article. There are more, but you should work on applying these rules to your dating life first. Just follow these text game tips and you’ll know exactly what to text a girl.

If you’d like to learn more about text game, check out this website: http://www.howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/7-deadly-pitfalls-to-avoid-when-texting

How to Start Text Flirting Like a Pro

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Quite often, the hardest part of a man’s quest to win a woman’s attention is how to break the ice. While your objective may be to discover if she is interested in you, it is not really something you want to come right out and address.

There are numerous and extensive approaches to this process, generally just to start the conversation. But perhaps one of the most successful methods is essentially flirting. This is a great way to evaluate any woman’s interest in a guy. Nowadays, common flirting has had an even more technological tone, with the advent of mobile phones, called Text Flirting.

Flirting by means of simple text messages is truly a very simple task in theory, but it is not easy. It is crucial to keep in mind a couple of text message flirting ideas prior starting a conversation, so that you can properly assess the particular woman’s fascination with an individual.

The first thing you want to remember is that you don’t have to dive right into the whole flirting activity immediately. You want to ease your way into the conversation. There’s nothing wrong with simply asking a question inquiring about how they’re doing. This simple and common question can get the ball rolling on a conversation and can open up more possibilities for you to be flirtatious.

Another thing you want to consider when Text Flirting is to not come off sounding desperate. Even if you happen to be desperate you need to try to conceal that is best as possible. For whatever reason, desperation is almost palatable to women. If you even give a hint of desperation to the woman you’re asking out or flirting with via text messages, you can expect that woman, even if she was showing interest, the change or tune rather quickly.

Lots of people discover that becoming flirtatious is a really natural and incredibly simple action to take. Regrettably, not all people are like this. While texting instead of really speaking face-to-face can seem a bit simpler as well as being less frightening, flirting with a girl could possibly be one of the majority of challenging dating tasks a guy will ever encounter. By keeping things simple, not rushing in to a flirtatious discussion right off the bat, through not hinting at any signs of desperation, you will be able to see when she starts to show interest, which will then be your gauge as to how quickly you can move ahead.

Want to find out how to start flirting with your dream girl via text message? Then visit Jim Franklin’s site on how to flirt like a pro and learn more about flirting by text.

The Right Way To Text A Girl

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[youtube:kddQfLpvA1s;[link:go here];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kddQfLpvA1s&feature=related]A lot of guys struggle with not know what to text a girl you just met in order to get her to feel that same excitement and attraction that she felt when she first met you.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to recreate the same feeling of attraction she felt towards you when you first met her last night?

In this article, you are going to read more about how to flirt with a girl over text and how to start texting a girl.

Well, there is a way. It’s called Call back humor. Call back humor is a flirting technique that you can use to bring a girl back into the same emotional state of mind that she was in when she first met you.

See what happens is that a girl will be a completely different person when she’s out on the town, has a few drinks in her, and having a blast. But when she comes home and is going to work the next day, her state completely changes. In that state, she might not feel that same way about you as she did last night.

So the idea is that by reminding her of something funny, or exciting, or thrilling that happened the previous night, you force her to access that memory in her brain and thus “callback” the emotion associated with it.

Another benefit of this is that she will actually link up that positive feeling with you. Do this often enough and she will find herself feeling good when ever she’s talking to you.

So the first step to being able to do this is to actually show her a good time when you first met her. If you can’t do this then at least make a notice of what is causing her to have a good time (a funny joke, a good song, etc).

This is where solid game comes in. This is where you use PUA techniques like Push Pull, or humor to create a positive feeling and build attraction. After all, if you want to make her remember the good time, there has to be a good time to remember!

So once you got that part taken care of, the next thing to do is simply text her something that will remind her of what happened.

Don’t send something generic like, “hey, it’s John. Sure had fun last night.”

That message is not going stir up any emotion in her.

You want to be talking about a specific time or event.

One example could be:

“How fun was the party last night? Remember when you…”

This is a much better text message that will get her to remember what happened last night and get back into the same state.

If you’d like to learn more about text game, click here: www.howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/texting-girls/

The Growing Popularity Of Texting In Dating

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[youtube:JS_1inzbwjU;[link:check out this video];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS_1inzbwjU&feature=related]Before we get into the nuts and boltsof PUA text game, let’s talk about the top 3 reasons why it’s so powerful and how it can get you laid like crazy.

In this article, you are going to know about how to text girls and what to text girls.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #1: Texting Is “Under The Radar”

One of the biggest reason why texting a girl is such a quick and effective way to get girls to like you is that texting is very “under the radar.”

By that I mean, women are a lot more comfortable with texting because they see it as “impersonal”, “low intimacy”, and “safe”. They are much more likely to flirt with a guy they just met over text, than they are to talk with him over the phone.

Texting gives them the freedom to talk about things that they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable talking about with a guy.

The nature of texting can create some very exciting situations between you and a women.

In a way, it allow them to escape the sexual restrictions that society place on them. This “fantasy escape” scenario is a HUGE turn on for women. And guess who will be right there to take full benefit of it?

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #2: Women Are Turned On By Words

Another huge reason why text seduction is so effective is so powerful is because…get ready for this…words turn women on!

Don’t believe me? Just walk into your local book store or grocery store and see how many romance novels are on the shelves. Notice they’re not porno movies for women, or erotic pictures for women. No, they’re romance novels for women. As in books filled with freaking words!

I mean, why do you think women love romance novels so much?

See it’s hard for a guy to understand this because we are so visual.It’s hard for us to wrap our head around this because we are mainly visual creatures. We are turned on by sexy images (girls in bikinis, pornography, etc.), but women are turned on by mental stimulus (i.e. words that stir up their emotions and imaginations.)

And this is where know text game will give you a huge edge over most guys. You can created strong attraction with a girl, just by knowing exactly what to text to her.

Don’t worry, in my other articles, we will go into exactly what to text to a girl you like to drive a crazy and make her beg you to sleep with her.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #3: Texting Is The Way Of The Future

And finally, the third reason why PUA text game is so deadly is because texting is the preferred form of communication nowadays.

Yes, we are entering a new era of our culture where text messaging is the preferred method of communication, especially in the dating area.

It’s quick and easy. An a woman can do it anytime; while she’s out shopping, at work, etc.

In fact, the idea of secretly playing the “sexual & naughty” text game with you while she’s out and around other people is a secret turn on that most women have. That’s something that you can use to your advantage. More on that in other articles.

You are much more likely to get a women to respond back to your text message than to your voice message.

In fact, texting is becoming so popular that I wouldn’t be surprise that there comes a day when girls will ONLY talk to guys they just met using phone texts.

And that’s why it’s so important that you learn how to flirt with a girl over text. If you want to keep up with the rapidly changing time, you must learn things like: when to text a girl you just met, how often should you text her, and what to text her to really turn her on and make her want you.

If you’d like to learn more about how to text message a girl you like, have a look at my website: www.howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/how-and-what-to-text-a-girl/what-to-text-a-girl-you-like-7-deadly-pitfalls-to-avoid-when-texting-a-girl-you-like/

Here’s What To Do When A Girl Doesn’t Text Back

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[youtube:Gy9IPXbWFUM;[link:check this out];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy9IPXbWFUM&feature=related]I’m going to tell you about when you should text a girl you just met and things you can do if a girl does not respond to your text.

In this article, you are going to discover all about text flirting and text messaging girls.

There might be some controversy over this, but I think you should send your first text to a girl within 24 hours of you meeting her. If you wait any longer than that, then you risk her losing some of the attraction that she felt for you when you first met.

If you want to avoid the awkward, “Who is this?” response, then you should follow this advice.

Most of the time, I will just text a girl back within 5 or 10 minutes of talking to her. It’s natural and it takes advantage of the attraction you created when you met her.

Also, don’t worry about whether this might cause you to come off as eager. If your text message has a fun and playful vibe, you’ll be fine.

What To Do If A Girl Doesn’t Text You Back?

So what do you do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text? This can happen sometime and it’s no big deal. Just don’t give up.

Here the rule for when a girl doesn’t text back.

If the girl did not respond to you text, text her back again one day later. If you still get no response, then wait another two days. If you still didn’t get a response again, wait three days and then text her back.

You don’t want your text messages to come off as if you are angry or resentful at her. Just treat it as if it’s not that big of a deal. As if you barely even notice it. You can text her using some text opener.

Now if you want to learn more about texting a girl, you should check out all the other free trainings I have over here.

There a tons of great information for you there.

And make sure you leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Did you agree with what I said? Disagree? Just drop me a quick line to show me you’re alive.

If you’d like to learn more about text game, visit here: http://www.howtoflirtwithagirlovertext.org/first-text-to-a-girl/

Sexy And Flirty Text Messages To Send To A Girl

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Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know more about cute text messages to a girl and text game than most guys ever will.

[youtube:DA1bB1tGTmU;[link:cute things to say to a girl in a text];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA1bB1tGTmU&feature=related]Today’s world has opened a new method of flirting. There are many different options for people looking for flirty text messages to send to a girl. Some of these messages compliment her and others might make her laugh or are sexy or sweet in nature.

A man who wants to do some flirting with a beautiful woman can catch her eye by giving her a text that compliments her. He can give her a compliment about her appearance. For instance, he can tell her that he is sitting at the lake and the color of the water reminds him of her eye color.

The guy may also send a humorous message. He may say something like “Your feet must hurt by now because you have been running around my mind all day long.” Most “pick-up” lines that can be used in person can also be used via texting.

A sweet approach is also a really good and effective way to get a woman’s attention. He can say something sweet like, “You must really like sugar because you are so sweet.” Or something simple like, “I was just sitting here thinking about you.”

If the man and the woman are familiar with each other, he can take an edgier approach. He may even go so far as to make a sexual innuendo or may ask the girl for a date. He may decide to take a photo of himself to include with the message to really grab her attention in a positive way.

No matter what approach a guy takes, flirty text messages to send to a girl help make a her more interested. Whether the message is complimentary and sweet, funny or sexy, it is likely to get her attention. He might even consider adding a picture to the message to grab her attention.

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Advice for guys who don’t know what to text a girl

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[youtube:tByQHw1loP8;[link:click here to watch];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tByQHw1loP8&feature=related]There are times when a man can’t talk directly to a girl. So, in order to avoid direct conversations, guys prefer texting. But, good texts to send a girl aren’t that easy to write. That is because you want to make a good impression and not get stuck.

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll be more of an expert about start text conversation girl and text flirting than most guys ever will.

The first important thing you should know is that you’ll have to send the first text. Keep it simple and ask what she’s up to. If she answers very simple, be ready to ask the next question, For instance, if she is listening to music ask what kind of music or if she is watching TV ask what show is on. This is to keep the conversation alive.

Even more, if she doesn’t ask you a question, make sure that in your response, you let her know what you are doing. For instance, if she is writing her homework, you can say something like: “me too! we have a lot to do, right?”. This way she will know that you were doing the same thing and you keep the conversation going.

You can also start texting with a general question like “how was work?”. If her answer is very short, she might be tired or she just doesn’t want to talk to you. So, start asking additional question related to work like “what do you think about that new project?” to see how she responds.

After a while, you can also talk about her family. It’s always good to take interest in her family. Make sure that you ask the right question, because you don’t want her to think you are noisy. Keep it friendly and warm.

After a while, the conversation can get stuck. This means that it’s time to end the texts. Use some smiley faces and let her know that you’ll talk soon or the next time you see her. If you got her attention and she is interested in you, she will be the one to start a conversation at some point.

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Cool Travel Tips

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Traveling to a new place can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very dangerous! There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and you need to keep them all in mind when planning your trip. Read on for some tips on traveling safely.

Check to see if your airline offers future flight credit for fare drops. Some airlines will give you credit to use on your next trip, if they post a lower fare for the same flight. This is not an industry-wide offer. Check with your individual airline, if you notice that the fare dropped below what you paid.

Avoid locking yourself into a rigid schedule when traveling with the kids to a theme park vacation. Keep in mind that the real point is to have fun not endure a marathon as you race from one ride or attraction to the next. Go over the itinerary with the kids the week before the trip and let each pick one or two specific activities they really want to do. Focus your day on making those dreams come true and integrate other activities as time allows. A mid-day break with a return to your hotel for rest and a swim in the pool can provide an opportunity for some enjoyable family downtime.

During the winter, in particular, it is smart to keep a couple of blankets, some boots, some matches and a large candle, in the trunk of your vehicle. These could come in very handy if you happen to skid off the road and find yourself lodged in a snow bank with no chance of immediate rescue.

Avoid taxis whenever possible. Taxi fares can be very expensive, so to save money on transport, use public transport, or if the destination is not far, walk instead. If you have no choice but to take a taxi, make sure you barter with the driver to get the best deal.

Here’s a clever travel tip for dog owners. To prevent massive shedding when taking a long trip with a dog, brush their fur thoroughly before you leave. This will remove any loose hairs, which will minimize the amount of fur shed in your car. The brushing process will also relax your pet, making them much easier to travel with.

Make sure you carry a bottle of water with you. Whether you find yourself out in the wilderness or in a bustling city, having a bottle of water on your person at all times is never a bad idea. These are especially easy to keep handy if you carry a purse.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about to stay safe when traveling, whether you’re planning a trip or are already at the destination. Make sure to keep this article as a checklist so you can be sure not to forget anything you need to stay safe.

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Informative And Useful Texting Girls Tips

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Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know more about how to get a girl’s phone number and pua text game than most guys ever will.

[youtube:Gy9IPXbWFUM;[link:go here];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy9IPXbWFUM&feature=related]You have met a beautiful woman and even got her digits, but you aren’t quite sure what you should do next. If you make a call to her, you might sound desperate or too aggressive and this is why a lot of guys decide to just text their new cuties. Knowing exactly what to write to her though might require a review of some texting girls tips.

The main step in coming-up with an appropriate text is to get familiar with the language that is often used in creating text messages. If you haven’t texted in the past, you should first get up to speed of the acronyms that are often used such as “LOL” to say “laughing out loud” and “BRB” to say “be right back”.

You will have to identify yourself clearly on the initial text. If you have just met her or you don’t often text to the girl you may want to make sure to identify yourself in order to avoid any awkwardness. Put your name first and then give her some association, such as where you met her to help her know who you are.

The ideal situation is if you have a reason to text the girl. Perhaps you can remind her of an important meeting, giver her some helpful info or can tell her something personally interesting to her like informing her of a concert. Having a reason of sending the text will help to eliminate any initial awkwardness.

Once you have the language down, you can then move onto composing the perfect text. The actual content of the text will be dictated by the relationship you have with her, your knowledge of her likes, dislikes and personality and whether or not you have a legitimate reason to be talking to her. Though it is usually a good idea to infuse humor, beware that tone and inference is hard to detect in texts and jokes should be clear and non-offensive.

Those seeking texting girls tips should first familiarize themselves with the language used in text messaging. They should make sure that they clearly identify themselves in the initial text and look for a legitimate reason to text the girl in the first place. Though humor can be useful in talking with an interest, it is also easily misunderstood when done over text and should be used sparingly and clearly labeled.

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How To Get A Date With The Woman You Like

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Do you want to date women but do not have the guts to ask her? I had the same experience as you are having now. I was too shy to ask a girl out, as I was so afraid to see her with someone else. So, I had to make a move before I regret it. Luckily, she said yes. Let me tell you what I did for her to say yes. And who knows? It may work for you too! There is no harm in trying anyway.

The first thing you need to have is confidence. Get rid of all those nervousness and pressures in you. You need to believe in yourself. She might have something she will be interested in you. However, do not be too confident because you might look like you are a rude person. Being confident is far different from being rude.

The next thing you need to do is to look your best. Physical appearance is the first thing that women notice in men. You must know how to look good as well as to smell nice. It is always good to see someone looking good. Whenever you go out of the house, make sure that you look good. you may never know the exact time you will meet the woman of your dreams. So, always look clean and neat as well as your breath must smell fresh.

Greeting someone with a smile is a good thing to do. So, whenever you have the chance to say “hi”, then, say it! Alternatively, you may just smile at her and she will definitely smile back at you. Smile is like a virus. When you see a person smiling at you, you will likely be smiling back at that person. Additionally, you may something like “good morning” to her each time you have the opportunity to do so. Do not let any opportunity passes you without acknowledging her presence.

Everybody needs to laugh to put her problems and worries aside for a while. Girls like to laugh every now and then, so, for her to remember you, you must make her laugh. If you experienced some funny stories or jokes, share them with her. If you know something that you know is funny or something that made you laugh, then, tell her in a funny way. A funny person is regarded by many as a smart and has a sense of humor. Girls love that!

I do not know exactly what is it with girls and flowers. But this I tell, it always works! Flowers show that you are pay attention to her and that you are attracted to her. These feelings are what girls want. So, give them what they want through giving her some flowers.

Now you learn how to get a girl to go out with you. It is now for you to act and do the things you have to do before she goes out for a date with someone else. Remember, men must make the first move to ask a girl out and not the other way around!

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The Girl Texting Mindset

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Having the right mindset when you talk to girls can make a huge different. If you get it right, you’ll be able to just know all the right things to say.

On the other hand, if you do not have the right mindset then you will always be struggling for “what to say.” Even if you manage to “fake it” for a while, eventually the truth will come through. (To learn more about texting a girl you just met, check out my article on what to text girls.)

That just comes to show you how useful the right mindset can be.

So what is a mindset? It is a set of ideas or beliefs that governs how you think and behave.

Here’s the right mindset you should have when texting a girl.

Have the attitude that she is having a boring, interesting day and you are hear to cheer her up and make her smile.

But you are not doing this by being a kiss ass “nice guy”. You are not going to shower her with compliments just so she will like you. Instead you are going to be a strong, confident man.

Pretend that you have a bunch of hot girls calling you up and asking you to hang out. How would your attitude change then? That’s how you want to act. Not cocky. Just confident.

Would you care if she took longer to text you back? Or if she didn’t text you back at all?

Of course you wouldn’t.

You’d just send her a fun, playful text and then get on with your bad-self!

You wouldn’t be worrying about if or when she’s going to text you back. She could be dealing with a whole bunch of things in her life. Or it’s possible that she might not be interested. Regardless of what happens, you don’t take it personally.

Remember, you are deciding if this girl is cool enough for you to hang out with. If it turns out that she’s not, then that’s fine too.

If she does text you back, you are not going to just stop whatever you are doing to answer it. It’s not that big of a deal to you.

Keep think about these attitudes and beliefs. Remember them. Internalize them. Become them.

When you can adopt this mindset when talking and interacting with girls, you will be able to think of the right thing to say, without having to force anything. As a result, you will see your success with women go way up.

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A Powerful Text Flirting Technique To Attract Girls

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You are about to learn one of the most powerful of all the flirting technique for creating attraction between you and a girl.

Once you master this and other flirting by text techniques, you’ll be able to create powerful feelings of attraction in a girl towards you. (To learn more about pua text game, check out my article on what to text a girl you just met.)

Want to know what this flirting technique is? This method is known as the “Push Pull” technique.

The theory behind it is that if a girl doesn’t feel challenge by you, she will become disinterested. If she feels that she can have you whenever she wants, this kills the attraction.

However, on the other end of things, if she feels that you are just too hard to get or that you are too uninterested in her, she will eventually get tired of it and move on to something else.

So what you need to do is find the sweet spot between pulling her to you and pushing her away. This is the best way to create attraction because it makes her wonder about you.

This quality is very attractive to a woman. By making her wonder about you, she will find herself thinking about you all the time. This will build attraction.

Here’s a great example of how this principle works.

Let’s say that you are holding a piece of string and using it to play with a cat. Hold the string too far away from the cat’s face and eventually the cat will just get tired of trying to get the string and walk away.

On the other hand, if you let the cat have the string too easily, it will get bored and once again, walk away.

However, if you were to dangle the string just bare out of the cat’s reach, but close enough that it is tantalized by it, the cat will go crazy trying to get the string.

Whenever possible you want to be playful and teasing with her. Send her messages that both shows that you like her, but also that you like to bust her balls.

The best way to do this is to learn how to playfully tease a girl, rather than just give her compliments all the time, which is what most guys do.

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From The Mouths Of Babes: What They Want From Their Male Admirers

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You probably have already been in several relationships and are quite confident about your dating and courting style. However, do you actually understand how to decipher women’s words and actions? Or, are you one of those thousands of men who always, and I mean ALWAYS, misread what a woman says?

No matter how much you claim to be knowledgeable about women, you can never really know her in and out 100%. Why? Because it is difficult to understand women completely. Period. It is as simple as that. They are a mix of hundreds of different kinds of feelings and can think about several ideas at a time. And when you ask her about it, she will answer you directly, cool, and composed. Thus, if she is being sweet towards you, maybe she is just that way by nature and nothing more. So stop imagining things and get on with the business of making her like you back.

Independence is one of the traits that women like in men. If you can say “No” to your friends and do not stick with your friends like a mosquito, then the woman you like might start thinking positively about you. See, a lot of men spend so much time with their friends that some women think this is not a quality they would want in their boyfriends. Women want us to be independent thinkers, but she wants us to be dependable partners. See the difference?

How do you generally feel about the things happening around you? Do you harbor negative thoughts towards other people? Do you talk harshly about others? If so, you had better clean up your act because women do not like men who talk too much, especially those who nag and always see the bad in people instead of focusing on the goodness of individuals. If you want a girl to see you as a potential romantic partner, be gentle with your words and change the way you view things. Stay positive and you will attract positive things too.

One thing that attracts a woman to a man like a bee is when she sees how persevering you are when it comes to work and other things that interest you. This is especially true because women would prefer being in a relationship with a hardworking man rather than a lazy, slob individual. So if you want to attract women, show them security. Make them feel that you can take care of them and their needs when you two end up together.

A woman is a nurturer by nature and showing her your real emotions whether you are hurting or elated would not change how she sees you as a person. It could even make you more special in her eyes if you let her see through you instead of pretending everything is okay, even if it is not. This will just make her realize that you are human, too, and that you will be able to relate to her through emotions.

I have more dating tips to share with you, but for now, I will leave you with these guidelines. My name is Carter Kane. For additional dating tips about how to get women to like you, come visit me at: http://www.attract-women.org. See you there!

The Qualities Of Men That Attract Women

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Women are looking for men that have the qualities and traits they must have. You might find it hard to attract women, but it is really not that hard. You just have to know the traits that women are looking for in men. I have some tips for you on how to fascinate women and pay attention to you.

Have confidence in yourself. That is the very first thing you need to possess. Most men are afraid to approach women. Fear is something you should get rid of. Believe me, fear will never do anything good for you. So remove that fear and just introduce yourself to women. Women like men who have the confidence and the poise to carry their own selves in public. Never show your anxiety and nervousness in front of women. Women can sense if you are nervous or relaxed. Deep breathing will help eliminate that uneasiness.

The ability to make women laugh is one of the most important qualities men should have. Women are fond of men who are funny and humorous. You ought not to be a comedian to do that. Just tell some good jokes and laugh with them. Furthermore, you should have the timing when telling a funny story. Give stress on the funny parts of the story and laugh at them. Your laugh should be contagious and not pretentious. You also need to learn how to deliver a good joke. A bad joke can be a good one if you just know how to tell it the right way.

Be a good listener. It is not only that you know how to talk to women, but you should also learn when to listen. Most women are conversationalist. They want to talk and talk and talk about anything. Do not be afraid to tell them if you do not know anything about the topic. But, you need to keep the conversation open. Start with a new subject that interests you both.

Women are attracted to men who are well-groomed and fresh-looking. Well, who does not? You need to be at least tidy and smell good to attract women. Wear clothes that will show who you are. Never pretend to be someone you are not. This will never work. Just be yourself and wear clothes that you are comfortable with, yet stylish. Rub on some deodorant after bath to prevent your armpit from getting wet. Wet armpits are a good harbor place for bacteria. Bacteria causes unnecessary odor. In addition, remove mustache or beard on your face if it does not look good in you.

Be a gentleman. Simple gestures can make women notice you, like opening a door for her, pulling a chair for her, or asking her if she wants to have something to eat. Also, you must be sensitive enough o know a woman needs. However, do not be too nice that she will abuse your kindness. Some women like their men to be in control. So, you should know when to do something for her and when to stop.

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Why Choose Senior Dating Services?

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You might be among the many single seniors that feel that they are just destined to be that way and stay that way. They couldn’t tell you why, but they just don’t seem to take a lot of stock or faith into ever finding someone that they could truly confide in, or love again. If this were true, there would not be senior dating services, and they wouldn’t be successful to boot.

It is not that you aren’t suited for dating, or can’t, but for many seniors they have just forgotten that process over the years. You kind of let that information go by the wayside the older that you get, until you forget the small and subtle things about courting and dating entirely. But worry not, I am here to help.

But worry not, that will all come rolling back right when you need it to. So you should consider some of these senior dating services, as they will help you find a companion where you didn’t think it was possible. While there are several services to choose from, I have opted to detail what are considered to be the two most popular.

The first of these is through the use of the the personals sections in the local newspapers of your particular region. The other, will be to get online to any of the countless matchmaking sites that are geared towards a senior audience and sign up and fill out some information about yourself and wait for some matches to roll in.

If you went with the first route, you can benefit from a narrow field of potential matches there in your region. You can also peruse other personals to see who is out there seeking a companion. The benefit of the internet website route would be the extended biographies of the potential matches, as well as pictures included with their profile.

So all in all there is a good deal of benefits that you could take advantage of through the use of some of these popular senior dating services. Sure, there might be others that you could try out and perhaps find a companion, but these two methods are tried and true and have produced real results for many different seniors like yourself.

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