Why Youtube Video Clips are Critical to SEO

July 22, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing · Comment 

As you know, Google possesses an algorithm, definitely not rational in the slightest, that decides how your web site ranks. Sites which have back-links from high Page Rank web sites from the same topical area of interest appear to rank best. Google has a view of the excellent sites owners as those who network with other bloggers or authorities by getting in contact with others inside their area of interest, guest publishing with them, writing comments on their sites, distributing pr announcements about changes in their area of interest and other such marketing or public relations pursuits. Curiously, I’ve discovered in my career that the guys who commit the most time as market gadflies don’t earn the most income.

I’ve been very successful in off-line businesses and have always found that I earn a lot more than the people who developed greater profiles within my market.

I’ve always focused on activities that would produce earnings right now as opposed to publicity which usually takes a very long time to function, if ever. I don’t believe that smaller businesses have the latitude to concern themselves with branding and should target income today. Bigger companies, obviously, must focus on branding issues because they run out of direct marketing opportunities as they expand in a restricted specialized niche.

Direct marketers had little difficulty prior to Panda and Penguin. In those times one could simply get backlinks utilizing a paid program, employ targeted keywords and phrases as anchor text and within just weeks, at times days, find their site positioned on the initial web page of Google. Now, Google’s methods evidently prefer sites which may have a page rank strength with a lot of intra-niche hyperlinks, no focus on search term SEO and several social reputation bookmarks. This hurts for direct online marketers who don’t want to spend energy socializing.

However, there may be a way for us that still is out there to succeed easily. As you could possibly recognize, Google seems to give weight to web sites that include video clips from their subsidiary, YouTube. It furthermore appears, that YouTube still rates videos based on the old direct marketing model, that is keyword-based anchor text coming from a lot of hyperlinks. This article could be the start of an experiment to see if a) we can effectively use the old methods to get a Youtube video clip positioned highly and after that b) include that Youtube online video in a web page and discover if that YouTube juice passes enough to give your website a top rank.

We will keep you updated of the particulars and also outcomes of this particular research. It is a simple experiment and also you may carry out the very same yourself and analyze the results. Today, to adhere to my own suggestions, I have inserted a YouTube video clip about the subject associated with inbound links. [youtube:ZetbAs5kr2U;[link:contextual backlinks];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZetbAs5kr2U&feature=related]

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