Thinking of Using a Misting System to Stay Cool This Summer? Find Out What Kind Will Work Best for You

April 4, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Misting Systems are probably the best performing, and reliable, approaches created for cooling down open outside areas like patios or sizeable indoor spaces like industrial environments. The key is to understand what kind of misting systems are offered and which kind of system will be most effective for you.

When talking about misting systems, many people are speaking about a water misting line system. This really is a system which provides water under either low, medium or high pressure to a misting nozzle that atomizes the water into tiny particles. The greater the pressure (up to 1000 pounds per square inch) the lesser the particle size will end up being, which always indicates much better evaporation and cooling. Such misting systems can also be used together with misting fan systems to raise the cooling benefit.

To determine what type of misting system or mist kit is right for you, straight away make up your mind on a price range. You will find there’s a big difference between the cost of a Do-it-yourself Misting Kit that merely screws onto your water faucet and a High Pressure Misting Systems that has to have pumps along with more costly high pressure tubing kits (a choice between stainless steel as well as HP nylon). There is additionally a significant difference in the amount of cooling and effect. High pressure misting systems can provide you with a substantial decrease in temperature without the need for getting things wet – even in the most humid of environments

! Notice: We don’t advise low pressure misting systems in humid areas like in the Southwest. Fortunately a high pressure system will function rather effectively.

When you have selected a spending budget and type of pressure that would perform the best for you, then you’ll need to choose which kind of quality and performance that you would like out of your misting system. There are numerous so called manufactures of misting systems however, when you actually do your research, you’ll find that most of these are just suppliers of low cost and low quality import products. As an example numerous import high pressure misting system pumps are rated for Five hundred hours or less of use before replacement or reconstruction is required, whereas better quality systems will perform the same task for over 2000 hours before a rebuild is necessary. So make sure you find and buy quality products from reliable vendors.

As you have read, misting systems and misting fans are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes that each offer their own benefits for certain situations. To increase the cooling effect on just about any misting system install, a misting fan would be a valuable addition.