NHS legal costs skyrocket

July 20, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Over 270 million pounds is spent by the NHS every year to defend personal injury and negligence claims as legal bills

The bill for compensation is around twice this enormous spend on legal teams, coming in at more than 500 million.

However, even though the figures are eye-watering allegations persist that no win, no fee lawyers frequently get the lion’s share when it comes to payouts, rather than injured clients or their families.

One such case gives a vivid illustration. The family of a patient who died as a result of an infection while receiving treatment for cancer received 2,000 in damages. However, their solicitors were paid 61,268, and the cost to the NHS to defend the claim was 31,541 making a grand total of 92,809 in legal fees,

In one case a family received 2,000 after their relative died during cancer treatment from an infection. Giving a stark example of the claims of exaggerated legal fees, however, the families successful solicitors were paid 61,268 and it cost the NHS 31,541 to defend the claim, which is 92,809 legal, all in.

Another case saw lawyers submit a bill to the NHS for 208,636 after they secured a client’s family a total of 5,000 compensation. The defence costs were 32,700. Although the winning solicitors later negotiated their whopping fee down to 145,000, this still represents nearly 36 times the amount of compensation spent on the legal fees.

In another repugnant result, winning lawyers billed 208,686 (although they must have been shame-faced about it because they later negotiated it down to 145,000). They had won just 5,000 in compensation for their client. The defence costs were 32,700 leaving the NHS to foot a total bill of 177,700 – shockingly about 36 times the damages awarded.

Steve Barclay, Conservative MP scowled: “Lawyers… have an incentive to increase the length of cases to push up costs.”

There have been claims from the Ministry of Justice that the Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act will next year put something of a cap on outlandish success fees when it reforms no win, no fee arrangements.

Mediation of potential court actions produces successful results on average in nearly 90% of cases.

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Wifelet suing Telegraph Media Group for libel

July 18, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

It has emerged that a former “wifelet” of Alexander Thynn the notoriously eccentric 7th Marquess of Bath is suing the Telegraph Media Group for libel.

The term “wifelet” was coined by the Marquess to describe his “harem” of mistresses. It seems a catfight broke out at a Sunday lunch attended by Thynn and several wifelts, following which Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma called the police.

Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma objects to accounts in a string of related stories published in both the Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph between June and November 2011, claiming the articles were defamatory.

Trudie, the daughter of a Mauritian businessman and Brahmin priest, is a former model who now works as an art consultant. She has now brought her case to the High Court in London where she is seeking damages from the Telegraph Media Group.

After the Sunday lunch descended into a punch-up Ms Juggenauth-Sharma allegedly contacted the police to implicate the then most recent companion of the playboy peer, the attractive Amanda Doyle. She has not spoken to Thynn since the event.

Trudie confirmed sadly: “I am hurt that Alexander never came forward to tell the truth. So we have not spoken and I have not visited him. We are apart. My trust is broken.”

If the case actually reaches open court then salacious details look set to shock barristers at the High Court as Ms Juggernauth-Sharma revals goings-on at the palatial 10,000 acre Longleat estate.

The High Court will be a much shorter journey now for Ms Juggernauth-Sharma who is currently living in a simple flat in Fulham.

The couple first met in 1998 at a party where the Marquess apparently impressed guests by swallowing a whole mackerel, and had been together ever since for over 13 years.

According to reports, Ms Juggernauth-Sharma is not using solicitors or barristers to represent her, but will put her case herself although she will still be able to turn to a barrister direct if she does feel she needs specialist legal assistance.

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