Mix your Own Hits with Beat Making Software

March 31, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies · Comment 

Have dreams of becoming a world famous DJ and selling out clubs all over the world? Want to create your own beats and samples that will get reused in chart topping singles? Such lofty goals are not as farfetched as they seem. The barriers of entry to the world of electronic music production are virtually non-existent today. All you need to join the growing hordes of amateur DJ’s looking to make it big is a computer and some beat making software.

Not all beat making software is the same – a cursory investigation of these applications will reveal many flaws. The quality of the samples offered by most online beat making software is not very good. Many online beat making tools use mp3 files for their samples, which don’t sound as nice and will hurt the fidelity of the final track. Audio quality matters in all kinds of music production, and electronic music is no exception.

Because audio fidelity is so important in the music production many novice producers working from home are at a huge disadvantage. Even though there are many tools are available for creating electronic music on a home computer, the vast majority of them store their samples as mp3′s – a lossy, highly compressed file format. This is where online beat making tools like DUB Turbo have revolutionized the industry. DUB Turbo bridges the gap between amateur DJ’s working at home and professionals working out of a studio. Because it stores samples in industry standard 44.1Hz 16-bit Wav files, tracks created with DUB Turbo will sound just as polished as music coming from a professional artist working with a dedicated setup.

DUB Turbo has everything needed to create unique beats from thousands of different samples to choose from. The software also offers the option of importing new sounds or allowing the DJ to create them with a keyboard.

Beginners who have never touched a sequencer or turntable in their lives will be up in running and creating their own beats in just 10 minutes

If you want to really get your hands on the best beat making software on the market today, Dub Turbo. Dub turbo is the best beat maker online and can have you a beat made in ten minutes, and it sounds wicked.