Top Tips For Food Photography

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Here are some simple yet effective tips for doing food photography.

Lighting the scene

The first important technique food photographers should learn is about lighting. When photographing food you should treat it as you would any other kind of subject and make sure it is lit correctly. Many pictures can be improved by using adequate lighting. Natural light is the best light source to use, so by a window is an ideal location. Natural light cuts out the shadows, and gives the food a more natural look which all food photographers want.


Food photographers setting up to take a picture not only arrange the food neatly but they also include a plate or table cloth to add the surrounding. The idea is not to clutter the picture but allow room for a few extra items you can add to it like a glass, napkin, or a fork. These items can be placed in the background in a secondary location of your picture area, giving it extra spice.

If you do a lot of food photography then shopping at second hand markets can be a great way to build your box of props. You can pick up expensive items like large pots and dishes and vases for a few dollars and a smile. If you do not do much then you may have to go shopping for what you need and bill the client!


If you are a slow-coach perfectionist then food photography may be hard for your to master. Like master chefs that throw masterpieces dishes together in minutes master food photographers capture the essence in minutes too. Be quick else it will be a mess is the thing to remember with food photography. As soon as food warms or cools it droops, melts, discolours and a whole range of other things. Be ready with all the lighting and use placeholder items such as places to get the lighting right. Once the food is there you should be shooting.

Way to improve your food photographs

One simple way is to simply use a light high quality vegetable oil and brush it on the food! This will create a high quality shiny finish that we love to see on food.

Get to know the chef

The last area to cover is working with you food professional. If you are unlucky you will have to do the presentation of the food yourself. If you are lucky and the client has a good budget you will have a chef to do the food display.

Take a few minutes before the shoot to talk with the chef and ask them how they like to work. Ask them if there is anything you need to know about the food that may not be obvious. If nothing else this will make them feel good so you will then be able to work closer and better together.

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Your Big Day Is Not Complete Without Wedding Photography Service

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You planned your big day to have all the basic things to turn it into something very unforgettable. You are going to march down the aisle in a designer gown. You’re holding the event at your favorite beach resort and feeding guests sumptuous food. Most significantly, family and friends important to you are going to be in attendance. However, these great elements might lost in oblivion without wedding photography.

As this occasion is something you don’t get to do annually, to others it only happens once, it’s a must to have photos snapped. These portraits are not only going to be mementos from your big day. Eventually, they’ll function as the best reminders of one of the most meaningful days in your life.

Therefore, be it a grand or simple celebration; don’t fail to get a bridal photographer. Pick only a professional or an experienced one. Remember, you want to obtain only the loveliest pictures and this is only achievable when you get an expert.

Besides selecting your bridal photographer, you might also have to choose which bridal photography package you are going to get. Naturally, this part only happens if your selected offers packages.

Oftentimes, bridal photographers offer these photography packages to give you a general idea about the kind of service they render. The bridal photography packages contain a collection of past works for you to view the quality of his work. The samples also present you with an idea of the photographer’s style.

The package would also tell you information about what is included in the service. Sometimes, some photographers have a package which includes pre-wedding and actual day wedding photography. The package may also include offering a photo booth or producing a wedding book.

The best thing about bridal photography packages is that there is absolutely one which satisfies any couple’s need and budget. Thus, any altar-bound couple can have the moments of their big day immortalized just how they want to and at a cost they can afford.

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Chronicling Marriage Ceremonies Through The Wedding Photojournalist’s Interpretation

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The most effective way to share a story, as they often say, is to render it realistically. This principle is also applicable to wedding photojournalists. Photographers that focus in this particular wedding photography technique take minimal number of scripted pictures and instead provide shoots that capture the actions that are happening before them.

Wedding photojournalists are a new breed of photographers. Unlike traditional wedding photographers, they do not depend on staged shoots to capture every essential part of the marriage ceremony. Rather they utilize a documentary-type approach in covering wedding ceremonies.

Marriage ceremonies are big news to every bride and groom. So it is worthy of a coverage that is similar to news and documentary reporting, where every important detail of the event is captured as how it unfolds during the actual event. However, this does not tell that formal, portrait-style wedding pictures as well as candid and staged images are no longer important.

The presence of advanced photography equipment, in particular with digital photography using interchangeable lens, has helped wedding photojournalists establish their group in this field. Such photography equipment provides significant improvements in terms of resolution, fidelity, speed and transition.

Digital photography lets every wedding photojournalist the chance to showcase images using several exposures and composition without paying for the additional cost of film. As a result, wedding photojournalists take as many shots as they can during the actual ceremony.

The “no intrusion” method is also a distinct nature of journalistic wedding photography. Wedding photojournalists as much as possible move around unobtrusively, trying their best not to draw attention without missing the day’s most significant moments.

The skill of observation is a requirement in attaining the ability to work quickly and unobtrusively. A photographer that is keen observer can anticipate the chronological sequence in which the event will occur.

Wedding photographers who have this skill seldom give instructions. As a result, their pictures are more spontaneous and realistic.

This knack for predicting what will occur next speaks of long years of experience as well as the knowledge of the intricacies of the ceremony.

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