The RuneChest, The Only Rune Casting Book You’ll Ever Need

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Lou Raedwulfe has just published a new book on the old subject of the Runes. It is titled, The RuneChest and is available on Amazon.

Ever since the Runic revival began in the last twenty or so years, I have noticed a sharp divide between the traditional school of Rune craft, with its heavy emphasis on Odinic tradition and lore and the new age school which seeks to merge the Runes with Eastern and Native American meanings and interpretation. While both points of view have merit, it appears to me that neither perspective truly embraces the essence of the Runic Oracle and its place in the 21st century.

To this end, The RuneChest looks both to the past and the present in order to provide a meaningful guide to the future. The Oracle has never been, nor will ever be static and, for those seeking guidance from its lessons, the interpretations that I have put forth in this work will hopefully bring counsel and direction to the readers of today, just as the Oracles of antiquity gave advice to those who sought them out in places such as Delphi.

Quotes from the book:

“There are many methods of divination that one can choose. For some people, reading Tarot cards provide guidance and insight to issues that they face. Others choose astrology to chart paths for their lives. There is no one method which is better or worse than the others; finding an oracle that one feels comfortable with and which resonates with your inner being is a very personal, and important quest. For me, casting the Runes is the touchstone to the energies which swirl around us all and which help me focus on the outcomes of choices I make or issues that I have to confront. When you consult the runes, you are seeking more than just a “yes or no” answer to an issue. You are delving into the very core of what makes you “YOU” and how this uniqueness interacts with the energies and possibilities around you. The world is constantly in motion; there are infinite possibilities around every corner. Consulting the runes provides a focus for things that matter and help give a direction and understanding to the ebb and flow of being that is a part of life and our part in it.”

People have replaced personal meetings and recreational time with texting and email. This has severely impacted a once sought after one-on-one time talking with each other.

With so little time to focus on those life choices which we confront, it is small wonder that it seems that we lurch from one decision to the next, hoping for the best outcome but still questioning whether or not we are truly understand what we are doing.

The Runechest is meant as a personal guide for the soul through the world of Spirit which is sadly lacking in our modern day world. It is a book written with the soul intent of helping us receive true guidance through the Oracle method of Rune casting.

This wonder book was written from the heart of an exceptionally adept Rune caster, who has spent a lifetime studying this ancient art. Lou Raedwulfe brings you the ancient art of Rune casting into the modern day, easy to understand language so that you will have the opportunity to spend quiet time with the nature of spirit to guide you to and through your potential.

The wisdom of the ancient Runes in the form of Oracles, is meant to bring you confidence and wisdom through your daily lives as you encounter decisions you must make. The Runes will help guide your through your daily lives with a calm, centered and balanced approach to every day decisions you must make.

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The Lotus Code, my review

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The Lotus Code, Method Of Getting All That’s Necessary..

I realize there’s a lot of hype the on whole Think and Grow Wealthy idea.

You will find all type of books that discuss this. However that ideas with-out action is simply imaging.

I merely finished reading through with an excellent book “The Lotus Code” by Mark Yarnell and Valerie Bates.

Here is my summury,

Methods for getting Whatever You Want while using the 6 Steps in the Lotus Code.

The Lotus Code The First Step: To Cultivate Your Opinions

I am aware I pointed out thinking is not everything, but it is the initial step inside the 6 procedures in the Lotus Code. Yarnell is continually describe you have to challenge your thinking about what’s possible. You’re to check out relative it’s. When ideas go unchallenged, they finish off being the truth. Well, I challenge you to definitely certainly certainly certainly reduce outdated ideas and replace these with new options.

The Lotus Code Second Step: That Ideas Manifest Words

When you are getting a ideas right you most now start to discuss your dreams and ideas to others. The conventional in the ideas we hold inside our minds equals the conventional in the words we speak. Words have energy, intent and meaning inside it. Did you know your body responds to every thought within your mind and every word from your mouth. So be sure that you retain only the ideas you’ve as well as the words you speak that are aiding you progress towards your goals. Yarnell mentions this task is important because once we start to discuss our dreams to others it forces us by means of saying thanks to action on people words. This leads us to a different step.

The Lotus Code Third Step: Your Words Manifest Action

Every time a vision is obvious, compelling along with the dominant picture within our subconscious, the most effective significant actions become apparent. Right Actions reference doing what matters most. You most do items that might make the best effect on what you’re attempting to achieve.

The Lotus Code Fourth Step: Actions Manifest Habits

Right Actions need to become “Habitual” to have the ability to manifest perseverance. Only when you internalize a large alternation in a subconscious level does a habit develop. And also at these occasions be cautious happen to be on a downward slide towards having your goals and dreams.

The Lotus Code Fifth Step, Your Action Manifest Perseverance

Perseverance could be a by-product within the first four stages in the Lotus Code. It naturally happens when we have applied people steps with unwavering dedication while keeping focused

After we persevere, we grow knowledgeable inside our capacity to create unpredicted unexpected things happen. we be efficient at everything we undertake.

The Lotus Code Sixth Step: Perseverance Manifests Attainment

You realize you’ve adopted the Lotus Code, for those who have increase your considered “the reality Inch relevant for your existence and extended relative it’s of goals within your achieve.

If you loved this summary go get yourself a copy of “The Lotus Code.”

To to read more of my review on Lotus Code just click the link. Or if you just want to get a copy of Lotus Code I highly suggest it.