Branding A Small Business Inexpensively

March 6, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

Entrepreneurs ordinarily do not like the idea of branding in running their small business. At a juncture in their business where every penny is being watched to ensure movement toward eventual profits, branding hasn’t even entered the equation.

The real truth is that all businesses – big or small – have a brand within them. Bringing out what your company has to offer is what will make you special and separate from the others.

Many small business owners neglect branding because they feel it’s an expense they can’t afford. They are unaware that branding will put their firms in the forefront and will be instrumental in bringing in more and better business results and raise their profits.

While it’s true that the big businesses shell out big bucks to make a brand for their company, it really isn’t necessary to spend that much money. With effective branding, your company will be standing head and shoulder over the rest of competing businesses.

Branding can come about from anything – an eye-catching logo, add-on services, or unique product handling and presentation. You can get ideas for branding your business from television commercials.

Take note of the brands that the companies advertise in television programs. Have you noticed the message of the commercial jingle by State Farm Insurance – “Like a good neighbor, State Farms is there”. The ad suggests that State Farms is trustworthy and can be relied upon to deliver every time they are needed. You can always find a way of branding your company at little or no cost. Just think what name or label you want to be recognized with and work toward coining the correct word or phrase.

What has Payless shoes done that sets it apart from the rest of the field? The simple fact that the customer pays less for a pair of shoes than most shoe stores! They created branding right in their business name. The lesson is that you can brand your business without spending a fortune. Surely there is something different or unique in your business, so take advantage of it. Give your business a fair chance of succeeding by getting it noticed and recognized through inexpensive and effective branding.

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