Father God And The Perfect Family

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[I:http://www.wisedir.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ElJayJames9.jpg] There was a young couple who lived in a beautiful town. They had the best of everything. Their love was real. When their child was born she was a beautiful child .The couples life was near perfect.

One day when their Daughter was about seven years old the Couple was in a car crash.Checking his wife right away the husband was relived to see she was ok. They both had received only a few scratches.They turned to check on their young daughter and as soon as they saw her both of them burst into tears.The wife started screaming NO GOD ! PLEASE GOD NO ! Their pain was felt by anyone and everyone who happened to be around them that day. The Beautiful young child had passed on and left this world .

During the funeral the deceased child’s mother kept asking why ? Why my child? oh dear Lord why? People paying there respects to this wonderful couples most beautiful child tried to console her. They told her things like “It is the Lords will” and “She is in Heaven now” These things did not help the child’s Mother and she cursed God Saying to the People “There is no God” for if there was such a God how could he allow something so terrible to happen? Surely he would have saved my child and she would still be here with us!!

Years passed by as they always do and the pain this Couple felt started to ease. They had more children over the years, all very beautiful None quite as beautiful as their first one.Their life went back to being as close to perfect as can be.But Every time the women heard something bad had happened in the world it reinforced her belief that there was no God and no Heaven up above,For surely no God would allow such terrible things to happen in this world !!!

One day as the Woman was walking to the store she heard screams “NO LORD PLEASE LORD NO” The screams took her back to the death of her child and she ran toward the sound of them. She saw the woman who was screaming and she could see a building on fire, My Child is in there Screamed the woman.

Knowing the pain this woman would go threw and not wishing it on anyone she raced into the building. Flames shot at her and she could feel them burning her but the pain was some where else and did not hurt her .As the flames got larger and the heat got much hotter the woman thought this is what hell must be like! Then she thought but there is no hell for if there is No God and No Heaven then there can’t be a Hell can there? These thoughts passed threw the woman’s mind as she felt herself begin to grow tired.

As She felt herself about to pass out the Women saw a child in the distance and with new found strength she started walking towards the child. As she got closer she could see it was the most beautiful young girl she had ever seen . When she reached the child the child spoke hello mother it is I your Daughter the one killed in that car accident those many years ago.

No the Woman said you are gone your Dead. Dead yes I may be Mother but gone no I have never left you .I have always been in your heart and you in mine. But I am with the Father now in the most Wonderful Kingdom imaginable. With who? asked the Woman , The Father God answered the child the one you denounced upon my death. No said the woman there can’t be a GOD or a heaven For surely no God would allow the Terrible things to Happen that happen upon this earth. Terrible things are done by terrible people answered the child and they will answer for their sins in the afterlife have no fear of that my Mother, The Lord will see that justice is done.

But what of you asked the Mother you where not taken from me by a terrible person it was an accident why did the Lord take you from me. The Child smiled at her Mother and spoke Mother what you see as the most terrible thing ever is not. For I am in the Kingdom of the Lord and there is no greater reward then that ! My life on Earth was short Mother, I agree with you on that but let me let you in on a little secret “All life on Earth is short” It is just a blink of the eye to the Father. Miss me Mother for I know you will, But have faith in the Father for if you believe in him you will be with me again one day and then you will feel no pain or sorrow ever again. The Mother reached down picked up her child closing her eyes and hugging the child to her bosom, She heard a voice that was not her Daughters say “I will always Love you my Child”

The woman opened her eyes and she saw lights and heard sirens and the voices of many people. Not sure what was going on she looked down at her child only to see that she was not holding her child but a small young boy. The Woman who she had seen screaming was grabbing for this child saying Thank you oh thank you Lord for sending this Woman to rescue my Child ,In my heart Lord I always knew you would save him, for surely you would never allow something so terrible to happen !!!! ——

I am not a Person who believes in God in the Traditional Sense, I awoke one Morning with this Story in my head and a feeling I must share It. I figure encase I am wrong about God and I one day find myself in front of the Lord and he asks me did you share that story I sent you to ease the pain of the many? I want to be able to say Yes I did ! I have been wrong before. -Your Bro L.J. James

LJ is a independent Author and he runs a Ed hardy Style T-Shirt Company LJ is also the Co-Host on an online TV show

The Supreme Meaning of Buddha Statues

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Buddha sculpture carry with them various definitions and representations. It is not for four to five years after the Buddha’s actual death that his very own sculpture is created.

The artist of the statue has the power to interpret its meaning. A special characteristic is differently imprinted in these statues. The posture and hand gestures of such Buddha determines its meaning.

Up to date, there are one hundred and more asana or Buddha poses. It is also referred to as the attitude. Every hand gesture provides a symbolic meaning for the Buddha.

A left hand in its lap, right pointing to the ground as its palms face itself are examples of poses commonly seen in one Buddha and is named as the “Calling the Land to Witness.”

It represents a moment of enlightenment, not just for Buddha, but the entire earth as well. It is said Buddha meditated all night to defeat the fears and temptations sent by the demon Mara.

Then the Buddha seeks the presence of the Earth Goddess as a witness to this enlightenment. She, on the other hand, wrung her hair and sends Mara, along with all her temptations, away.

The “Single Lotus” is considered to be the most popular asana. With such pose, the Buddha has his one leg resting on the other.

As the Buddha locked in its heel of one leg, the pose is not referred to as the “Double Lotus”. With the right hand raised while palm is faced outward, the symbol of protection is given birth.

More and more symbolism are derived from the Buddha’s posture and hand gesture. “Mediation” pose represents wisdom and clarity while “Medicine” talks about healing. There also exist the poses for “Teaching” and “Contemplation”.

The market is full of Buddha figurines but the most popular ones do give out a tranquil nature and speaks of faith and serenity with its pose.

So, before you go and but any Buddha figurine, it is advisable that you take note of its representation to give justice to its value prior to the actual purchasing of such merchandise.

Symbols are rather enjoyable to get to know. It speaks of you staying rather thoughtful about existence and its purpose. Get to know more about Buddha symbolism by simply visiting this site: Buddha statues. Check out our catalog list at the temple for Buddha Figurines and be enlighten with its meaning.

Merrily Merrily Merrily Life Is Not A Dream Its A Vacation

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I have spent a lot of my Life trying to figure out what is the truth to Life and the Universe . I have done much reading and taken different pieces of the truth from many different religions. Many Religions I have found to be obviously False. Even though things are proven to be false over and over People do continue on “Faith” to believe them. My ideas here are as a Theory of what I have come up with so far. There is No Box where things have to be 100% True and can not be wrong. They are only what you Believe and want them to be. Here I will try to explain what I think the truth is so far and why I believe it to be true ! This is an on going work and there will be many updates and Changes as time goes by and I learn more. Please feel free to ask Questions because that is how we find the Answers. Lets be clear I am not Saying I am God or the Son of God, I am Saying that We as a Human race are all small Pieces of what we think of as God ! [I:http://www.wisedir.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ElJayJames10.jpg]

Your First Step: The Universe only knows what is in your mind ! If your Brain has negative emotions and thoughts then that is what it brings you . Be careful what your mind thinks about. I am going to start you off by telling you this Life is nothing more than VACATIONISM !!!

The Therory of Vactionism is that every person and every Living thing is Energy . We all come from this Giant energy ball that floats some where in the Middle of the Universe . When we are a part of the Energy Ball we are all Connected, We are individuals yet we are one and the same and we feel only Joy Happiness Peace (No Negative Emotions) and we are never alone !

Every now and again things get a little Boring, We are curious beings that seek new adventures. We leave the Energy Ball and we travel the Universe and look for something to become for a while. For those of us here on Earth We become Humans , Animals Trees and Plants . (I am not Sure maybe other things too like Clouds and stuff like that)

While we are here we have these Corporeal bodies that we live in. These Bodies keep us from Truly being a part of each other as we are used to being. (Sex being the Closest Thing we can experaince to togetherness while in these bodies) These Bodies are also the reason for many negative emotions.

As Children We learn that if we touch a hot stove it hurts the body , So we learn pain and because of pain we learn fear and because of fear and Pain we allow ourselves to fear and distrust those things we do not remember we know and understand. Often we spend our Lives, Hiding away not trusting anything in an attempt to protect this body (This Body is Nothing more then a rental car you would get while on Vacation)

We come here to enjoy experiences, But We spend our time hating and fearing each other. We are all like Roses from a Bush, Some in Different Colored Vases. Why would a Rose hate its Brother Rose because it is in a Red vase while the other Rose a Blue vase?

This Life is a Vacation and we are here to enjoy it and bring back the Experiences to the Giant Energy Ball and share our Vacation Photos with everyone else that is there. What will you have to show? A Life time of Working 9 to 5 and hiding in fear or will you have some Great Crazy Vacation Photos to Share?

This Life is not reality it is only a Vacation. When a Human dies a few Minutes Later there is an Energy Discharge from the Body , I believe that is who we truly are !

There is a great and Powerful Being that helps Control the Universe but it is not mean and it does not Judge Us it is a part of Us and Us a part of it. It tries to help us out by sending us what it thinks we need. The Brain and our thoughts work on energy when we think and feel negative Emotions then that is what it sends to us and we Draw to ourselves. This Life is Nothing more then a Short vacation and Should be taken with no more Seriousness then that !!!

As with anything in life there is more To Come, Life is what you make it – Your Bro LJ James. Reality is a Man Made Prison I Choose to No Longer Live in . [I:http://www.wisedir.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ElJayJames2.jpg]

LJ James was a freelance Author and he owns a abercrombie and fitch Style T-Shirt Company LJ James was also the partner on an online TV show

Feng Shui: Unveiled!

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It is said that the Laughing Buddha is Feng Shui’s great symbol of happiness. This Buddha is quite linked to prosperity, wealth and happiness. Happiness is encouraged by using one’s distinct features – the ultimate message of the Laughing Buddha. This figure has an important role in Feng Shui and in achieving the great balance of life.

Originally Feng Shui was used to ensure that buildings were sited in the most beneficial position but is now also employed to ensure that the arrangement of everything inside a house or building is placed in the perfect location to attract certain attributes, for example, health and happiness.

The magical and mystical qualities of Feng Shui has captivated the beliefs of people, even the Western society. Items are believe to attract various benefits hence it is unavoidable to locate a Laughing Buddha sitting beside a reception desk or cash register.

Studies have been set forth to rediscover the secrets of the arts and many people are starting to clearly see how their persona beliefs will guide them to prosperous benefits. Thoughts about Feng Shui varies in people and even taught in school but even with different view point, they still mean the same principles.

Even the big sharks of the business industry would search for a Feng Shui expert before they come up with a building plan. People are hoping to get as much good results from the box of chocolates that life offers them.

Feng Shui is held by most home dwellers in their hearts as they believe it to bring forth happiness and wealth that they desire while its role in the business world is generally to advocate these beliefs prior to generating their own decorative and building plans.

So, the next time you’ll notice a fat, big bellied laughing Buddha stationed near a cash register then you would know that such position is necessary to ensure “good” Feng Shui.

Do you want to draw in great fortune and joy? Then begin getting a Laughing Buddha as your new buddy. Check him out through his dwelling: Buddha Figurines. Other temples also awaits your presence and introduce thyself to other forms of Buddhas: Laughing buddha figurines.

The True Definitions of Riant Buddha Statuettes

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Meaningful figurines are quite collectible items for most Feng Shui buffs. The Laughing Buddha figurine is on top of the list of favorites. Beliefs on how the Laughing Buddha figurines help prosper the lives of people are widely being circulated.

Beliefs On Laughing Buddha Figurines

This Buddha is addressed as Hotei in Japan and is basically governing the three main ideal things that one needs in order to have a good life: success, happiness and long – lastingness. A beautiful and fruitful life is very plausible beyond the face of doubt, this is what the Laughing Buddha stands for and greatly believed by the ancient folks.

Being a joyful person and following the proper ways can truly get things to be handled well. Fundamentally, a positive side from people is what needed most in order to achieve their goals.

There are several religions that counter such belief and despise the image of the Laughing Buddha. They say that the big belly of the Buddha has greed written all over it.

But that is not true as it only represents an abundantly prosperous life. The other features of the figurine such as it’s wrinkled yet happy face tells that even on hard times, people should be happy and by never losing faith, good things will come their way.

Feng Shui experts recommend figurines of the Laughing Buddha in different areas in a person’s house as this would attract all the good vibes that is needed for a happy and successful life. It is also believed to boost the spirituality of an individual and gives more faith to go on with life no matter what challenges need to be faced.

Feng Shui teachings and Laughing Buddha figurines are beliefs that will not necessarily tag yo as being wrong. Truth be told, it is a good sign to believe in something that would keep the positivism alive and believe in life’s importance despite the numerous problems you encounter.

Buddha figurines are purely images and miniature statues until finally you set some deeper meaning in them. Get to know why the Buddha laughs and love life to its fullest form by visiting its temple at Buddha figurines meaning. Visit us here: Buddha Figurines and start see the true light of life.

Buddha Mini Effigies Bless You With Joy and Good Omen

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Many places in the world treasure a Buddha statue and these include Japan, China, Thailand, India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The one found in Hong Kong, referred to as the Tian Tian Buddha, is greatly loved by its believers for it is stationed on a lotus throne and gets to be surrounded by eight statuettes which represents gods or immortal creatures. The manufacturers of Buddha figures do give high regard to the this Buddha as their inspiration.

It is said the Tian Tian’s right hand being held up in the air do shoo away all evil spirits and bad luck while his left one resting on the knee represents human happiness.

Within the realm of Feng Shui, Buddha figures are used as gifts as they are viewed to be the form and image of happiness in the lives of many. Casting away even the difficult problems, fury, worries, pressures and sadness is their specialty, as believers believe in.

Buddha symbols adorned by numerous welfare symbols represents a billion sack of treasures which gives the meaning of wealth. It is believed in Buddhism that a Buddha provides unlimited gold into your dwelling and in turn bring forth happiness.

A wu lou, on the other hand, represents good luck in a person’s health. A ru yi depicts great victory in life. Such small symbol is usually found to be surrounded by children.

The Buddha figures do not end their help just then and there, in fact, it is believed that they are also the bringer of children in families who wish to have their very first descendants. A good Buddha is well represented by a smiling face which in turn brings forth the symbol of cheerfulness.

The bringer of prosperity, good luck, happiness and treasures in a dwelling, office or business is what a Buddha also symbolize. When a Buddha is present, it is said that the chi energy gets to be refresh causing a total wipe out of tensions and anger and even has the capacity to alter the aura into showers of pure happiness.

A blessed and happy future is what a Buddha greatly represent and because of this, its still life copies are well distributed all around the globe. One could attest to this as you would easily point out a Buddha image by the cash register, receptionist’s desk, hotel foyers, temples, living rooms and almost all business spots in Asia.

Seize your individual blessed and joyful future because of these Buddha figures at http://siddhartha-the-buddha.com/ and be mystified at how you can be showered with blessings. For more Buddha gift items, visit our temple at http://siddhartha-the-buddha.com/product-category/buddha-figures/.

Jesus Statuettes: Designed To Be An Awe – Inspiring Merchandise

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Jesus Christ figurines fit right in as a gift to any occasions you can think of may it be birthday parties, sports ceremonies, bridegroom’s receptions, graduations, Christmas festival and annual celebrations.

The figurines are well crafted with various sizes in order to cater the numerous places and sites in your home or in your offices. Such sizes do range from 4-7 inches.

The sole interior design of such figurines is a replica of Jesus’ image and this too come in different shapes and designs catering to various occasions.

These miniature figurines are crafted to its highest quality by a well experienced designers. Sub categories are seen under such Jesus statuettes which cater to people’s needs.

Some of these categories include Jesus and skating blades which is a great gift to give to a skating star. There are other designs that range from football, baseball, cricket, tennis, gymnastics, biking and etc made available. There are also figurines that come with inspirational quotes. These days, people are quite into getting traditional figurines.

Back in the old days, figurines are simply made out of clay and stones. As technology take its authority over everything else, these days, numerous designing materials (ceramic, wood, plastic, glass and metal) surfaced.

Compared to the old materials, the new ones are tested to be highly durable. Damages and breakages are impossible even for hard usage. Its stability is seen to stand the test of time.

Choosing different frames of figurines is the prominent factor on your purchase. You can place them at anywhere in your home like dining room, bed room, main hall, study hall and yards etc.

Choose the right placement that would truly match the location where it is quite visible to people. Aside form keeping such figurine at home, this can also be placed in the museum, libraries, schools, colleges and hospitals.

Cost of the Jesus figurines depends on its designing material. Sometimes these figurines are made with gold and diamonds which contributes high cost.

Staying on your budget with these figurines would not be a problem at all as the prices do come in a cheap range of 5-500 US dollars. Cute pocket size figurines at a very affordable price are also available for your liking.

Be inspired and produce a spiritual sensation into your own household through Jesus figurines. Get to know the holy one and be one with Him as He delivers forth a sense of peace into your dwelling. Take a pick and start your journey to peace at Buddha Figurines Shop.