Long Island Downtown Is Perfect for Eateries

July 23, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate · Comment 

A simple walk along a Long Island downtown location could bring a great sense of joy to any pedestrian. There are so many places to either shop inside of or dine at that it might be impossible not to be allured by it all. People come by the multitudes but maybe the best place for appeal to all groups is the eatery. Restaurants bring about a sense of success, too, but with that success had to come steps to follow and the steps are really quite simple.

Stop me if you’ve heard of this before: people speaking the praises of a restaurant in order to lure people in. It’s not uncommon to see either a Long Island downtown or city area take part in this, either. This is the best way to generate sales for any restaurant, which B-A-B-B would assure is one of the many places to enjoy in a downtown section. It’s a smart step for any street eatery to take, too. People might not come otherwise. For more information about Long Island downtown, check out the site.

There are times when people would enjoy seeing what’s on the menu prior to coming inside of a restaurant. Simple but effective, a menu being placed outside of the door can do quite a bit. Customers that may just wind up becoming regulars will get a hint of what’s on the menu and they get a visual sample. This sort of step especially helps when it comes to eateries that aren’t widely known. People are more likely to enter a restaurant once they get a feeling of what’s waiting inside.

This last feature may just be a product of my personal feelings coming into play but I’d like to think that tables outside of the restaurant are fine additions to street-located eateries. Not a single person is excited about the prospect of eating dinner outside when a thunderstorm is occurring but on any bright and sunny day, having the option to do so is fantastic. It’s a feature that I’m sure many people enjoy and while this step may be simple in theory, not many of these places overlook it because they see just how popular it is.

Downtown areas are spots where people constantly walk from place to place and, during this stroll, countless restaurants may be encountered. They may not be the most popular ones in terms of names but people continue to go to them. The sense of intrigue is there since they are new and people sometimes find it hard to satiate that feeling. Overall satisfaction at the end of each meal may vary but if the business continues to pour in, I don’t see these restaurants going out of business anytime soon.

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The Affordable Housing Long Island Has to Offer in the 21st Century

July 21, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate · Comment 

In these current times the affordable housing Long Island offers the younger generation of today is as a low. It’s becoming ever more, harder for this generation to be able to completely enjoy the wonders Long Island offers up. What makes Long Island so great is being ruined by traffic congestion, urban sprawl into our natural parks and wildlife and the dwindling of affordable housing. With some luck though these issues can e resolved by aim our sights at the typical Long Island downtown.

A crucial concern impeding on the lives of Long Islanders’ is the ridiculous traffic congestion spanning from one end of the island to the other. By commuting on the LIE or any one of the major parkways during rush hour illustrates the point effectively. To solve this problem though; all we must do is look to the redesigning of Long Island downtowns. If we can develop better and more effective access to public transportation we can create an atmosphere where traffic and congestion has the opportunity to be reduced significantly.

A second problem that is impeding on the residents of Long Island is the lack of affordable housing. Currently affordable housing for the younger generation is a mere 17% of the total Long Island housing market. Since 83% of the housing is established for single family homes it’s just too much money for kids these days to solidify life here as their parents did. By looking to Long Island downtowns again we can fix the problem of affordable housing why preserving our parks and wildlife.

A third problem to consider that is facing Long Island is urban sprawl. Without uniform districting there is no conformity when it comes to towns spreading its differing residential and commercial sectors our natural wildlife is being threatened. By building out downtowns upward instead of outward we can revitalize commerce in the business sectors while saving our natural lands.

Regardless of the fact there are numerous issues standing in front of the progress of Long Island today; with the proper frame of mind they are all issues that can be resolved. If we just look to the cookie, Elaine we can make sure Long Island is an awesome place to live for generations to come.

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