What Is Voluntary Surf Life Saving?

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In response to several drownings on beaches the world over, Voluntary Surf Life Saving originated in Sydney, Australia in 1906. The world’s first surf club was the Bronte Surf Life Saving club in Sydney. There is some contention however, as Bondi Beach Surf Bathers Life Saving Club in Sydney has claimed the same. Evidence now shows that Bronte was the first club, but Bondi was the first official club.

Volunteers offer their time to these clubs so that bathers could swim safely in the sea. Procedures are taken and followed to ensure safety and rescuing of bathers. This includes resuscitation if needed. A patrol captain is in charge of the divers and oversees the operation of the club.

Volunteers work in groups, usually on weekends or public holidays, or peak vacation times on busy beaches. A surf lifesaver must be in possession of a Surf Rescue Certificate or a Bronze Medallion. He or she has to take and pass the proficiency test every year.

Clothing is very important and differs according to rank and type of rescue work. Aviation and helicopter crew will wear aviation clothing. Reflective tabards will be seen on officers of offshore and jet rescue boats. Lifesavers that work on Rescue Water Craft (RWC) will wear skin diving attire and equipment. For the guys and girls on the beach involved in rescue work, long sleeve yellow shirts and red shorts are the order of the day when they are not actually in the process of rescuing anyone. For those who are, they have red and yellow caps.

The clubs also have another cap with different colors. This cap is for when clubs partake in the often held inter club competitions. These competitions keep the lifeguards in tip top shape for what they do best – saving lives.

In itself, Voluntary Surf Life Saving is both satisfying and challenging. The addition of league competitions held amongst the clubs adds an element of fun to this otherwise very serious job.

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Job Description of a Paramedic

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Before you embark on your career path towards developing to become a paramedic, you certainly will first be required to be aware of the position description, required skills and training, in addition to the environment you can expect to work in.

The career description connected with a paramedic differ depending upon your state you decide to work in (and ultimately obtain your license from), and also the higher level of training you receive but, it basically follows along the lines of the following:

Given the task of administering basic and advanced life support procedures to patients in emergency situations.

A paramedic is the emergency services professional in which a patient involved in a critical medical situation will talk with first, leading up to receiving medical treatment from the hospital. As a result, it is essential that a paramedic (commonly called an emergency medical technician, EMT) still be able to react quickly and work well under pressure.

Being an emergency medical services professional, you are likely to provide both basic and advanced life support, including (but not limiting) the examples below: administering medication, interpreting electrocardiograms (EKGs) and inserting intravenous needles.

In any medical emergency, there isn’t such a thing in the form of script. Situations and things change all of the time. You are going to be expected to make reasonable and acceptable differential diagnoses. Your job as a thoughtful paramedic is going to be to do whatever possible to preserve life. This is why it is crucial that someone contemplating a career as a paramedic understand they are considering a significantly complex, but rewarding career.

If you are thinking about converting into an advanced EMT (which happens to be precisely what a paramedic is), you really should make sure you are in good, physical health. Paramedics absolutely must be able to stand, walk, and sit for extended periods of time. Depending upon the situation you end up faced with, you may have to travel to hard-to-reach places, testing the dexterity of your hands to handle, finger, or feel. It is not uncommon for an EMT to need to lift a client as well as other heavy objects.

Paramedics also drive ambulance vehicles. If additionally you become trained and certified to use an ambulance, a part of your job will be to operate the vehicle in a safe manner without exception. You are going to be transporting sick and injured persons to other medical institutions so it will be critical that you are able to be effective within a very high stress situations.

Advanced EMTs handle complex, sophisticated equipment and machines. As such, you will find yourself in charge of keeping the equipment clean in addition to helping to properly preserve it. You will also assist in helping take inventory and inspect the emergency vehicle and its contents.

It is best to recognize that paramedics work around the clock: 365 days a year, 7 days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Understand this can include nights, weekends, and holidays. If you’re looking at preparing to be a paramedic you will need to be flexible with your availability and schedule.

Paramedics work in all weather conditions, indoors and outdoors. In many instances, the conditions can become extreme and life-threatening.

A few other lighter, job duties connected with a paramedic include soft skills like the following: competent at communicating clearly, both in written and verbal manners, because you will have to relay information to other medical professionals; routinely perform administrative procedures including writing and filing reports. Based upon your career level, chances are you’ll mentor and train other EMTs. You will comply with standard written protocols and legal regulations.

Lastly, to guarantee you are fully trained to handle the great responsibility that comes with being a paramedic, you will be expected and required to undergo formal training. You must also obtain certification in the state you are going to work in as an effective paramedic. Your state is going to have specific info on the training that is required in order to become an advanced emergency medical technician.

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It’s Never Been A Better Time To Join The Law Enforcement Career Field!

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With the way the economy has been in recent years, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking for a career in law enforcement. Let’s face it, we need money for us and our families to survive. A lot of the companies that were thriving yesterday and closing up shop today, but not law enforcement.

If you’ve looked into a career in law enforcement at all, you’ll know that they offer very competitive wages that offer a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. The minimum that you’ll be starting out at is $17 an hour and you can increase your pay exponentially as time progresses.

Starting your career as a police officer means that you’ll be getting pay raises more often than nearly any other career field. There’s just so much opportunity to make good money in law enforcement. Some of the pay raises you’ll earn directly, while some will come with time.

Just look at the news, crimes are happening more and more every day. There’s a huge demand for police officers right now and if you can make the cut, you’ll have a very secure job indeed. Maintaining your job as a police officer is as simple as passing all of your physical tests and minding your P’s and Q’s.

As we know, there are a lot of monetary benefits that come with a career in law enforcement. However, there are so many rewards to be had just by providing such a great service to the people. There are people that would actually love to do what the men in blue do without pay, so it’s such a blessing that you can get payed for doing such an amazing thing.

Once you’ve been in law enforcement for a while, you’ll want to try to make detective. Making detective means that you’ll be getting payed far more and gain much more respect around the department that you are working at. I find it especially important to gain the respect of your fellow police officers because of the tasks that you will be required to do in your career in law enforcement.

What now? I think it’s time you make the first step into finding out if a career in law enforcement is right for you. There’s a great website online that will give you free information about the physical requirements to be a police officer.

General Duties of a Phlebotomist

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The project inside a clinic or hospital covers numerous activities. Phlebotomy is usually a senior medical activity which can be learned in university, college or vocational school. Vocational schools provide students together with the knowledge required to work with patients in the clinical environment.

The courses options available conserve the candidate to earn a phlebotomy certification or associate degree after the course. Phlebotomists be employed in the health care system with physicians along with medical personnel, to be able to pass through the liquid blood samples of patients. The principle form of extraction is definitely a needle or finger prick hemoglobin test. Virtually all students’ training programs last from 3 months to two years. All students go through an affiliate degree program they do not have much time for education caused by other jobs or some other responsibilities.

A high level member of the laboratory team of scholars, you’re anticipated to work closely for some other professionals through every one of the necessary preparatory measures going back exam, of course, if you flourish in it, you’ll receive the phlebotomy certification ASCP, distributed by the American Society of Clinical Pathology. Education almost consists on studying the anatomy on the veins. Coursework also covers surgical procedure in the workplace. In the degree program, studying can include laboratory procedures, liquid blood samples collecting, blood testing and safety at your workplace, just to cite some.

Education also specializes in teaching students and preparing them for administrative tasks, for them to correctly process the samples. Students which start their lives with better employment prospects and wages should think about the associate degree. They’ll fill out exactly the same basic courses of instruction for students, and also take additional courses about anatomy, biomechanics and much more.

Students could also expect to meet numerous clinical hours while studying. Clinical course include theoretical knowledge, that is important in the clinic work where students manage patients and physicians. Also, the course can include blood testing for glucose, bacteria along with other substances.

Students who would like to increase their likelihood of contracting may be certified. The certificate is not required for all employers, nevertheless it still is a bonus. Monitoring the ratification on the American Society for Clinical Pathology, the nation’s Bleeding Assembly and the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians may be possible before jumping inside the work market. The 3 organizations have the ability to qualify for the certification of scholars, indicating that students recognize all the work of relevant documents.

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Coaching For The New Graduate

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Many professionals, successful innovators, and movers and shakers in the business world credit their coaches for the successes they have enjoyed in their respective fields. A coach definitely has an important part to play in how your career will go. He or she is there to help you see your goals more clearly, realize your mistakes, and give you the push you need to either go for your goals at work, make a career change, or just enhance your work personality so you can become more assertive, credible, and formidable in the office.

Getting a coach certainly sounds like something that a seasoned professional will do. After all, such an individual wants to go even further in his or her career, and acknowledges that help is necessary. However, if you’ve just graduated from university or you are just about to enter the workforce, is it even a good idea for you to get coaching services?

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t. The responsibilities of a coach include helping you strategize for your career, develop the right skills, and work with your potential. As someone who is just about to start working, you need to establish your mindset and already have a plan in mind for your future. You don’t just want to get a job to pay off your loans and pay for your bills. You want to take the first steps towards having a successful and fulfilling career. Knowing what kind of career you want to have and how you will get there is particularly important at this point. You’re starting afresh, and you want to enter the workforce knowing what you want to achieve and what path to follow so you can attain professional fulfillment.

As someone who has just graduated from university, you are probably a little lost, apprehensive, and excited about what the future will bring. Working with a coach gives you the chance to express your concerns properly–you’re certain to have a number of questions–and get sound advice. You want to use this opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses as well.

This is a great time for you to get help on planning your career, and it’s a good idea to do it now so you will follow the path you really want to take, instead of working for a company you have no interest in and then need to work with a coach some years down the line to help you figure out what your purpose in life is or how to work towards the dreams you’ve set aside.

Leadership coaching is one of the next steps you should take to advance your career. Getting your training from a qualified business coach certainly gives you an advantage.

Medical Career Today

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Health Assistant learning online is emerging to fulfill the demands of an new generation of scholars in the 21st century. St. Augustine Medical Assistant School learning online program for medical assistant presents a great model with this integration of technology with medical assistant education.

Distance education, particularly in its most up-to-date form, online education, is now being integrated into perhaps the most cautious and conservative of schools. Yet the impact of those alternative varieties of teaching and learning on students, faculty, and institutions has not yet been broadly or deeply studied.

Learning online is not new, and may be traced dating back the first century. The Apostle Paul wrote to your early Christian churches, instructing them at a distance (regardless if he was under ‘house arrest’ in Rome). This is probably the first style of ‘correspondence course’, which was in order to of learning far away until the coming of the telephone. Today, learning online and in particular online medical assistant instruction calls upon a remarkable range of technologies allow medical assistant instructor and also the medical assistant student who’re separated by distance to speak with each other in a choice of real time (synchronous) or delayed time (asynchronous).

Currently and asynchronous model used at St. Augustine Medical Assistant School to educate medical assistant students. It has proven to be a great model though the medical assistant program is now investigating the key benefits of synchronous online medical assistant instruction and also the benefits it may well have for that medical assistant student.

Medical Assistant learning online epitomizes the escape from institute based studying to a more direct, student centered approach. Like a concept, online education has existed for upwards of a century, notably by means of paper based correspondence courses such as the less formal correspondence education for medical assistants. Now however, learning online is depending increasingly upon technology due to its success and technologies ensure that distance education for the medical assistant will continue to evolve and grow like a valid and potent force of any type of education with the medical assistant.

The duty of the medical assistant distance educator thus remains to obviate these complications as much as possible by mixing and matching techniques, creating and a stimulating environment, and offering opportunities for medical assistant students to speak with each other and also the medical assistant teaching staff often. The medical assistant educators also have to change their traditional role likewise. Many remote medical assistant students have to have a great deal of support, and medical assistant distance educators will find themselves spending longer offering one-to-one tutorials and much less time lecturing

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How To Start Your Career In CNA

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If you’d like to take up a job in healthcare you’ll need to be an approved nursing assistant. An Accredited Cna will work directly with clients providing fundamental treatment and is a highly important part of any kind of heath care treatment group. The Licensed cna stands out as the one which keeps the most time with all the patient. Thus, the certified nursing assistant can certainly discover any alterations in the patient’s predicament. A lot of lives are already rescued even though a professional nursing assistant is still present whenever a patient deal with problem.

You can consider Professional nursing assistant lessons at the local university or via a vocational school in certain areas. The local Red-colored Mix section may possibly provide these kind of courses also. The courses are ordinarily 4 to 8 days lengthy with respect to the program. You must pass all courses having a 70% or above.

Many of these Certified nursing assistant programs now have specific credentials that you need to fit to become certified. With respect to the situation you reside in, you need to be present at minimum 16 or 18 years of age before you apply. In some cases, you will want to pass a reading through examination prior to being acknowledged in to the Licensed nursing assistant program. This is very important due to the fact reading through and familiarity are virtually all from the class work, and that is crucial inside the work setting.

As you finish your courses to become Certified nursing assistant, you will have to have a final examination to have your condition qualifications. This test contains two components. The written portion is comprised questions that will test out your key knowledge of patient care along with your critical thinking qualities.

Your Second aspect of an authorized cna exam will be the talents review test. You can be requested to perform exact tasks while watching test proctor. A lot of these tasks might include appropriate lifting tactics when relocating someone from bed mattress to chair. Offering someone a mattress bath or helping to make an occupied mattress. This area of the test is vital mainly because it shows that you can to handle physical parts of the duty without the need of compromising the safety of your patient.

as you be a certified nursing assistant it is under your control to decide on where you need to work. Most people love to take advantage of the elderly people and may decide to operate in a senior care. For those who they like quicker, a healthcare facility setting is much more acceptable. The most beneficial component about as being an approved nursing assistant is the profession will not tedious.

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Important Details About CNA Program

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Certified nursing assistant training program will enable you to have qualifications that will make you work closely with the patients as you will be assisting the certified nurses. This will lead to working by providing the basic care services to the patients such as bathing, feeding the patients, and assisting the nurses with the medical tools and equipment.

The job of nursing assistants is to regularly check on the patients in order to inquire about their health and recovery status. They have to watch out for signs of improvement in the patients. They should also provide emotional support and encouragement. During this whole process of being in constant touch with patients, nursing assistants gain vast amounts of information to submit to the nurses.

After qualifying as a certified nursing assistant, you will be allowed to work in various places including the hospitals, nursing homes that provide the nursing care services, health care facilities for the elderly and so many others. With further education the CNA will be granted a higher rank that will enable you earn more.

Since the profession enables you to be on the front line in provision of patient care, the program entirely helps you to acquire these skills by putting you on the real ground where you are drilled on how to help situations at the working areas. These operations are very relevant in any medical facility thus their requirement is always on the rise. This field mostly stresses on the means of helping the patients become social avoiding the illness-related stress that sometimes worsens the condition of the patients.

Degree holders need to complete at least 4 months of CNA certification program. They have to complete these four months at a recognized medical facility or college.

The basic skills that are learnt in the program involve the following:

Basic skills in nursing, Physiology and anatomy, Nutrition and diet, Control of infections and disease spread.

Besides the above skills, CNA professionals also have to get perfect in performing the physical activities that are an important part of their job responsibility. When they learn these skills they are then asked to sit for the National Association of Home Care exams. Upon passing this exam, they become recognized as qualified CNA professionals.

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Exactly How To Treat Scabies Effectively From Adults To The Very Young

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There is no reason to be overly concerned when needing a treatment for your scabies infestation since they really do work. Scabies is just being infested by mites that are insects of microscopic size. One of the top three dermatological disorders for children is scabies. When you discover a location filled with a lot of people living in dirty conditions, you will most likely find scabies. It doesn’t really make a difference what type of lifestyle you have, or your level of cleanliness, you still could become infested with scabies. If you find that you have scabies, then you are not alone, as three hundred million other people around the world will also have it this year. Scabies is one of those diseases that can only be determined by running the proper tests, so seeing a doctor will be necessary.

So as to totally annihilate scabies, do not waste any time in gathering up all private and public items that are handled by the contaminated individual, to treat them. That means towels, clothing and bedding material. There is an array of approaches for being victorious in accomplishing this. Mites cannot live for more than about three days without a human host, so you can simply isolate all your clothing and linens. So you can place the items in a plastic bag for that period of time. Otherwise you can set your washer and dryer both on high temperature settings and wash all the items. An additional choice is to have a dry cleaning service launder them, although then you could potentially be spreading the mites to others if you make this choice.

Lesser developed countries, that do not have a lot of money or a stable economy, may have different alternatives available to them. For example, some sulfur compounds and ointments such as benzyl benzoate are often employed in the treatment of scabies in poorer countries. Making choices for this type of solution are usually influenced by how much the product actually costs.

If a child has scabies, it will more than likely be given Crotamiton to stop the infestation. The treatments are numerous for scabies, however not all locations have access to them.

Have no fear, if you have scabies, as it can be taken care of quickly and easily. More than anything else, the entire ordeal will just be a nuisance because it can be highly uncomfortable and persistent. All you need to do is see your doctor, get properly diagnosed and treated, and you are good to go. We do suggest you do not treat your self because your doctor will explain other procedures that must take place. One thing the doctor will tell you is that scabies can live in or on objects in your home that need to be treated as well as your skin.

Many people would acknowledge that we now have lots of health issues that we should cope with. And with an aging population, registered nurses will be in constant demand. If you’d like a rewarding career that pays massive returns, think about being a registered nurse. Check with a career counselor to find out more.

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How To Start A Shop – Top Tips For Retail Rookies

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How to start a shop is a query individuals aspiring to go in the retail business usually ask themselves. Obviously, any new business venture comes with the baggage of a small threat, a genuine entrepreneur, nonetheless, takes calculated potential risks voluntarily! The keyword is calculated; which means that you enter the industry ready to tackle the challenges.

One of the first you need to consider about opening a shop is location. The perfect store site should bring your product closer to your target market. Do a little research and survey the neighborhood of your chosen venue. You need to know how to start a shop specifically in this area.

Find out what licenses as well as permits are needed so that you can be capable to function. Precisely what building licenses should be applied to enable you to set up your store? Ask for these before beginning and launching your shop to avoid legal issues.

One more query you must ask yourself is how you’ll get your shop. This is a vital question in how to start a shop. Would you like to obtain an existing store and takeover or perhaps might you lease a vacant space and refurbish the place?

You need to consider what you budget can bear to decide on this. You will most likely end up renting a space since it is more cost efficient. Learn about the different rental terms and conditions. Some spaces are rented from buildings owned by a commercial estate company. Some can be leased from the Council by an organization that will sub-lease it to you.

Before you can start shop, iron out the details like who and how it will be managed. How much manpower would you need? How much work will you be able to handle yourself? Choose the most practical and cost-effective way.

Finally, the end task in your how to start a shop quest is to launch it. Come up with a spectacular opening day event. Hype the launch date through a “Soon to Rise” or “Prepare for the Coming” signs on the site while it is being renovated.

Spread the message by way of leaflets along with email blasts. Let your target audience be certain that your shop will now be open to cater to them. Gimmicks just like opening freebies as well as discounts on the very first twenty buyers might entice consumers.

How to start a shop can be a fun, challenging and rewarding experience, provided you plan it right.

We hope you found the information on how to start a shop useful and we have even more tips to show you on how to open a shop.

Choosing Red Cross CNA Classes

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Healthcare professions will be hunting qualified candidates. A terrific way to determine if you’re indeed the most effective person to make use of the location should be to attend Red-colored-colored-colored Mix Licensed certified nursing assistant classes. The Red-colored-colored-colored Mix licensed cna training will be numerous states and may include a cost. The price differs from condition to condition and from chapter to chapter. If you’re thinking about entering a Red-colored-colored-colored Mix Licensed certified nursing assistant class, speak with the area chapter or online.

Red-colored Mix cna training consists of both working experience and class experience. It prepares you to accept condition exams and receive your certification. You will find some facilities that will help you to work with several several weeks prior to taking your exam, but you have to discover the particulars using the facility you hope to dedicate yourself and your condition regulating board.

Courses vary from 4 to 6 days along with the cost differs from $500-2000 based on what your location is. It’s money properly spent because tasks are plentiful. Inside a couple of areas financial aid might be acquired.

To be eligible for a a Red-colored Mix class you have to be 18 years of age, don’t have any contagious illnesses and never be pregnant. Educational needs vary.

If you purchase to not attend Red-colored-colored-colored Mix Licensed cna classes but to go to college classes, that chance will be numerous areas. It might be easy to receive educational funding in the college too. Most community schools will need a larger school diploma or maybe a GED. Speak to your college to locate the particular needs.

Classes online can be found whenever you purchase which more than Red-colored-colored Mix Licensed cna classes. This should help you to stay inside your present job and attend classes anytime. Just before carrying out to classes online it is extremely crucial that you talk to your problem needs. Some condition boards need a set fee of at work training. If there is no matched up training, you will possibly not qualify to simply accept condition board examination and receive certification.

How large the courses may differ from organization to organization. The Red-colored-colored-colored Mix licensed cna training is unquestionably a hands-round the right course and may be advisable for anybody that has was without medical training formerly. Community schools offer hands-on classes and again may be advisable if you’re not accustomed to the location or are thinking about getting a try out as being a potential career.

For individuals who’ve chose to consider a licensed cna training program, if you have been possibilities. Cost, period of time together with your present duties might have most in your options. You’ll be selecting a possible career with many different choices for advancement. If you’ve been rn’s who started their careers as nursing assistance and haven’t looked back.

Nursing assistants who’ve become licensed average from $9-13 hourly based on what your location is. Inside the same town, salaries may vary from institution to institution. Acute care hospitals may have one wages and aided living facilities might have another. You will have to pick the kind of patient you should employ.

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Dental Hygienist Schools: Information On Admittance Requirements And The Top Schools Available In This Field

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Dental hygienist schools provide the guidance needed to direct aspiring hygienists in the right direction towards a career in dentistry. The dental industry continues to expand substantially as oral healthcare is becoming greater in demand throughout the U.S. Compared to their predecessors, the younger generation dentists are choosing to hire hygienists and assistants to keep up with increasing demand. This in turn is expected to increase these job positions by 36 to 38 percent by the year 2018. These dentists will expect that those individuals seeking employment at their office have the fundamental skills and training only offered at a dental training schools.

In order for dental hygienist schools to accept your application, the following credentials need to be met first (credentials change depending on the school):

Be 18 years old

Passed Math, English, Biology and Chemistry in high school

Completed high school with a “C” average maintained throughout

Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent

ACT or SAT exams were satisfactory or above

Upon completing the above requirements, individuals should be eligible to be accepted by an accredited American Dental Association (ADA) school. They must then graduate with either a certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree to be eligible to take their board examinations.

Once the student graduates from one of their dental hygienist schools, they will then be expected to take the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. This examination is made up of a clinical board exam, and usually a written or computerized board exam. These tests are used by state boards to check the aspiring oral hygienists’ qualifications before being licensed as a practicing hygienist. The reasoning behind the examination is to test an individual’s understanding of the procedures involved with dentistry and also test their problem-solving capabilities.

States and regions vary the way these examinations are administered. It is import to contact the state one is looking to practice in for further details on which examination will be administered and what steps are needed to qualify for licensure.

There are over 200 ADA accredited schools for dental hygienist. However, out of that number, there are a select few that stand out compared to the rest. The following dental hygienist schools are among the top for the year 2011:

University Southern California

-The University of Southern California’s four year bachelor’s program usually stands among the top of the best dental schools. Students who attend this school receive the benefit of live training with the on site dental clinic. The students will also earn a nice sum of money as they work as a resident.

New York University

-Also one of the top academic schools in the nation, New York University’s dental program is well known for their outstanding research, advanced clinical training, and diverse, wide patient pool.

University of the Pacific

-The Arthur A. Dugoni dentistry school is normally the top dental school receiving applications for admission, and the university itself ranks nationally each year in the top one hundred universities nation-wide. This school was also the first to introduce an advanced three year bachelor’s program.

Western Kentucky University

-This school has a very well known dental program. Those who attend this university have a choice between four programs they can start: an assoicate’s degree program, and three bachelor’s degree programs. One bachelor’s program is a normal program, the next is a program that focuses more on clinical procedures, and the final program is an online program. They also have their own clinic that allow on site, live practice.

St. Petersburg College

-Offering two types of degrees, an associate’s and bachelor’s, the last of our schools listed is quite popular. This BS program is only offered to already licensed oral hygienist and has no clinical or classroom training. All work will be completed through online assignments.

The dental hygienist schools listed previously are all considered to be the top schools for this field of study. For any person that is looking to become a dental assistant, they should look into one of the schools listed above.

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Job Interview Question: Tell me about yourself

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Applying to a job takes quite an effort. First, you will need good credentials to put even just give yourself a chance for a good job. And then you resume will, hopefully, do the rest to get you invited to a job interview.

This day will decide whether you and your credentials are suitable for the person they are looking for that post. During your interaction you will most likely be confronted with the commonly asked question: “Tell me about yourself”?

Often, people have answers prepared for just about any question: Courses attended, languages known, additional skills obtained, relevant work experience, etc. However, the big question “tell me about yourself” often goes unattended in the process of preparing for the interview.

Yet, not many questions are more important than this one! So make sure to take it very seriously. Because even though it seems like no big deal, it certainly is.

This question marks a very critical point in the interview process. And the question is much tougher than one would know on the first glance.

In fact, if you mess this question up, that is probably it. You just threw everything away. In contrast, if you have a great answer, you will shine. And, yes, this is possible by carefully highlighting and describing some thoughtfully selected traits.

You should first run through the basics quickly, such as personal details and family and education background. Do not spend a lot of time on these points. Then move on to your achievements and the personality traits that help you achieve your goals.

Here is an example: You might have had some kind of leadership position in your school, or maybe you were a captain of a sports team. Anything like this will automatically show the leader in you.

Then, finally, finish the question off by stating how those values and abilities are relevant for the position you are applying for right now. Because, remember, it is all about how you can benefit the new company.

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