Pertinent Information About Carpet Cleaning Denver

May 21, 2012 · Posted in Finance · Comment 

Mobile carpet cleaning Denver has become a big business. The latest technology has existing companies updating their systems at every turn. Carpet manufacturers have also improved their products for easier cleaning and better durability.

The machines are bigger and do a better job. Usually truck mounted, they’re just better then they were, for a lot of reasons. Technology has made it possible to deliver hotter and more targeted cleaning from the newer equipment that’s available.

Competition is tough and your appointment won’t take long to get. Usually a five minute phone call will have someone on the way. Everyone in the industry knows just how fickle the customer can be. They want it done and they want it done now so most will go out of their way to get to you.

Two different types of cleaning are now available. They have totally different characteristics, both will get the rugs clean. Wet carpet systems will employ steam from a machine that is usually mounted in a van. Long suction lines and a water feed are dragged into the home and the carpets are cleaned with a special wand that’s been manufactured to apply the steam and extract the residual water.

a dry system on the other hand is when a chemical based powder is introduced to the rugs. After which the rugs are buffed with a machine similar to a floor buffer. The chemical residue in powder form is then vacuumed from the rug. It takes the dirt or most of it anyway with it as it goes.

What you have for carpets within your home will decide for you most of the time which system will fit your needs. If you have a plush rug and it’s fragile, then the dry system may be better for the longevity factor. Steam can take it’s toll after continued cleanings.

Another major variable is how fast do you need the room? The wet system as it’s name would suggest, takes a day or so to dry. This also depends on how well the service people extracted the water as they were doing the job. The more the carpet is dried after the steam is applied, the faster you’ll be back in business.

Using the steam method will also take longer to dry. A typical job can take as long as two days to completely dry. A dry system can clean a room and your ready to walk in it, in a couple hours. Humidity will also play a factor in the drying time for both methods.

The cost to have your rugs professional cleaned is about the same as it costs to rent a steam cleaner and do the job all by yourself. The difference being of course the labor factor and how long your back may hold out.

If Carpet cleaning Denver is what you’d like to do for a living then your looking at a prosperous endeavor. The cost of getting into this business, buying all the tools and a truck, advertising and whatnot. Is very expensive and is what keeps most from attempting a start-up in this field.

Vacant Interiors (we also do occupied properties) supplies fast, expert carpet cleaning in Denver, Colorado, including pre-conditioner, rinse and extraction, post spotting, and carpet grooming from a truck-mounted cleaning system. Final coating of 3M Scotchgard Protector and treatments for pet odors are also available.