20 Point Fitness Strategy For Cyclists and Triathlon Athletes To Lose 10 Kilos In 5 Months

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Actually you could lose 18 kilos in 8 months! You will find many web sites that give you a wealth of food information. This now gives you a strategy. After racing at Elite level in the UK, the US and Italy, when I retired from competition my weight then gradually increased over 20 years, from 78 to 103 kilos.

Even when I trained up to 300 km per week, for special tours or sportives, my weight hardly dropped. After various fad diets, I felt lousy and my weight soon crept back. Sounds familiar? Of course it does – no matter how hard and regularly you train, you must understand how your body reacts to different foods at different times. Otherwise the weight just seems to stick.

You must follow your metabolism and work with it – not against it. This doesn’t need a Ph.D. in Nutrition. Nor deep scientific knowledge. Just discipline. As a serious cyclist, you make a commitment to a disciplined training regime. You value your health and fitness. You want to imagine that you are Elite rider every time you ride your bike. So why not follow the same discipline with controlling your weight? And what a difference climbing hills! It’s amazing. Unshed those kilos and you fly up those tough climbs. You recover quicker at the top. You feel so much better that you could go back down and climb that hill again! Seriously. When you lose that weight you will think how ill-disciplined you were, to leave it so long, before taking action to lose it. And it’s not about fads. It’s about balance, moderation and getting into good habits. Habits so good that you can treat yourself regularly – even to the extent of a big bar of chocolate any afternoon! Provided, of course, that you are following all the other rules carefully, like no other carbs after 6pm.

So let’s look at 20 key rules for an active athlete or cyclist to lose 10 kilos in 5 months – or about an imperial pound in weight every week. These reflect many different pieces of information, advice and learning, over thirty years of combatting excess weight. The key is to keep to all the rules, all the time. Then you’ll feel fitter. Rarely hungry. And fly up the hills as if they disappeared! So here are the golden rules to lose 10 kilos, without ever having to feel hungry. Read and follow them carefully. Please Don’t Break Them.

1. Rarely touch much alcohol – maximum of five units per week and never any after 6pm

2. Enjoy a large breakfast based on fresh fruit

3. Eliminate completely all very high saturated fat content foods like cheese and crisps

4. No caffeine after 3pm.

5. When possible, drink at least half litre of water every half hour

6. Eat No carbs or fats after 6pm.

7. Maximise green vegetables when you can.

8. Limit red meat to once per week

9. Maximize fish, but always grilled or baked – never fried

10. Keep to five fist sized portions of food per day, plus good snacks if you need them

11. Never let yourself get so hungry that you consume larger than one fist size

12. If you feel hungry, snack on nuts, salad or raw vegetables like carrots – not fruit as this will raise your blood sugar too quickly. Then you’ll feel hungry again within an hour

13. When eating, focus on enjoying the nourishment as slowly as possible. Focus on the taste, not another activity or you’ll finish too fast. Then you’ll find it hard to remember enjoying much taste or nourishment

14. Watch overall calorie intake to the prescribed levels

15. Avoid any soft drinks with high sugar levels

16. Train or race after a high intake of good carbs at least one hour before

17. Eat or drink 500 calories of good carbs and drink 500ml of fruit drinks or water, every hour during longer training rides

18. Sometimes miss your supper after evening training

19. Keep a Food Diary and measure your weight loss just once every week, preferably on Monday mornings

20. Treat yourself often, but stay within daily limits – and don’t break any of the rules above. So chocolate is allowed – the more organic and natural the better – but watch those ‘E-numbers’!

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How To Get Rid of Cellulite with It Works Body Wraps

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The day I brought home the best gift I will ever receive in my life, next to my husband, was the day I looked in the mirror and thought WHO IS THAT LADY IN THERE! This precious little bundle in my arms left definite signs it came from ME! That was all supposed to be left at the hospital, the extra weight- all over -it looked like my cheeks were going to give birth, the purple lines on my legs and tummy, bags under my eyes. I didn’t worry too much, everyone said you will bounce right back. OK- so 1 year later I decided that bouncing back was a myth. I actually had to WORK at this if I ever wanted MY body back!

I found that I needed to create healthy life changing choices. We always hear the words “diet and exercise” thrown around but that didn’t excite me. Who wants to diet and give up yummy foods? Physical exercise? Yea correct. When do we have time….we’re usually saying “Can mommy just pee in peace?” But I began to realize that there is some truth to what they had been saying and I needed to tune in. But how do you diet plan and physical exercise with kids running about the house? I did what I could however without the capability to clone myself I simply couldn’t achieve the results I wanted.

After all my hard work of running and a healthy life style change, I looked in the mirror as proud as I could but still wondered if my purple stretch marks would ever get better and that obvious mommy pouch- you know what I am talking about- would ever go away. My skin had been stretched to the max and it was mainly just a skin problem. Then one day a friend approached me with something she found. Skinny wraps, I will pause here to sing- Hallelujah!- As I tried my first one I thought, “This is just another waste of time and money, but I am worth the $30 and the 45 minutes to just try I suppose.” I took it off 2 hours later, just to get all the benefits out of it that I could, and was actually FATTER! HA! I called her and asked, what just happened? She said it was actually a good thing and that I shouldn’t measure until 24 hours later now. At 24 hours later my stretch marks on my tummy felt firm and not as noticeable and I had lost 1 inch in my waist, navel and hips! By the 72 hour mark I had lost 2.5 inches, and 2 pounds! I had to share my findings with people who were struggling like me and well- here I am!

The slim body wraps are a purifying method, Not really a WATER Weight loss. They are infused with 100% all all-natural lotion and so they detox the fat cells taking junk from the fat. In result they sculpt, tighten and firm the skin. I also provide plenty of other products for weight loss aide, greens that are type of such as vitamins but help curve urges and many other excellent goods.

THE It Works Body Wraps WERE MY LIFE CHANGER! So you need to take my advice and get them today. Tomorrow you will simply keep waiting to lose the weight. Make your stand now!!!

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Revitol Cellulite Solution: Comprehensive Review Based On Data

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The woman’s worst enemy, cellulite is actually dimpled skin look due to fat deposits and poor blood circulation underneath the skin’s surface. Although its unique cause hasn’t yet been proven, it’s thought to be influenced by genes, diet, lifestyle factors, the body’s hormones, and even clothing.

Cellulite is much more common than many people imagine. The fact is, 9 out from ten women experience these undesirable skin bumps. Typically located on the arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks, cellulite has upset ladies of any age from strutting within their swimsuits due to filthy back dimples. While it is more widespread among ladies who are in their forties and fifties, women as early as twenty-five yrs old already whine about this condition. The good news is, science brings the world numerous methods of treating cellulite. Read these comprehensive Revtol cellulite cream reviews detailing pros and cons of the cream.

Well-known for their scar solutions, Revitol launched a cellulite cream which, they say, gives women from all ages independence from embarrassing skin lumps as well as the confidence to easily show it all. A scientific breakthrough for decreased cellulite appearance, Revitol Cellulite Cream guarantees lessened lumps and firmer skin due to its highly effective all-natural formula.

By way of its major formula Caffeine and Retinol A, Revitol Cellulite Cream uncovers blood vessels and promotes collagen production underneath the skin’s floor, ultimately lowering the lump-like look of cellulite. Caffeine, or simply Coffee Extract, is clinically proven to dilate blood vessels and help reduce fat cells. It triggers much better blood flow underneath the surface of the skin, which is seen to result in the lumps and bumps.

On the other hand, Retinol A, which is derived from Vitamin A, enhances the creation of collagen within the skin. This allows skin to appear smoother, healthier, and more toned. Both of these important ingredients, together with other natural extracts, from the Revitol Cellulite Cream.

Application of Revitol Cellulite Cream could be very easy. Based on the manufacturer, users should just use generous layer on problematic areas (arms, stomach, thighs, and buttocks) twice to three times each day. Effects may ultimately become more obvious over a few weeks. Cellulite appearance can be decreased, and skin will look more well toned.

Ladies who search Revitol Cellulite Cream online will find themselves reading a number of testimonies on how the product is incredible. Most users who’ve used Revitol Cellulite Cream swear by it for three reasons – visible results, non-grease formula, and affordability.

Skepticism is a common factor among women who try Revitol Cellulite Cream the very first time; yet, right after regular use, several users learn to love it for its effectiveness. Feedback from customers vary from “it appears less notable,” and “I started noticing changes,” to “I have noticed major, major improvement,” and even “it’s definitely worth it!” Even though some criticize the product’s odor and consistency, seldom could it be the case in which users criticize its usefulness. In addition they agree that results were more desirable when Revitol Cellulite Cream is coupled with a proper diet and frequent exercise. Revitol states its product to be revolutionary, and ladies agree.

Using the Revitol Cellulite Cream, women valued not merely the results but the application. While a few other creams and emollients present a very greasy finish, Revitol Cellulite Cream customers get to wear clothes comfortably right after use.

Whilst customers have highly regarded the product for its superior quality, it’s sadly off from the miracle cream that many individuals anticipate it to be. It is not a perfect product for all people. Customers have reported its thick consistency as well as packaging, and bad smell.

Like other skincare products, it requires enough time for Revitol Cellulite Cream to work effectively. This time might vary from a few weeks to a few months, in accordance with one’s cellulite problem. Nonetheless, users confirm that the more shallow cellulite cool in weeks, while the deeper ones need a longer period. Read these excellent Revitol Cellulite Cream Reviews for more information.

Patient ladies who are satisfied with the results are not necessarily pleased with the pump packaging. According to them, the thick consistency of the formula dries and flakes very easily, thereby gets trapped within the pump. Needing to open up the bottle just to get the cream is rather ineffective for some.

Last but not least, users also complain of the product’s bad odor. Because the smell is likely to stick for the skin for a little bit, it is actually enough for some never to try the product once more.

Even though the hype encompassing Revitol Cellulite Cream may be realistic, it really is certainly not the merchandise that offers immediate, overnight results. Can it be worth a shot? Probably. For women who are frustrated by their cellulite and are against undergoing changes within the knife, there really is not much to lose. After all, Revitol Cellulite Cream would not be regularly ranked as leading cellulite cream in various review websites just for nothing.

I bought my first Revitol cream many years ago and have written a blog about all their products.. Please read our detailed Revitol Cellulite Cream Review and learn the pros and cons of the product as well as where to buy it the cheapest price.

Can Workouts Erase Cellulite – Fact Or Fiction?

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Cellulite is a skin ailment that causes problems for up to 90 percentage of the female population on the earth at some point in their lives. Owing to the large numbers of people who are seeking a solution to this problem, there are several types of treatment options and therapies available for eradicating or reducing cellulite. These include body wrap techniques, many types of lotions and topical creams, special clothes and variety of body massage devices. These treatment options may not work effectively for all individuals and the results may vary among individuals.

An effective holistic strategy that has been proven to be effective at handling cellulite is a daily program of physical exercises. Incorporating this into a persons lifestyle might help to control the triggers that are behind the formation of cellulite on the body and help to maintain the skin healthy, smooth and firm.

If you really wish to eliminate the unattractive cellulite from your body for good, then you cannot ignore a routine physical exercise program. The ugly cottage cheese effect that cellulite has on your skin is due to large amounts of fats and fluids accumulating in pockets under your skin. Daily exercise will burn off the surplus fat and help to remove the retained fluids while enhancing muscle strength and skin texture. You can reduce cellulite without exercising but the problem will come back pretty soon if you haven’t used physical exercises to tone up the muscle tissues of your body. Controlling your cellulite and physical workouts on a regular basis are a combination that will enhance your skin health and make you look much younger.

A cellulite removal treatment program which is intended to eliminate the skin condition must consider the relationship between cellulite and physical exercises. Cellulite is caused by unwanted fats and fluids so the exercises used to manage it needs to be aimed at those issues. There are two kinds of physical exercises that are effective in bringing a cellulite problem under control. These are called aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises.

Cardio exercises are exercises which give the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system a work out. Cardio exercises metabolize extra fats and help to burn off calories. In addition they enhance the circulation in the body and this is helpful in improving blood flow to areas that have a cellulite problem to aid in flushing away toxins and fats. There are many kinds of cardio exercises but a few of the more popular ones are swimming, walking, running and riding a bicycle.

Anaerobic exercises are those that are focussed at specific muscle groups to tone them up and increase strength. These types of exercises are accomplished using free weights, exercise equipments or resistance techniques. These forms of exercises are very useful for cellulite control and removal because they can be targeted towards areas where the skin problem is occurring, such as buttocks and thighs.

Control and elimination of cellulite using both cardio and anaerobic techniques are a combination that will give an individual long term control over the skin problem as well as lead to an overall healthier body. When the physical exercises is performed in conjunction with a well-balanced and healthy diet then the results are all the more effective at controlling the unsightly skin condition.

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How to treat Cellulite during Weight Loss

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Weight loss is one of the most complex things that you can do, because it has repercussions on your body, skin and self image. Therefore, while you are in the process of shedding pounds don’t put aside the topic of cellulite skin. Fortunately, studies have shown that losing weight can improve certain skin issues like cellulite as well as your health.

You should always keep your diet, exercise routine and skin care (especially exfoliation) in mind.

Improve the appearance of Cellulite Skin through a Good Diet

One of the steps that you can take to control with your cellulite is to follow a sensible diet in which you must avoid certain foods. For example, foods that are loaded with fat, carbohydrates and salt can all contribute to cellulite. Processed and refined foods along with coffee, tea, sugar and alcohol are also foods that should be avoided because they tend to promote the accumulation of toxins in the body.

A healthy diet is one that consists of foods high in fiber and low in fat, for example fruits, vegetables and whole grains. All of these foods will help flush the body of its toxins.

The look of your skin can be greatly improved by reducing the accumulation of toxins.

Your Exercise Routine and Cellulite Reduction

Another natural treatment for cellulite is the proper exercise regime. In the case the goal is to reduce the overall amount of fat in your body. For this reason, avoid spot training.

You can also improve circulation with a consistent exercise routine. An improvement in circulation to all areas of your body with help with the elimination of cellulite. An improvement in circulation is another way to help your body eliminate cellulite.

Skin Care and Cellulite

When it comes to choosing a skin cream for cellulite removal exfoliation is also an important step. As we age, our cell turnover radically diminishes. Dead skin cells begin to accumulate on our skin’s surface and no longer offer protection from dehydration.

Therefore, by exfoliating with the proper skin care products we speed up the process by which new, stronger skin cells are produced. What you are actually doing is stimulating the production of brand new skin cells that are more capable of deterring the signs of aging, from cellulite and even to a certain degree from stretch marks.

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Making The Most Of The Trilastin System 2

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Using the Trilastin System 2 is a good way to work on your appearance by dealing with annoying stretch marks and other imperfections. They can be handled in many ways, but this system is nothing more than a cream that will work wonders if used properly.

When you are considering diving in and using this product, it might be best to speak to a doctor before embarking on the program. However, you should go into any meeting with a doctor knowing that this is something you want to use.

If you are set on using this and not something else, then you want to present that to the doctor so that they are aware of the things you want to do. You don’t want them to prescribe something more expensive that you don’t want, and you want real advice on this product.

When you are looking on the internet, it is best to start from the source and see what their website says about what their product does. You can take the information they offer up and use it to continue your search for something to help you.

Then, you might want to take to the internet to see if there are other places that have info on the products. This will give you an even greater sampling of opinions from all over. Knowing what people are saying about the product can be very helpful.

If you are looking to use Trilastin system 2, you have to consult a doctor, check out some information on the web, and use your judgment to see if it will work for you. Compiling all the information before making a decision will be much simpler for you in the long run. Much trouble can be saved by doing a good search online and doing your homework.

Before you make any buying decision, please take the time to consult our entire review of Trilastin System 2. Visit our website and discover how to get rid of cellulite fast using proven and effective solutions.