Instant Messaging and Your Business

June 9, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

Instant messaging by its very essence encourages its users to be quick and precise with their points. It eliminates time being wasted due to switching between several communication methods such as sending and waiting patiently for a response to an email, leaving a voice mail after calling someone and there was no response, or just walking down the office only to find out that they are unavailable, due to them being in a meeting or just out for lunch.

Instant messaging is also a great platform for multitasking, which simply isn’t possible on other communication platforms such as phone and email. This can boost productivity as it allows you to engage multiple people and multiple issues at once, in a quick and efficient manner. It can also be a great way to deal with lots of smaller issues, which do not justify a time-consuming phone call or email.

Therefore it can be an amazing tool to use if you need to communicate with someone in order to clarify something such as a meeting, or you need any advice on a document you are currently writing.

Many organisations, after seeing the benefits of instant messaging capabilities will provide it to their employees without having any structure or formal policies in place, and without even providing training for their users. Since most people are more familiar with instant messaging for personal and social communication, there is a strong possibility that they will apply that same form of mentality within the workplace, which may or may not be appropriate.

One of the resolutions to this problem is enterprise group messaging, which provides a secure and professional platform for internal and external colleagues to communicate. It is an efficient and subtle was to reduce personal communication, and keeps the environment professional and effective for its users. Enterprise group messaging is greatly appreciated by employees, as strong communication provides a more powerful business ethos. is a secure task management system that allows various employees within a business to collaborate effectively on multiple projects internally or externally with clients. It’s social networking for companies. Group conversations are secure.