Why Should You Learn Spanish In Chile

November 30, 2011 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Students today make it a point to grab the opportunities that will allow them to maximize their career potential after they graduate from college. Smart move really, to think that more and more people are struggling with unemployment nowadays; and if there are opportunities that would increase your chances of getting hired for well paying jobs, then why not take them? Such opportunities come in the form of Spanish classes since it’s a fact that job seekers who can proficiently converse in a foreign language, not just Spanish really, but it’s one of the widely used foreign languages in businesses, has a better chance at landing cushy, well paying jobs than those who don’t have this skill.

This is why study abroad opportunities are very much in demand among hundreds of college students. There’s a good number of these college students who prefer to enroll and study in Spanish schools in Chile. If you are wondering why, there are actually several reasons for this preference.

First of all, if a student prefers to stay in the US for example, to study Spanish, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. When you think about it, studying here is more affordable, convenient and saves you from a lot of homesickness later on. All of that is well and good but not when you think that your chances of being proficient in Spanish is lower than when you study Spanish in Santiago, Chile.

The reason is you will not get to speak in Spanish as much as it would benefit you compared to when you study it in a city where almost no one speaks English. How else are you going to interact with people around you if you won’t converse in Spanish?

Studying Spanish in your home country does not provide that much immersion into the language, the culture and the traditions and this does not help you reach your goal to be a proficient Spanish speaker since you’re likely going to speak in the vernacular as soon as you step out of the classroom.

So if you do finally decide to learn Spanish in Vina del Mar, just be sure you’re going to take the time to learn more about the schools you’re interested in to get the most out of this opportunity of studying Spanish out of the country. Look at it this way, this is an investment you will be making for your future; and if you will spend the time, effort and money anyway, you may as well be sure you are making the right, if not the best choices.

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