Why is There a Measurable Rise in Church Attendance?

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Attendance at church is on the increase. Why is this? Has a newer spirituality hit our country? Or is it that trying times cause individuals to look beyond themselves for answers? Recently, there appears to have been a distinct economic crisis.

As a long-term trend, the family structure breakup is very apparent. From a secular view, living together outside of traditional marriage represents “freedom”. After a while, it is easier to see the harmful results to society this so-called “freedom” brings.

Then, when an abrupt loss occurs in the economy, the tension builds, and the faults in society break, and the confidence that had been attached to them breaks as well.

As people tend to look somewhere for answers, and they usually wind up finding them in church. To many, the breakup of the family seemed unfathomable. The obvious benefits associated with a home with a mom and dad seemed too obvious to question. How did we convince ourselves that single-parenting, or same-sex parenting were even considerable options?

Families of differing make up are becoming the norm. Family ties that have no definition, such as the “child of my mother’s boyfriend’s half-sister” are the names of the people who occupy the same house. There are no words yet to describe the relationships that are being substituted for “mom”, “dad”, “sister”, and “brother”.

It is just for these reasons that the normal stress of everyday living have extraordinary consequences on our very being. Family wasn’t just a good idea, it was indeed a necessary part of the makeup of society. It may be called the foundation of society. Take that away, and society, itself, starts to crumble.

Back to the attendance at churches. There is an uptrend in church membership, of pretty much all religions. Even though the national tendencies of family break-up are evidenced also within the church membership, there is still a willingness to acquire something solid to seize onto. If anything, there is certainly changes transpiring within the church.

Yes, the church sometimes looks to societal trends even more than it needs to. However, there is hope, when some extent of returning to a structured family is apparent. Relationships do mend. This is true in the church, and even outside of the church.

To the extent that churches are enjoying a high rate of recovery, the trend is to go to a place that is seeing the healing taking place. There have been reports of miraculous healing happening to peoples bodies in the church.

Now, we are witnessing relationships being put back together. It is likely this, more than any other thing, which is precisely why church attendance is on the rise.

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Maintain Good Control Practices is Essential for Churches and Non-Profits

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Each non-profit organization has an obligation to manage integrity for its supporters through appropriate money-handling processes, filing, and auditing. External procedures include the way a non-profit organization represents itself, its mission, as well as its use connected with contributed funds.

An institution should have the ability to promote itself aggressively, without having to use hyperbole or misrepresentations. Internal procedures include everything from handling inbound mail, instruction of phone receptionists, capital and data flow, and controls.

Incoming mail procedures are very important, mainly because the man or woman who retrieves the mail, often is not the one that takes action on bills, donations, or important material. Phone receptions need to be trained to be courteous, as well as be aware of mission of the organization and it is possible to turn for help for any kind of request which may be unusual.

Phone receptionists are significant since they often are the “face” of the particular organization. They are commonly the earliest contact that the outsider has with the organization, and the impression which can be made is valuable. Therefore, training the receptionist should be regarded as a worthwhile investment.

Internal controls on money-handling are many times overlooked. The assumption is that people are honest. While this assumption is oftentimes correct, the desire for money-handling procedures goes beyond characterizing the money-handlers. Keeping an “honest man honest” is one step-above having no procedures. Being able to successfully advertise to the outside world that money-handling procedures are in place, that can be audited, is even closer to the suitable.

In other words, money-handling procedures add to the integrity of the organization. Duties should really be separated. Two non-related people should be involved with every practical part of money handling. Signing privileges should be separated from reporting and data entry. No signers should be allowed to edit the accounting books, for example.

Reporting and audits have three stages of escalating integrity. An internal review shows that reports are viewed by the board of an organization and made available to its constituency. A compilation is the general review by an impartial, outside reviewer, who verifies some level of accounting integrity has taken place. An audit by an third party agency is the very best procedure.

Sometimes it is cost-prohibitive, but it could very well add value to the organization. Record keeping is a needed function for a non-profit organization. There are a number of non-profit software programs that are available on the marketplace to enhance the record-keeping functions. They have good integration with membership communicating and book keeping capabilities. An organization should have a functional software, and robust internal procedures.

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Benefits Of Engaging In Fellowship With Others

May 23, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

When people join forces in fellowship, they are able to accomplish more goals than they would have been able to accomplish individually. For many people, the term is taken to have a religious connotation because many religious groups urge their members to engage in collective activities. However, there are many other fields where the concept may be applied to solve problems faced by people daily.

People are able to unify themselves and communities when they engage in collective activities. They feel loyalty and responsibility towards each other when they face common problems together. This creates an environment that allows various developments to come up in the society.

People could also share knowledge and expertise in certain areas where they may lack the appropriate knowledge. Many people have acquired life skills when they learn from their peers through collective activities. Professionals in different fields often meet in seminars and other official gatherings where they share their knowledge with others.

Entrepreneurs are also able to combine resources and raise capital for venturing into investments. People need money resources to raise capital for venturing into businesses. When like-minded people meet, they can organize themselves and raise the capital they need for their investments.

People suffering from common problems such as diseases are also able to strengthen themselves through fellowshipping with others. They can look for solutions together and also provide moral support through group therapy. Patients of terminal diseases or addicts often join such groups.

Religious believers also commonly engage in collective prayer and worship meetings. When they do this, they are able to increase their faith and achieve a better sense of well-being. Many religious movements encourage their followers to engage in such groupings.

Through such activities, people are able to grow their social skills. When parents notice that their children do not like mingling with others of the same age, this should be a sign that something is wrong. They can encourage their children to engage in collective activities with their peers and make new friends.

People working in the same industry often find themselves working under similar difficult conditions. When they form fellowships with others, they may come up with a representative to represent their grievances to their bosses. This way, their problems at work are solved and they can enjoy a conducive working environment.

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Tips On Integrating Christian Family Values In The Present World

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Family values are principles that a family Unit concurs to reside by and stand for. These values are fundamental aspects of Christian living. There is uniqueness in each Unit and this makes their morals unique too. A Unit necessitates Christian principles in order to retain the customary unit.

We are living in a global world. This globalization has negatively affected the family. Christian characteristics are becoming less important and cohesiveness of the Unit is being endangered. Therefore, the household becomes delicate by the day.

Love offers healing during times of tribulations. It also holds people together and transforms the wicked. Try showing your relatives love often and you will be amazed how it works positively to the advantage of your unit. Read Colossians three through fourteen.

As a Christian unit, parents should be role models. They must constantly offer direction to their children and spouse. Unit ideals have deteriorated in the society today. For example, most individuals are not able to offer guidance to their kids when they are growing up due to unavoidable situations such as work or advanced education.

The children will learn from other sources, for instance the television, music or movies. These sources may have a negative impact on their morals. God created the Unit to comprise of a father, a mother together with children. Such a foundation can be destroyed easily if people learn from an early age that it is okay for a Unit to comprise of two women or two men alone or with a child.

In marriage, the divorce rates have increased over the years. This is because couples in the modern societies do not exercise morals such as humility. Humility in a Christian view starts with the understanding that as humans we are just unimportant corollaries of our God. Acquiring this principle will help you acknowledge that as humans we make mistakes which sometimes need correction.

Individualism has been promoted by Christianity because God did create us uniquely. Thus each person has preferences, needs and feelings. All of these will call for awareness while deciding on issues regarding the Unit. As soon as we comprehend this, the household members will respect one another and live cordially.

Note that everyone in the Unit has a role to play in ensuring that principles are maintained. For example children need to know that they should respect their parents. The potential of achieve a tight family is there. You just need dedication and to discover the way to manage your devotion. Do not let outside forces affect your Unit principles. Strong family values assist in overcoming hardships or complex situations.

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First Presbyterian, One Of The Most Innovative Texarkana Churches

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Innovation and church probably don’t go hand-in-hand in most people’s minds. Nevertheless, First Presbyterian Church in Texarkana, Arkansas has a rich and continued history of being innovative among the Texarkana churches. Particularly, First Presbyterian has always been progressive in its promotion of education.

The churches high priority regarding education goes back to its very beginning. Its first preacher, Dr. Goldberg, actually established the first public school in Texarkana in the early 1900′s. Goldberg was an outstanding educator and sought after preacher.

Later in the 1960′s, the church took another innovative step and sought to meet the needs of special education young children. They did so by organizing a special education kindergarten in 1967. The class grew and funding was sought to build classrooms to house three classes for special needs children. Those three classes were the roots of what is now Opportunities, Inc., a major non-profit agency meeting the need of hundreds of special needs adults and children.

Today, the church continues its rich legacy of began an education innovator. The church became the first and only church among Texarkana churches to adopt a creative form of christian education known as Godly Play in 2011. Godly Play offers children a hands-on experience of bible stories. Children are mentored by the story teller on how to ready themselves to hear God’s Word and respond to it. The process is montessori based method of education.

Upon seeing the success of Godly Play within it’s Sunday morning and Wednesday evening programs, the christian education committee of the church decided to take Godly Play two steps further. The first step being the use of Godly Play as a foundation for Vacation Bible School. In the Summer of 2011, First Presbyterian discarded using commercially produced vacation bible school curriculum and produce its own VBS using 5 Godly Play parables. The effort was a resounding success with an enrollment increase of 50 percent.

The other new use of Godly Play was the adoption of it as a method of christian education for developmentally disabled adults. The Godly Play program is ideal suited for developmentally disabled adults because it is not heavily dependent upon particular stages of cognitive development. This is because the method is primarily process focused and meets participants at whatever level they are.

To achieve the goal of ministry to developmentally disabled adult First Presbyterian Church at the end of 2011 partnered with Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, Inc. Each week clients have the opportunity to experience Godly Play following a meal with the rest of the congregation. Clients are also free to join the bible study for church members as well.

First Presbyterian church is very likely to continue to be an innovative presence among Texarkana churches, if the past is any indication of this congregation’s future.

Looking to find one of the best Texarkana churches, then visit www.firstprestexarkana.org or visit their youtube channel to find out more about godly play and First Presbyterian Church.

House Church Bible Study

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Churches aren’t churches anymore. Our idea of church in the 70′s, or 80′s, 90′s – none of them operate like churches operate in the 2K’s. Church as it was when I was 5 still exists, just not nearly as many places. There are churches that attract a weekly attendance that rivals any NFL team. With a church that size, there is no way you and that megachurch pastor will spend time one-to-one very often if ever, and let’s be honest, the goal isn’t for the members to connect to the preacher, it is for them to connect their individual hearts to God, and their individual lives to other individual lives.

Jesus’ Kingdom is people, not palaces. The best churches, no matter the size, understand this principle. So the question to any church is; how do you connect individual people together? Small Groups, House Churches, Home Study Groups, House to House, Discipleship Groups, give them any name you wish, but they have taken over much of that one-to-one job the corporate churches once offered. No matter the name or size (most are less than 30 people), the principle is the same – the idea is to get fewer people in one place so they can get to know each other.

Home Study Church Kits

What could make this concept work for you? And if you are already doing it, what could make it far better? There are innumerable lists of programs, studies, lessons, journals, videos and the like for your teaching needs. We’ll leave that one for another time, but in every size project there are some basic needs which have to be met. No matter what size church group you have, you will need a few basic church supplies items to make it function. Probably the most typical and expected item all churches have are communion sets. While we mainly think of them for the larger church body, they are becoming more popular in many house church groups.

Now, you’ll find tons of various types of sets which I’ll explain to you in more detail. Let’s start with the easy part; we all want to take part in communion as Jesus took communion with His disciples right before the Crucifixion. Also numerous denominations believe in and use anointing oil to pray for each other as the Scripture calls us to do. I’m trying not to go into teaching mode, because then we will never get done here under 10,000 words! We can do that one another time, this one is going to be limited to the mechanics and functions of running an effective house church.

Some Things Your Church Cannot Do Without

Is it ok for Home Churches to enjoy communion together? Yes. There is no Scriptural for or against, just go with yes. The technical points are as follows: most commonly used communion sets include trays which hold all of the cups plus a separate tray for the bread. These are very classy and have been used for years, and provide the simplest way to take communion. Another option for home groups which is becoming more and more popular is the wafer and juice communion cups. This one is especially unique, because it has the wafer and wine (actually grape juice) together in one peel-top little cup. They resemble those little creamers you get with your coffee at a restaurant. The little wafer is right on top of the juice; you just peel back one seal to access the bread wafer, and then a second seal opens the pre-measured juice section. They are easy to use and extremely simple to store. Most offer a shelf life of 6 months.

Healing Oils

If you’ve finished your small group communion, and would like to try another element of a New Testament house church, you should consider praying for people, and anointing them with oil. Some groups get cautious here, because yet again, religion sometimes trumps Biblical reality. There is no reason you must use some special anointing oil, it doesn’t do any actual healing, it is a symbolic gesture of several things: first the Bible portrays the Holy Spirit as the oil of anointing, and second because it is a tangible reminder to the person for whom you are praying. Praying for one another and taking up each other’s burdens is one of our callings to be like Christ. Did you also know the Bible says to anoint yourselves with oil whenever you pray for healing? Not a bad idea to just keep your own little bottle handy.

It is essential that you pray for one another in your home groups, and I highly recommend keeping several containers of frankincense anointing oil, or one of many other scented oils on hand at all times. It is one of my favorite church supplies. Your church group will feel unified when praying for one another as God commanded. When we act on God’s Word, we can expect miracles to take place in His name!

You’ll find everything you need for your home Bible study groups, and corporate worship, at savings of 30-60% when you buy from select online Christian bookstores. You will reach more people and grow the church ‘door to door and house to house’ just like the book of Acts says. That’s my opinion, and I’m usually right. Be Blessed.

Evangecubes and Summer Camp

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Once upon a time, there were church camps. Parents got a little peace by sending the kid away to Dead Squirrel & Jesus Camp where fully capable and CPR-trained teenagers would tend to the kid’s every need – Ha!. That was then, this is… not then. When we went to church camp the only working phone was at the RV campgrounds 1/2 a mile away. Now my kid texts photos of their camp food or the bleeding gash on Ashlie’s elbow. Camp has changed.

My Kid Is Going Where?

The new version of a counselor can lead real worship, and pray for God to heal in kids’ families, eat their lunch from a military MRE, because youth camp is in the Peruvian jungle, or tornado destroyed homes near Miami. Kids get to change someone else’s life, and their lives get changed too. Nothing will everforever alter a youth’s life more than changing another kid’s world. Also every kid carries a weapon, the Kids EE Cube . It speaks Spanish, or Korean, or any language. A few twists and turns of a Rubik’s cube looking thing, and pictures explain the story of salvation in pictures. You should see it happen!

Christ must save a person’s heart, before people can change the world. His death, resurrection, and personal love still saves. These ‘weapons’ could also look like [I:http://www.wisedir.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/RabbiJoDunea10.jpg] which aren’t really cubes at all. They demonstrate the salvation story with colors on the ball, once again, in any native language. Your teens will be cleaning up disasters, sleeping under mosquito nets, milking goats, and winning the world to Christ; now that is camp!

Camp Isn’t Camp, It’s Intervention

Kids want a parent vacation from you as much as you need a vacation from them, but the definition of vacation has changed. I describe devastated villages without water, and I can’t sign up kids fast enough. Tell stories of the grossest stuff you can imagine, and a teen looks for a second job, and sell their favorite video games to earn enough money to go.

If your teen begs you to let them go to church camp, make sure they go. When they tell you they need a Tetanus shot, pray more than you worry. When they pull out that cube thing, or show a sudden interest in soccer, encourage them to go for it with all their heart.

The EE Kids Cubes and soccer balls are all available online from reputable online Christian Stores. The Band-Aids are available at your local pharmacy – buy a few extras. As always, Be Blessed, and Godspeed.