The Role Of Seattle Air Duct Cleaning In Preventing Infections

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One cannot assume the relevance of keeping away dust in buildings installed with air filters. Dust and related airborne debris are detrimental to both health and surfaces like walls in a home setup. It is, therefore, important to adopt the Seattle air duct cleaning procedures and techniques in order to alienate all the related infections and complications.

It is true that some of these particles are trapped by the filters installed in these tracks. However, some particles find their way through the filters while others settle on the sides of the vents before getting to the filters. When finally inhaled into the lungs, they become detrimental to health.

For this reason, vent cleaners have to take care of this situation before it becomes hazardous. They are well trained to clean the vents with the least of disturbance to the daily operations of a premise. The uniformed personnel drive in an official van hence placing them in a position to handle their clients as quickly as possible.

The cleaners always operate within the city in official vans, enabling them to attend to a client as soon as they are contacted. They are always in official uniforms and have business cards hence they cannot be mistaken. For this reason, they are easily identified.

With all the health risks and medical expenses in mind, it is inevitable for a home owner to seek such services. Subsequently, if the vents are not cleaned regularly, it may lead to the blockage of filters which translates to another expense of replacing them. As a matter of fact, replacing filters on a regular basis is more expensive as compared to cleaning vents.

Seattle air duct cleaning has helped a lot in keeping away dust-related illnesses in this town. It is also important to note that this procedure is cheap and affordable to the middle-income people.

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How To Choose An Air Duct Cleaning Seattle Service Provider

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A ventilation cleaning involves the clearing of air ducts of home heating and cooling systems. If not maintained properly, they can be dust clogged, vermin infested and have mold grow on their surfaces. There are a number of air duct cleaning Seattle service providers that could help you with this job.

First, get the available service providers for evaluation. You can get this information from the internet. The yellow pages can also provide you with contact details or addresses of some professionals. You may also enquire from your friends and neighbors on their preferred cleaners. After getting a list of proposed professionals, make certain considerations before settling for one.

Certification and licensing – the first thing you need to consider is whether your proposed conduit cleaner is certified. They need to be members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. It trains, establishes standards and enforces ethical conduct for its members in the industry.

Experience – it is essential to check on the level of experience of the cleaner. Ask them the number of years they have practiced and if they have dealt with systems similar to the yours. An experienced professional is likely to not only do a good job, but also offer you advice on proper maintenance.

Professional conduct – Contact your city office for consumer affairs or Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out if complaints have been made against the firm you are considering. Here, you will also find out if they are members with good professional records. Conduit cleaners who do poor work will always have many complaints filed against them.

After making the above considerations, you can now decide on which air duct cleaning Seattle firm to contract. You should sign an agreement that spells out the scope of work and the total cost. Reduction of energy consumption is a key benefit of cleaning your ducts. It also increases the durability of your system and reduce health issues within your home.

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Learn About House Cleaning Detroit

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Being able to select the right kind of service for house cleaning Detroit can often seem like a tedious task to those who are new to the experience. At the same time, people aren’t always sure about how much they should pay, along with what kind of service they should get. Even though there can be a lot to decide on, starting with some easy steps may help you along more so.

Many people find that a good first step to take is to assess their home on their own. This can be done by paying attention to the amount of time and work that might be involved in cleaning your home. This way, you can get a better feel for how much might be involved, among other factors.

Once you take the time to assess how much time and effort it might take to clean your home, it may help you to determine other things. For instance, it’s a good way to see how much the work might be worth when it comes to paying a service. It may also allow you to figure out what jobs you can do on your own, and what you may wish to hire a service for.

Once you have an idea of the kind of tasks you’d like to have done around your home, you can research these options further. Many do this over the internet, especially since numerous companies tend to offer information through their websites. However, you can also find out more by contacting them directly.

Some of the things you may want to investigate further will typically involve the company as well as what they do. Some places may only work in certain rooms or do specific tasks. This is often something that you can find out by contacting them, although many will also list this information on their website. You may even find that some will only work during specific days or times.

Generally, people will choose a professional service for house cleaning Detroit based on their personal circumstances. However, being prepared and knowing what you want can often help during your search. Once you know what kind of jobs you’d like help with, you should be able to locate a company that will be able to work around your needs in particular.

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When Embarking On The Task Of House Cleaning Olympia Residents Need A Schedule

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In one’s younger years, home care is an easy task that requires little organization. When one has a family and a large home, however, things can become difficult, particularly when there are children and untidy spouses involved. Some organizing can go a long way towards simplifying things. When looking at house cleaning Olympia families will find their tasks far easier when they have the help of a schedule.

Once a schedule has been used a few times, it develops into a routine that doesn’t require much thought. It’s always useful to delegate, too. There’s no reason why one person has to be responsible for every part of the process.

Chore completion is an important lesson for children to learn, as it gets them ready for adult life. In marriages in which both spouses work, it’s important that both partners do equal amounts of chores. A delegation schedule reduces the chances of arguments that often occur when people don’t know what they’re responsible for.

The best tool to use is a page a month calendar that has big blocks for each day. It can help to code it according to color as well. When each person has a shade that represents them, it’s easier to identify their tasks.

Chores will need to be divided into yearly, monthly and daily ones. Those done a few times a year include fridge defrosting and other more time consuming issues. These should be delegated evenly throughout the family. This makes sure that nobody develops resentment.

It’s important that one individual doesn’t take on the primary responsibility for the less pleasant tasks. Women who work often take on the bulk of these chores and, while it may seem like the benevolent thing to do, it does impact negatively on the family. In unequal house cleaning Olympia families can develop resentment which can creates problems beyond the theme of home care.

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What To Consider Before Hiring House Cleaning Kansas City Workers

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There are a lot of things you need to consider before hiring a house cleaning Kansas City company to help you with your household chores. One thing that many people are unaware of is the different types of hired help that they can employ to assist them. These cleaners will clean your home based on your time requirements and your specifications.

Even though the services provided by the three different types of hired help that you can employ are fairly similar, the quality and the cost are slightly different amongst them. You have the option of employing the services of a freelance company, an onsite helper, or an outside maid service. Before making your decision on what type of service you want it is important to compare and contrast the differences between the three.

The term freelancer is given to people who provide side tasks for extra money. Most freelancers will not be licensed or insured to perform your jobs. These individuals are either unemployed individuals that are looking for extra work or people that work full time that are freelancing their services out on a part time basis.

A house helper is a person that assists with all of the daily duties you need performed in your home. House helpers will help with basic cleaning chores, and other household services, such as cooking or tending to your children. These workers are employed by you, and are normally paid at an hourly rate for services rendered.

Outside organizations, such as maid services are the most popular choice for homeowners. These companies hire a crew of people to assist them with their businesses duties. They can be contracted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These services charge flat fees for their services, and are able to successfully clean an entire house fairly quickly, because of their direct hired staff.

With so many different options available for house cleaning Kansas City services, the final decision is going to rest on your shoulders. You should make it a point to compare the three options carefully before selecting one.

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The Benefits Of House Cleaning Denver

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Many individuals tend to have difficulty juggling the numerous areas of their life. This is regardless if they work professionally, take care of their family and home, or even when in regards to socializing and getting in some personal time. In either case, most people find that they can free up a significant amount of their time by getting a little help with house cleaning Denver.

Finding the right type of service can actually be easier than it sounds. Generally, the first step would be to determine what kind of help you’d like to have. It’s also good to think about how often you’d like to receive it, so you can work toward determining other factors.

Some people may prefer to hire this kind of service for specific tasks. This usually will include ones that prove to be the most difficult or the most time consuming. As an example, some people use services like this to dust hard-to-reach areas, like ceiling fans, or people may use them on rooms like bathrooms or kitchens.

Regardless of what you might want help with, it’s important to know that the amount or type of work that you want done will likely affect the cost of things. Due to this, it’s often beneficial to determine what might be the most important tasks for you, especially if you want to cut down on expenses. Some people also try to do easier jobs on their own, while leaving the rest up to the service.

Naturally, how often you choose to use a service throughout the week or month can raise the price. However, much of this will also depend on the company that you choose to use. In many cases, services will only come to clean during specific days or times, making it wise to check into this before hiring anyone.

You can often find services for house cleaning Denver by asking around and getting referrals. In either case, you’ll want to make sure that they’re reliable and trustworthy, especially since they’ll be in your home. Most find that they can have a better peace of mind when they do a little research on each one, which is something that you can generally do online or by getting references.

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Tips For Hiring The Best Service For House Cleaning Jacksonville

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It is hard to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your home, especially if you have to attend weekend parties. People fear dirt and dust because they are actually irritating. Thorough cleaning in the house can be time consuming and thus maximum concentration is needed for this kind of job. An alternative for this is to choose a reliable service provider for house cleaning Jacksonville and have all the work perfectly done.

You should avoid the mistake of hiring private cleaners because their charges are low. Never get attracted to low-priced services because most of them result to under-performance. You should also not allow strangers to understand your home setting. Anyone claiming to be a home cleaner must be registered with a reputable governing body in within the state.

Price is also another factor to consider when hiring home cleaners. It is logic to pay more for a quality service instead of hiring unqualified service that offer low charges. Keep strangers away from your home since you treasure it.

You should check the business record for the company you are opting to hire. This is good because you will know their goal as home cleaners. Stay away from home cleaners with bad track of record. Read customer feedback if you choose to search online for this service.

You can also look for a home cleaner in your own community. Let your relatives and friends recommend you a reliable home cleaner that they have experience with. Do your own investigation to make sure that you are directed to the right service provider. Select an experienced service provider in order to ensure quality service.

You should make sure that the company has got the modern home cleaning equipment. These include steam cleaners used to clean carpets without damaging fiber. Choose a service for house cleaning Jacksonville that is equipped with the latest machinery and technology and you are likely to enjoy a good job.

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House Cleaning Fort Worth Companies

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There never seems to be enough time to get everything done in our lives. Between work and family and all the things you want to do the housekeeping might be the one thing you can do without. If you want to best house cleaning Fort Worth has many companies with professionally trained and screened staff.

If you really want to clean your home properly then it is not something you can do in an hour or two. You will hardly find the time to do everything at once and most of the time something will be left undone. If you really want to make sure that everything is attended to then why not get someone to do if for you.

This could be on a regular basis and if you want you may never have to worry about house work. Then again you might just need a bit of help and once a month might be enough. You could even just get them to come in occasionally which is where a contracting company will allow you flexibility.

You don’t just want more time on your hands but you want more peace of mind too which is why most companies offer green cleaning. Household products can really have an impact on the environment because everybody uses them. It is not just the water supply that is contaminated but your own home too.

You might think a home that smells nice is clean but the fact is that the chemicals used from fragrance are highly toxic. You can be exposed to harmful elements in the air that you breathe and from every surface that you come into contact with. It is therefore always best to go green.

The best companies for house cleaning Fort Worth has to offer are all environment friendly. They will save you a lot of time and produce excellent results. If you really want to be sure of their worth then look online for testimonials.

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If You Need House Cleaning Colorado Springs

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We could all use more time what could give you more time in your busy schedule that if you did not have to tidy up. For house cleaning Colorado Springs contractors can be a life saver. They will ensure that there is less stress in your life and that you have a tidy home and spare time.

They are quick and efficient and if you use a reputable company you should be able to trust the people that you let into your home. They will clean your kitchen and bathroom spotlessly and tidy up your living areas. All the surfaces that need to be cleaned will be wiped down and anything that needs to be polished will be too.

If you make specific arrangements they will do the dishes or change linen if it is left out. Bedrooms will be dusted and vacuumed and wiped down where you are likely to leave finger prints. There should be nothing left for you to do when they are done.

Whether you are a professional who works long hours or a busy mother that spends too much time running kids up and down you can benefit from having more time in your life. There is nothing that can save you as much time in a week has not having to worry about cleaning up. Even if it’s just something you would rather not do this kind of service would be for you.

You also needn’t worry about whether the service you are using is friendly to the environment or not. Many companies are very clear about whether they offer green cleaning and will supply the best products. You can have them come in once a week or once a month or just once in a while when it suits you.

When you are in the market for house cleaning Colorado Springs can offer individual that always come to you or a more casual service. They can simply ease some of the stress in your life or give you time for things that you otherwise wouldn’t have. At the very least they can give you the peace of mind that your home is always tidy.

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Searching For House Cleaning Cincinnati

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If you have found yourself on the prowl for house cleaning Cincinnati, you will find a large variety of opportunities. Before you commit, you should dedicate the time and effort to research your options. If you can do this right, you will find a suitable and highly efficient service at a reasonable price.

The most essential aspect to focus on is finding a company that promises expertise. Before you commit to one, you should know that a wide variety of companies in this part of the world consist of a range of highly trained employees willing to get the job done efficiently. It is vital that you decide on a service that will give you something more than you can do on your own.

Combined with the skills possessed by the cleaner, you should look for a service that guarantees high standards of customer service. The workers operating in this part are well known for their friendly approach, sound advice and efficient services. Getting familiar with the servicemen and forming a good relationship is essential.

You need to settle with an option which promises to utilize as many tools as it possibly can so that anything can be cleaned. Using a wide range of instruments will allow for the removal of almost any stain or mark. Whether that be a wine mark, or a blood stain, it is possible. That is why the inventory should be taken into consideration.

Prior to deciding on which business to opt for, you must first check that its services reach the area you are residing in. Also make sure that the company operates over flexible and convenient hours. Being aware that you can rely on the service you pay for is essential.

Make sure you browse through a number of services that cover house cleaning Cincinnati. You are sure to find a plethora of great deals and services. Make sure you get the adequate research sorted and make sure you end up satisfied.

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What House Cleaning Atlanta Companies Do That You Cannot Do

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Disease causing microbes are everywhere more so in places we cannot get to every day and even when spring cleaning. Every part of a home should be thoroughly cleaned out from time to time. It is not only that germs breed in forgotten spots but also it can make a house look uncared for and disused. House cleaning Atlanta services are professionals who will go over every inch of it and leave it gleaming.

In the bedrooms for instance, mattresses are often forgotten. They accumulate quite a bit of sweat, skin cells and dust mites. The professionals will clean every one of them with a strong suction vacuum that will leave them looking like new. They will also turn them over which is recommended for even wear.

The professionals will also remove the dirt that gets forgotten in cracks and crevices. One place crumbs often disappear in is under sofa cushions. Sofa upholstery is cleaned and so are cushion covers and the length of the sofa beneath the cushions. Storage units like bookcases, cabinets and display units are moved for the spots they stand on to be cleaned. The units themselves are also dusted and polished before what they hold is neatly put back.

The cooker and fridge will also be emptied and thoroughly scrubbed. The areas they stand on are also cleaned. The kitchen cabinets are also cleared out, dusted, polished and freshly lined before everything is neatly arranged in them.

It would be a tough task to wipe down every wall but not for expert cleaners. They will take down cobweb from the corners and also clear out the gutters. Doors and windows are also taken care of and they will gleam when they are done. Window dressings also come down and when they go back up, the drapes are impeccably cleaned and pressed and blinds are shiny.

Even if one sets out to clean a home from top to bottom, one cannot reach each spot but house cleaning Atlanta companies can. Schedule periodic cleaning with them and yours will shine like new.

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Best Results Of Expert Carpet Cleaning Services

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Nowadays, we can no much longer downplay the value of carpet cleaning services. A clean carpet constantly supplies any residence or office with a genial atmosphere; it includes facets to a area as well as makes it a more satisfying spot to stay in. It is a sign of both simplicity as well as great taste. So, you wish to discover out exactly what the features of really good carpet cleaning are? Read the following:

* They make your carpet look brand-new once more. If you find it tough to differentiate a brand-new carpet from one that’s simply newly cleaned, then you have employed a good company. A professional product is able to eliminate the strong stains and deep-seated dirt that you simply can easily not remove with the usual brushing as well as vacuuming. In addition, specialists in carpet cleaning can easily service your carpet completely and completely, ensuring that there are no spots left uncleaned.

* They utilize the most capable staff members. If you wish the finest high quality of cleaning, then you must select those that employ an knowledgeable as well as extremely trained personnel. To make sure of this, locate out if the company’s personnel go through routine evaluation from highly regarded agencies. This is an assurance that they will always execute at their greatest and to your fulfillment.

* They utilize the greatest equipments. Unless they utilize up to date as well as field basic equipment, a carpet cleaning company may not provide the greatest project there could be. There are different methods to clean a carpet, as well as some may function better than others for particular types of carpet. The provider you hire should be able to make use of a assortment of equipments and modify their manner of cleaning as it suits your carpeting requirements.

* They provide their service to a broad collection of clients. Being able to accommodate various types of consumers is the best sign of an agency’s experience. Carpet cleaning services that can just clean your living place carpet might not actually understand much concerning the job. A provider with a bunch of encounter can easily support the demands of non commercial residences, offices, boardroom, commercial structures, restaurants, stores as well as any other kind of businesses.

* And of course, the greatest carpet cleaning services leave you by having overall fulfillment. A actually good carpet-a well-cleaned carpet-is one that makes you would like to lie instead of step on. A clean carpet mentions a sanitary homeowner and precise guidance. If we want our guests to feel comfy in our residences, then we better ensure our carpets are clean as well as dirt cost-free. Similarly, a proper office is able to not afford to have a carpet that has dust, hairs, or worse yet, stains. In purchase to have this requires that you only entrust your carpet cleaning to the company in village.

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Water Damage And Tacoma Carpet Cleaning

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Water damage is caused by different variables from roof leaks, floods, seepage, and pipe bursts. Expensive rugs will require specific treatments and effective Tacoma carpet cleaning. Through the help of professional cleaners, you will be guided in every decision and choice of process. They can ensure excellent extension of rug life and beauty.

Most of the time, insurance policies would cover up the water damage problems so better check out your insurance for better fiscal aid. Valuable time and money can be saved because you can offer your time for the restoration of the house’s foundation, floors, furniture, and walls. They will be handling the carpeting problems and ensure that your expensive investment is secured and protected.

You can begin your research over the internet. For sure you can find a lot of online companies with complete service information. Through their websites, customers can readily get important company details, customer testimonials, available treatment types, and list of specialists. Contact them for quotes and negotiation.

Compare service prices for you to save good money. Reading some articles, customer blogs, and joining forums will definitely provide additional options. You can ask for referrals from your friends, colleagues, and neighbors who are also availing professional services. Never forget to inquire their level of satisfaction. This will include the price, customer service, and quality of work.

Professional services can provide mild chemical solutions, proper equipments, and proper sanitizing techniques. This can ensure that the rugs can extend its beauty and life. Do not just rely entirely on vacuuming since this is not enough form of maintenance.

Demand for inspection so that they can provide the right quote. Some service providers visit your homes and personally remove the carpeting from the floor. They will handle the transfer of large and heavy furniture.

Get rid of stains and dirt through hiring the right professional cleaners. Ensure restoration of expensive rugs and its beauty by choosing the Tacoma carpet cleaning services.

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Simple Ways To Start Milwaukee Carpet Cleaning Business

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For individuals who are searching for a high demand business, you may opt to start Milwaukee carpet cleaning services. However you are obliged to conduct a good strategy, planning and research. This will allow you to determine your budget preparation. With several households that install wall-to-wall carpeting and expensive rugs, you will definitely earn high returns.

Search for the best location for business. Most customers would choose a company provider that is readily accessible. Strategic location will boost competition and thus help in raising more customers. Conduct a canvass of prices for this type of service in your area. You can choose a cost that is completely reasonable.

Proper advertisements can assist in introducing your new business in the community. You can opt for flyers, newspaper ads, and internet. The materials and ads should be complete with necessary information from contact details, office location, available treatments, discounts, and service charge. Have a website to reach other customers and display also the services, reliability of treatments, license, and brief company background.

It is best that you search for different rug cleaners such as dry sponges, rotary shampoo, bonnet applications, leather care, allergy products, problem additives, protectors, stain removes, spot removers, deodorizers, pre-sprays and extraction agents.

The necessary equipments for efficient rug care are clearance tools, rotary machines, spotter portable extractors, solution hoses, upholstery hand tools, turbo dryers, essentials, inline heater, detailing tool, water jet wand, rug rake, and upright vacuum.

Choose a spray that is detergent-free, no bleaches required, no enzymes, non-hazardous, no surfactants, no solvents, odor free, safe for pets, good washable results, and healthy for children. Look for the top manufacturers of trusted products and equipments. The internet can provide a number of retailers that can supply different brands and products.

Milwaukee carpet cleaning business can surely offer good profits. Train your cleaners for them to acquire necessary knowledge, skills, and enough experience.

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Useful Tips When Choosing A Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Employing a professional carpet cleaner to cleanse the carpet is the ideal choice if you prefer a thorough cleaning without needing to manage the inconvenience yourself. But picking a dependable cleanser can easily be a complicated chore due to the number of companies supplying their services. Not recognizing exactly what to search for can easily lead to the hiring of a mediocre carpet cleaning provider or one that will certainly charge you a ton of hard earned cash but leave you wanting more.

Hiring the correct company to cleanse the carpet is as vital as literally cleansing it. The care of the carpet shouldn’t be left to those who won’t, or may not, do really good work. To guide you in your search for the right carpet cleansing company, right here are some basic tips to assist you locate the finest one for your cleaning wants.

Ask Exactly what cleaning Technique They Utilize – Lots of cleansers can utilize different approaches to carpet cleaning. It is necessary for you to recognize exactly what kind of technique they make use of so that you have an idea of the type of cleaning you can easily count on. If you are searching for a deep, thorough cleaning then you must search for a company that specializes in steam cleaning. If you require a great surface cleaning with limited drying time then your sights ought to be set on a dry cleaning provider. The type of cleansing the carpet needs will lead which company you must seek.

Have Consumer Suggestions – If you are concerning to employ a carpet cleaner for the first time, you have to discover exactly what kind of service they supply. This is why it is vital to have as much info as possible on any potential hire. Ask the neighbors as well as pals if they have had an experience by having a cleaner as well as if they’ve any suggestions. The Online has a huge selection of resources for investigating a business’s reputation. Websites such as or are wonderful for offering a forum for consumers to review the services of companies and offer suggestions on their own encounters with any specific provider.

Certifications – Any business that you’re taking into account requirements to be asked if they’ve any certifications. A certified cleaning provider has actually gone with extensive instruction and testing to guarantee that they’re well versed in all facets of the carpet cleaning business. A certified company must adhere to a specific standard as well as are usually more adept as well as dependable than a provider without certification.

Following these simple ideas can imply the distinction between selecting a poor carpet cleaning business as well as a good one. As long as you do your homework as well as keep these couple of pieces of guidance in mind, you shouldn’t have a issue hiring the perfect carpet cleaner for the requirements.

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Reasons For Hiring An Experienced Baltimore Carpet Cleaning Company

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When the services of handymen a are available almost in all corners of your city, why must you get a professional to help clean your carpet? These handymen could help do the work using tools that are purchased with ease from local hardware.However, the difference between hiring professional Baltimore carpet cleaning and the handymen is huge and will easily manifest itself.

Trained professionals are certified to provide the services which they are specialized in. It is a well known fact that these certifications do not just exist but acts as a sign of professionalism and qualification.Washing is a toll task that requires specialized skill by the person doing it hence it is imperative to hire a skilled cleaner who understands what it means to clean your precious item.

Mats needs be scrubbed in a certain way and s drying it should also be done with skill. You may have wondered why after cleaning it a stubborn stain keeps returning. When you experience that, it is time that you consult professional sanitizing company to help provide you with better services.

Not only are the professionals trained on how to clean mats but also on how to take good care of them. They understand all the treatments that must be applied on home accessories to remove the stains on them. They have accumulated their experience over many years and so they are better placed to offer you more than you require.

Choosing the correct method for washing may prove hard for a layman but not so for someone who has the right training. There are some that needs dry washing while some must be vacuum cleaned. They are made of different materials and so require specific washing methods.

The money you pay to hire Baltimore carpet cleaning experts need not worry you. It may seem costly but that should not worry you. The benefits you derive from the sanitizing service is immense hence you must hire them every time you need to clean your pricey mat.

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Weirdest beer you may want (or not) to try

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Bogstandard beer getting you down? Some brewers seem to think so, because for a while now they’ve been adding all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours to their basic product to cater for customers with jaded palates who are looking for new beer-based taste sensations. Usually, though, if you look on the label of any of these strange new brews, you’ll see the word ‘beer’ there. Somewhere.

For those who think that beer and pizza go together like… well, beer and pizza, there is a beer on the market with oregano, tomato, basil and garlic added to the recipe. And those who’ve tried it really do think it tastes like pizza, although not quite so chewy.

If you’re a meat eater, may I suggest beef beer? You can’t order it rare or well done – or anywhere in between – but with ginger, nutmeg, black pepper and grilled beef hearts giving it its unique flavour, you really ought not to confuse it with beer for dogs that’s just steak flavoured. And no, I couldn’t make this one up: there really is such a thing.

If meat isn’t exactly your cup of tea (or glass of beer) then something a little more vegetarian-oriented might be just what you’re looking for. Something like East African banana beer, perhaps, where the bananas have been ripened in a hole in the ground to give it that satisfying banana taste.

And for dessert, after your pizza, beef or banana beer there’s always a most refreshing glass of chocolate donut beer. Not chocolate beer, but chocolate doughnut beer. How they add that donut taste, I can’t tell you, especially since Shenandoah Brewery in Virginia used to produce plain chocolate beer without that distinctive donut aroma but they now seem to have stopped doing that now – perhaps down to low demand?

If you think those beers are slightly off the wall, then there’s always corn beer: there’s nothing wrong with the way it tastes, but it’s the way that it’s brewed that makes it stand out from your ordinary pub pint. Instead of being created in great big factories, this beer is made by cheering up maize, spitting it out and adding it to the brew. How many people would really want to try this, I wouldn’t know… but I expect more people would if they didn’t know how it was produced.

Now, don’t forget that beer is also about taste. To truly enjoy a nice pint, publicans and licensees need to maintain clean lines in their premises. An excellent method of doing this is to set up an automated beer line cleaning system. CellarBright’s line cleaning systems can be found throughout Britain, and they help keep beer tasting wonderfully fresh, with the minimum of fuss and cost.