Reviewing Two Primary Services From Solicitors

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Legal · Comment 

Relating to writing a will it is critical the correct channels are utilized to ensure that the document is valid and legal at the end of the day. Having said this it isn’t always essential to visit a solicitors in person to carry out this task as you possibly can always access the online wills service offered by many solicitors. This usually can be accessed via their website and guarantees a document that is 100% legal and tailored for the needs of the individual.

To be able to determine what type of will you may require it will probably be essential to answer several screening questions – which you can usually do on the website of your legal services provider. These would include questions on whether you live in or own anything beyond England and Wales, if you own a business and whether you want to leave any part of your estate to a person who is not your husband or wife or civil partner. This may help the solicitors to discover if you need single will, living will or married couple will.

Another critical service that solicitors can supply their customers with is support and guidance in the buying, selling or leasing of commercial property. commercial property solicitors can provide help to businesses, landlords and tenants in the renting,leasing, buying or selling of properties that are used for commercial use. All kinds of business can usually benefit from this type of service including medical practices, charities, SMEs, PLCs and local authorities.

Commercial property solicitors will make sure that the contract is negotiated and agreed and that a completion date is determined. They will strive to ensure that everyone involved sticks to this date wherever possible to avoid any last second disappointments or shifting in people’s schedules.

If you are trying to create online wills or sort out the leasing or sale of your commercial property, a solicitor can supply the correct legal guidance to make certain the right processes and procedures are followed at all times.

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