Planning Your Internet Site for the Social Media World

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To optimise results from your website and gain as much exposure as possible , you have to consider gearing it towards the social media world we live in. Social media involves data being simply and easily shared in a viral world at lightning speeds through a spread of desktop computers and portable gadgets like smart cell phones, iPhones, laptops, net books and cellphones. Designing your website means you need to implement social networking widgets, web 2.0 marketing tools and a selection of media tools like video sharing in a user friendly way to keep your watchers engaged and interested in returning.

When planning your web site, be sure to include an area on your site that is specifically for social media widgets. After you design your site, you want to register your website with as many social media sites as is possible to increase its exposure. Each site has their own widget that incorporates a special HTML code that may easily be copied and pasted onto your web site. These widgets make it easy for your readers to share info they find engaging on your internet site with their social contacts, mates and associates. Some of the more preferred social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Delicious, Stumble, Digg and Tumblr.

Videos are a very popular center point when talking about the social media world. YouTube, a popular multimedia site, receives over 1 million uploads daily. Losing out on this amazing opportunity can play havoc on your website’s success. When designing your internet site, give enough room for outlines and links to your mpgs found on YouTube and/or other video sharing sites. You can leave an area that permits your visitors to directly click on the video found on your site. Link exchanges play a very important part in your web site ranking. Web crawlers love links of all varieties, including inward-bound and outgoing. Top quality links rank favorably among search sites. Inward bound links particularly help determine your internet site seriousness when compared to other sites. Do not forget to include an area in your sidebars for sites that have linked to yours and for sites you have connected to. After adding the links, make certain they operate properly before making your website available for public viewing. Go back on a regular basis to test link operations. If the link does not work, remove it and replace with an operable one. If a web crawler scans your web pages and finds inoperable links, your internet site will get a negative ranking which ends in bad visibility.

Make sure your web content is topical, enlightening, concise, targeted and decently employs keywords. All of these factors make your internet site more germane to the search site and therefore, increase your exposure and popularity ranking. Your content must be current and regularly updated to keep your website in good standing with the web crawlers. Keeping your content fresh also increases your link opportunities with other sites.

Consider preparing your website with an area for social promotions that generate a buzz among your users and visitors. Give your spectators a chance to participate in competitions, sweepstakes and trivia quizzes to increase the fun cost of your website. Visitors will regularly return to your internet site to discover how things are going and share the data with their social network. Preparing your site for the social media world needs to be a center point for any modern day business to be successful and viral. Failure to do so costs you time, coin and letdown.

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The Importance of Branding Your Business

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What is the importance of branding your business? In short branding helps a business create an identity among it’s customers. People come to know and like a business often on first impressions. Having a consistant branded image through company logo, name and signage etc helps build an image of trust and professionalism when done correctly.

The Main Benefits of Branding are;

It is Emotion Building

Branding helps to engage your customers on an emotional level for the products you sell. Leading brands such as Nike, Coke and McDonalds have been doing it for decades. These brands have recognized the importance of branding to build an exclusive relationship with targeted clients.

Branding makes it Easier to Launch New Products

Once you have built a brand around your product it makes it easier to launch new products later. Your customer will recognize your company and be more likely to try the new products as they already know who you are. The Importance of branding here is that it helps to prolong your current and future growth.

It Helps your Bottom Line

Good effective branding builds repeat customers through trust and recognition which in turn improves your business revenue. It also gives you the ability to look at your pricing structure and increase it accordingly. Look at the example of Tiffany’s; the branding and marketing of that little blue box creates want and need (and headaches for husbands everywhere) as a result they can charge what they like for a necklace and customers will still buy it because of the brand.

It Reduces Your Marketing Costs in the Future

When your brand is recognizable your marketing costs may be reduced with repeat customers. Ongoing marketing campaigns may not need to be as intense or as expensive when launching a new product or service.

It Creates Top of Mind Awareness

Whenever a person goes shopping, they think of the popular brands of the products they need. Your branding helps create an image or impression that will stay with your customer when making a purchase. Customers tend to stick to the brands they know, love and trust.

It Separates you From Your Competitors

You probably have several rivals in your market and so you need to stand out from them. Once again the importance of branding can be acknowledged as helping you to express how and why you are different from your competitors.

The significance of branding becomes obvious when the customers start picking your brand over other brands in the market. Your brand should build trust, earn respect and become your customers “go to’ product. characteristic of success for any business is to obtain favor over the competing brands.

The importance of branding and how it affects your business is remarkable enough to consider investing time and money in. You will be able to find many business consultants work in this area and will help you to implement business branding methods to ensure your success.

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