Professional Bio for an Actor

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A critical facet of every actor’s promotional material is his or her professional bio. It is necessary for social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, for a website, or for an audition. Again, it is just essential.

The bad news is most actors (most people, if you really think about it) find that writing about themselves is challenging. They usually dawdle up until the very last minute and that’s when they hastily put something together and pass it off as their bio. This article provides some advice on how to easily write a professional bio that presents you in the best professional manner.

First of all, cut your actor biography to the bone (about half a page or 250 words). Biographies that may be too long may just get ignored. If you have a rather long list of credits, include a few (just the most notable credits) with in the narrative of your bio and then just add a point-form list of all credits at the end.

It’s optional to include biographical information such as marital status, number of children, and place of birth. If you don’t have many acting credits yet, this personal information can help flesh out your bio.

It is also important to list down your contact details at the end. Since you will have limited space to mention all of your achievements, a website link to your portfolio and contact email address will be a great idea.

With an interesting and persuasive bio you can still get the audition even if you do not have the desired background for the job. You can manage the details that get emphasized in your bio. Just focus on the what you have got and don’t even mention what you don’t have.

You need more than one theatre or actor bio, depending on its intended purpose. Prepare a few different bios of various lengths, ranging from a two sentence blurb that you would use in a theatre program, to a detailed bio for your website.

Does writing a professional bio seem like just one more task on your long to-do list? If so, get a fill-in-the-blanks bio template written specifically for your type of job. With instant download, you’ll have it all done and complete in no time!

Barbra Sundquist’s site How To Write a Bio provides fill-in-the-blanks bio templates for over 150 different jobs, including bio examples and templates.

Search Jobs Online “The Guide”

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The employment and jobs marketplace is even more competitive this day in age and with a rise in the number of applicants for full and part time work, finding the right job vacancy has never been more crucial.

Job roles being posted over the online job boards are now being closed quicker than ever before all because the number of applications has increased significantly. This is mind many job seekers are missing out on opportunities!

Encouragingly despite the economic downturn and global recession, there are still huge influxes of jobs being posted in varied sectors including; retail, manufacturing, engineering and healthcare, all of which providing a high number of full and part-time paid roles.

Job searching can be labourious however the 1st rule is to ensure that the relevant check boxes / drop downs are used correctly. Select the industry, salary and type of industry you wish to work in and always make sure that the right boxes are selected.

A number of tips when searching for jobs online include..

Industry Specific Searching

It is important to be familiar with any niche, sector or industry specific jobs boards and online recruitment agencies. Many employers will look to hone in on a targeted and skilled pool of applicants by registering their specialised and highly skilled vacancies with agencies that focus on a particular sector and line of work or industry. Whilst the quality of job seekers may be much higher, the return of ideal employment opportunities substantially increases.

Jobs By E-mail Alerts

Majority of the well known job boards have the “jobs by email” or “email alerts” functions. Sign up and get new jobs to your inbox!

Setting up job alerts helps job seekers stay on top of any new vacancies that have arrived onto the jobs board and ideally any alerts should be received on a daily basis.

At the bigger jobs sites and agencies that carry a wide range of jobs and job titles, creating email alerts can save job seekers substantial time and is a far more efficient way of finding that perfect job opportunity. Any email alert that is set up should not be too broad; as this would return too many jobs that could be either too far away or do not carry the right role. Conversely any alert that uses too much of a narrow search will return too few jobs, although these would at least be highly appropriate vacancies.

It is also important to have a knowledge and understanding of job titles as many ideal job opportunities can be bypassed from bad searches assigned to these email alerts. Employment organisations, recruiters and government agencies can help job seekers find and match the best job titles used in these searches.

Travel Distance

When using the postcode / location search a suggestion would be to always widen your search by approximately 5 to 10 miles more than what you usually are willing to travel (this ensures yet again, no missed opportunity!)

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Government Cover Letters: Top Tips

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A cover letter is a professional introduction to yourself, and your government job application. Therefore, the aim of your letter is to say who you are, what you are applying for, and why your application shows that you are worth an interview.

A cover letter for a government job is different to your statements addressing selection criteria. Both documents serve different purposes and should be handled differently. If the application pack suggests that you write your statements addressing the selection criteria within the cover letter, then you are dealing with an entirely different situation again. Welcome to the confusing world of public service jobs!

If you’re linking claims against selection criteria (which you possibly will be if looking for a position in the Public Service), you shouldn’t have to draft a very long cover letter that re-states what’s previously in your selection criteria comments later on. Actually, the federal government official examining the application is not going to pay as much attention to the information in your letter as your curriculum vitae and claims to the selection criteria, thus your cover letter will not have much bearing on the end result of your application.

The selection board for the government position will definitely observe that you’ve included a well-formatted and competent looking cover letter; it makes up the very first perception of your written application.

An opening sentence that says what placement you’re making a claim for, it’s job / placement / advertisement number, the date it was announced and what you’re attaching in your application package, for example. “please find included my curriculum vitae, statements against selection criteria, report of qualifications…” is crucial in a government job cover letter.

A middle sentence declaring your crucial claims for the position needs to be brief and to the point. Don’t go into too much detail but at the same time make it obvious you have composed this cover letter especially for this government job, and it is not a pre-formatted template that you’ve filled in.

Public Service Jobs can be found at the government jobs vacancy pages of – the best location to get a council, state or commonwealth government job. All jobs in the one location with no need to visit 3 different government internet sites!

How It's Possible To Get Short-listed For The Job More Often Than The Competition Does

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Operating a CV services business, we see many CVs each week that come to us for our professional viewpoint re their efficacy. As well as the more obvious elements like basic spelling and grammar that obviously need to be correct, the biggest mistake that folk make is to leave out their career achievements from their Resume.

Most individuals put their responsibilities into the Resume in the work experience section. The simple truth is that bosses have a rather good idea of what your responsibilities and activities are within a role. The biggest difference between getting shortlisted for interview and having the Resume rejected is demonstrating your worth to prior employers. How you demonstrate your worth is to show what you achieved in that role.

In the present Economic climate, employers are thinking hard about whether or not to really take someone on or not so you have to show you can add value to a new employer. A great question worth asking yourself is “what benefit did my previous employer gain from my employment with them?”. When you remember the worth that you actually delivered, consider the benefit that you delivered for that employer.

The largest and hardest hitting benefits are monetary. If you can demonstrate that your employer was far better off financially as a direct result of what you did there, a future employer can’t help but be impressed and come to the inevitable conclusion that if you delivered a fiscal benefit for a previous employer then you can do the same for them.

Examples of accomplishments that you delivered in previous employments include: increases in sales and margin revenue, increases in numbers of accounts gained plus their sales value, reduction in losses of clients or churn as it is on occasion called. Other areas where you will have delivered fiscal benefit include the cost area, reduction in costs of products, transport or warehouse efficiencies and such like are convincing examples of this.

Don’t overlook the advantages that you may have delivered in cash flow. Decrease in aged debt, increase in the time that providers are paid, reduction in the time that customers pay their accounts, reduction in stockholding, decrease in interest paid to the bank are among the benefits that should be included in this section. Improvements in purchaser service may also be quantified- as an example, decrease in credit notes, increase in stock availability, number of on-time deliveries finished, and the decrease in the number of errors make for demonstrating a phenomenal past history.

Put simply demonstrate the benefit that you delivered for prior employers and you will be well on the way to getting shortlisted for that role. Just don’t tell any other person about it or you could well be in competition with them for that same role.

Glenn Jones is a CV writer who owns a successful CV services company based in Britain

Tips On Creating A Resume To Win That Interview

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Well you have noticed the job that you simply desire to opt for, but are not sure how you can possess the greatest resume so that you will stand above the group to get that appointment and in the end that career! Using a good resume may be alright, however possessing a fantastic one is undoubtedly far better. In this write-up we’ll take a quick look on how you may make the most out of your own resume, offering you the most effective of resume writing tips.

By using we shall consider the most effective way to adopt:

First of all you would want to make sure that with the resume there is a covering letter. This in brief discusses yourself to the reader and allows them to understand that you might have supplied a resume to allow them to check out. Merely turning in a resume isn’t adequate. Make sure the covering letter is brief, and has a good layout, with appropriate address plus the title of the individual this will be going to, if you know that, also permitting them to be aware of placement you’ve sent applications for since they could have different openings in the time you are applying.

The resume itself should be enlightening, and never filled with pointless information. Just put into it what will remain relevant, any personal matters may be mentioned when you have an interview. There are many resume templates which can be found on the internet and employing one of these that will best fit you and also the type of job you are going for is essential. You can even employ the services of a specialist resume writer of you preferred too.

When writing a resume, you have to be prepared to spend considerable time thinking about it and may be even testing out different layouts until you are content, investing time and energy into your resume could be the way to get into that interview. If you are doing you resume yourself look at the layout of it, some people use the standard one column while some may choose to use a two or three column layout. Again looking at templates online will help you to decide which will probably be best for you.

On you resume, you will obviously want to commence with your name and contact details, always feature an email address, as it is currently the primary form of communication. If applying for a certain position in a company you will need to lay out your objective e.g Aiming to get the position of … When the resume is being used to put forward you details for future reference, express you key role e.g Article Author Offering Quality Content.

You may then ought to state your history of employment, the address and contact details for any along with employment dates, your key tasks and obligations. Subsequent is usually the essential expertise, the stuff that best show of all your abilities to be able to satisfy the job prerequisites, things such as time keeping extra shouldn’t be incorporated as these can be seen as the typical! Last but not least your education details, and then any additional training you might have undertaken that will aid you in your new position.

When it’s all laid out and all sorts of pertinent details are given, re-read this and verify all spellings and grammar. Now and again it might be best to have a friend or family member to browse through it also, just to be completely sure. It should be made ready to be sent off, along with the cover letter and so wait for the call for the interview.

Getting Mat’s resume writing tips can be very easy with all the correct analysis, actually creating the very best resume to suit your needs could be the complicated aspect, but with assistance from you’re certain to remain on the right path.