The Dog Is Crying – Is It Possible

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“Dogs can’t cry” this is what skeptics will always say. Dogs, no matter how intelligent do not have emotions thus it would be impossible for these animals to shed tears. Dogs are indeed man’s best friends and one pet would not be enough for a dog lover. If the first pet is gone, another one would take its place. It is common for dog owner to lavish the pet with love and attention. A dog owner would therefore have the opportunity to see if the pet can really cry. Although it would really be quite difficult to see the tears flowing on the dog’s eyes as the tears would normally be absorbed by the fur.

Dogs, just like humans have tear glands so the tears will be excreted through the tear ducts. A sign that the dog sheds tears are the tear stains that are most noticeable in light color coated dogs. Tears are necessary to lubricate the eyes and also to remove dirt and foreign object that managed to enter the dog’s eyes

Although the tear fall may not be seen, it is possible to see the dog’s eyes brimming with tears. Another sigh that the dog can cry are the tear stains on the face. However, scientists explain the tears to be caused by a foreign object on the eyes or caused by a medical concern. Excessive tearing can be caused by a clogged tear duct. Scientists believe that only humans are capable of shedding emotional tears.

Dog enthusiasts and dog owners have a different view. Dog wise people believe that dogs now have many people-like qualities. After years of association with humans, dogs have come to take on a lot of human behaviors.

Generally, pet dogs form a strong bond with the human family. It is therefore not surprising if the dog would show grief at the death of the master. Dogs that have bonded closely with the master are known to grieve just like humans do when the beloved person dies. The pitiful sounds a lamenting dog makes would be heartrending to the other members of the family.

The attention of the owner is certainly necessary if the pet is making crying crying sounds whether tears can be seen on the eyes or not. Apart from being lonely, a dog that is crying may have a medical concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

You now know if dogs can cry. But do you know why dogs cry at night and why they may cry when caged? At Sarah’s Dogs you can learn more about this and many other interesting dog behaviours.

Why are dogs noted to be great sleepers

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People get dogs not only as pets but also for protection. However, the dog that is supposed to guard the family and the property may be sleeping soundly. Dogs are animals that eat well and sleep well. Dogs are very energetic but are you aware that these animals can sleep half the day away? Although known to sleep for more than 13 to 14 hours a day, the sleeping pattern would vary from breed to breed.

Why do dogs have long sleeping hours? The sleeping habit of a dog is influenced by a number of factors. The amount of time spent sleeping would be influenced by the age, the personality as well as the activities of the dog. Old dogs would not be as energetic as young ones thus instead or romping and running, the older dog will be seen curled up in the corner – sleeping. Dogs are noted to be great sleepers thus a working dog, just like any other would also love to sleep but because of the work that must be done, the dog would have to stay awake. However, dogs have the ability to be asleep in an instant so that after the work is done, the rescue or the herding dog will be seen on its way to dreamland.

Dogs may appear to be sleeping all the time but they also wake up more often. Dogs too experience the rapid eye movement and slow wave stages of sleep but unlike human sleep that is generally uninterrupted, dog’s sleep would be constantly interrupted. A sleeping dog will be easily awakened by any unusual sound, movement and scent given the fact that these animals have very sensitive senses.

For lack of anything better to do, idle people would sleep. Dog owners that leave the pet at home all day without leaving a toy can either have pet that loves to sleep or a destructive pet that chews furniture and digs tunnels in the garden. Naturally, dog owners would choose to have a dog that sleeps all day rather than have a one-dog demolition team.

The dog’s sleeping habit would have a bearing on its sleeping area. Dogs kenneled outdoors would have to endure discomfort associated with the change in the weather thus these pets may not be able to have long sleeping times. Pampered dogs on the other hand, are not only allowed to live outside the house. If not allowed to sleep with the master, the dog will have comfortable beds. The comfortable bed will entice the dog to sleep.

Why do dogs sleep so much? This and questions about first aid for dogs are answered at Sarah’s Dogs.

Taking Command of a Dog with Bad Habits

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Dogs have the capacity to be your partner in life, but often can be somewhat unmanageable. If you have never been faced with a disobedient dog before; when you begin the training process you may be a bit lost. The range of emotion could go from a bit disappointing to harshly maddening. As you read on you will discover how to alleviate some of the usual disobedience troubles that dogs tend to have.

Dogs the jump on other people with their paws can be an irritating problem you need to fix. Dog sometimes do this when they are afraid, causing conflicts between the owner and the other person. Puppies typically do this to express affection for their mother, so this is quite natural for dogs. This cute behavior can often develop into something that is not permissible, especially once they get older and they are too big to do this to people.

If you push the dog away, this is the wrong thing to do as the puppy will think you are interacting. The best thing to do is to turn sideways so the dog cannot put its paws on your chest in any way. Just say “sit” and when the dog does, praise it for doing so. As long as you start early, your dog can be trained to not jump at all.

When you are leading your dog with a leash, does he try to drag you along? When you take your dog for a walk, does he constantly pull on the leash? This is a common issue, and it may not seem serious. However, it should not be ignored, as it could lead to some dangerous situations. A dog who constantly pulls might break free and run into traffic, fight with another dog or cause some other type of disturbance. Leash pulling is quite natural to dogs, who have long been used by humans to pull loads. Yet with patience you can train your dog to stop doing this. The most important principle to remember is that you shouldn’t let your dog lead you when you walk him. When he pulls, stop. Don’t resume walking until the pulling behavior stops.

One of the most common dog behavior problems is separation anxiety. Dogs that are left alone all day may display different kinds of behavior that show how unhappy they are. Continual barking, going potty inside or chewing on things, are common signs that your dog has separation anxiety. A further indicator is that your dog acts sad, either when you are about to leave or even when you arrive home. This is a hard thing to fix and it might take a lot of training and behavior modification. Be sure that you leave some toys out for them to play with or chew on, plus keeping the radio on may be helpful. One option, which isn’t always convenient, is to get a second animal who can be a friend to your dog. Dogs may display all sorts of ill favored issues and we have just mentioned some of the most pronounced. In most cases, if your dog exhibits bad tendencies; there is an avenue you can follow for excellent results. Dogs normally wish to please and if they are not meeting our standards; it is probably because we are not getting our message through to them. It basically does not matter whether or not you train your dog yourself or you get help from the experts; most issues can be treated by simply common sense and persistence.

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