Should You Crate Train Your Dog

April 26, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Dog lovers will often feel like crate training is cruel. But dogs can see a crate in a very different light, and crate training is important for your dog’s long-term health.

Crate training helps with housebreaking, teaches overactive dogs how to be still, and helps nervous dogs feel safe.

You may not want to introduce your puppy to the crate the day that you bring him home. But you will need to start soon, because crate-training should start when the puppy is still young. Although there is nothing more comforting than cuddling up to your puppy on the couch, it is wise to introduce him to a crate for a short time everyday. Your puppy will not chew the house up when you’re gone if you leave him in the crate until you return. At the same time it protects your belongings from the unrepentant damage of puppy teeth.

Some dogs do better if crated. Some breeds that are known to be hyper are proven to be calmer in old age if they were crated as a puppy. For pets with anxiety, a crate can create a safe environment.

When implemented correctly, a crate can create the puppy’s own space. It becomes a place they can go when the environment becomes too stimulating or when they are just tired. Experts say not to use the crate as a punishment, but they may independently go there themselves to calm down.

Even if you have an outdoor dog that doesn’t act as the watchdog of the house, crate-training can still have its advantages. If the puppy has to spend time away from home or at the vet, they will be kenneled, so they need to learn. The dog will be used to the crate, if that ever occurs, and feel safe with it.

When selecting a crate, measure that it is at a minimum, a half of a foot bigger than your dog is expected to be when he is fully grown. It must be large enough so that he can comfortably stand and turn with ease. Crates come in several varieties including folding or stationery metal for the house or garage; plastic when traveling with your pet, soft-sided crates to cushion the hurt or injured animal, and there are also crates made to look like furniture. Which ever crate you choose, make sure your dog has enough light and circulating air to keep him safe, secure, and happy.

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How to clear-up Dog Ear Infections with Probiotics for Dogs

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Ear Infections — many of our dogs have had them. If yours has, you probably know all too well what they symptoms look like:

They scratch their ears often

Their ear may have an unpleasant odor

Thick secretion coming from their ears

By getting your pup into the Veterinarian, what he or she will in all probability give you happens to be an emulsion to place within their ears. Having said that even though this is inclined to eliminate the soreness reasonably speedily, regularly this is only a momentary treatment.

More often than not, ear bacterial infections in canines are actually a sign of candidiasis. Yeast in the body morphs into its fungal form and begins to overgrow within the digestive tract, causing toxic compounds to flow into the entire body, which adversely affects your pup’s Immunity

Probiotics improve dogs’ immune systems, reducing the inflammatory response and the amount of yeast and toxins in their bodies. Additionally, the repopulation of good bacteria helps to treat many infections, like ear infections.

My younger dog began itching her ear every single day, many times each day.

I brought her into our Veterinarian where by Molly was determined to have a yeast overgrowth within her ear, that I didn’t realize canine’s were able to come down with. The Vet provided us with a cream to utilize for a few weeks. The irritation disappeared, but she began itching once more once we halted applying the medication.

In an effort to avoid her taking more medication, I gave her dog enzymes and probiotics, and her infection went away!

I’m not sure how Probiotics would clear up an Infection in my dog’s ear?

Fortunately, Probiotics and Enzymes for dogs keep fungus at reduce amounts in the gastrointestinal system if they’re provided to your pup on a regular basis. Probiotics and Enzymes will “deluge” the digestive tract with balanced, beneficial microorganisms, driving out “undesirable” bacteria. Exactly what happens after that will probably be your dog’s defense mechanisms gets more powerful. This usually means the yeast should cease being able to flow toxic compounds into their systems, as it’s unable to take over their intestinal tract.

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Your Puppy Deserves The Best Puppy Food

April 13, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Your puppy’s health and well-being is important to you and your family. Not to mention keeping down the cost of veterinarian bills. So you need to carefully consider the food that you give to your four-legged friend. People sometimes just pick the first puppy food bag they see at the store. It’s easy to overlook its importance, but it is essential to pick the best puppy food available.

The first challenge in choosing the best puppy food is picking one that has overall quality. The term that comes up a lot about dog food is human grade. Human grade implies that the food is good enough for people to eat even if it is intended for consumption by canines. Many commercial puppy foods are made from ingredients that are less desirable for human consumption. Often, the meat used is of a quality considered unfit for humans to eat.

Leading puppy food companies try to produce well-balanced levels of nutrients for the highest level of benefit to your puppy. A reputable enterprise will offer an explanation for each supplement and the way it benefits your dog, even though you might see that many brands have almost indistinguishable labels.

Always read the label to see what proteins, vitamins and minerals are being provided to your puppy. Try not to use store brand dog food. They may short change your puppy on much needed nutrition.

Studies have shown that the primary ingredient in dog food should be meat-based protein, not corn meal, flour or corn gluten meal. According to reviews, a better quality puppy food results in a healthier coat, fewer digestive problems and firmer stools. Pet-nutrition experts agree that the best puppy food is made from human-grade ingredients like meat, whole grains and vegetables. Premium quality is so important because good nutrition is essential for a long and healthy life.

It’s often best to let puppies take pleasure in their food rather than our food, though they may desire what we’re eating. Certainly, you can give them doggie snacks every so often. After all, every puppy needs some TLC.

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Finding the right person to care for your pet

April 12, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

If you’re a pet owner who wants to travel, one of the first things you have to consider when planning a vacation is what to do with your pets. Although kennels are common, if you have a few pets, consider finding a personal pet-sitter.

Pet-sitters are usually more likely to not specialize in any specific animal. Some pet-sitters are also full-service house sitters in that they can take in the mail, water the plants, and take care of some light cleaning and maintenance.

You may hear about these pet-sitters through word of mouth or internet.

Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters both provide accreditation programs to train pet sitters and guides for pet owners to consider when choosing a sitter, as well as a locator service that allows pet owners to enter their zip codes and find certified sitters nearby.

Growth in the pet care industry in recent years means many communities have professional pet-sitting firms available, but in some areas you may still be forced to rely on individuals who may be full-time caregivers or choose to take care of pets as a part-time option.

In any case if you choose the professional or the widow down the road, there are still some things to think about before hiring a pet-sitter. Finding the right pet-sitter for you and your feathered, finned, or furred family members will probably require phone interviews, in home meetings, and time to check references for those people who you feel meet your needs.

You need to make sure the pet sitter is comfortable with your type o pet. Some people who will face a pit bull without a second thought are squeamish when it comes to tossing a mouse to a snake. Ask them what kinds of animals they are qualified to care for and only do follow up interviews with those who can care for the pets you own.

Allow the person to interact with your pet to ensure that they are comfortable together. A protective pet may feel he needs to defend his territory, while nervous or timid pets could become aggressive if they feel threatened. It is essential that you evaluate a pet sitter before hiring them. Even if your animals are easygoing, you’ll want to see how they interact with the potential sitter before making a selection.

Once you find the person that you feel comfortable with, you still have more work to do. You must check employment references. Confirm their references and make sure that the client was satisfied with their service. A pet-sitter who is insured and bonded provides an extra level of protection for you and your pet, so that can be assured that your beloved animal is in the hands of a professional.

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Does Your Dog Really Need A Bed?

March 22, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

It is quite normal to want your cute puppy to sleep with you when you first bring him home. Nothing like a tiny ball of fur to cuddle with. But in all honesty this is not the best thing to do for you or your dog. Getting your dog its own bed, and teaching him the proper behavior, should be your first priorities.

By the time your dog grows to its full size of 100 lbs, it might not be as cute to have it in bed with you, even if you think so now. Dogs adopted from the pound, in particular, might prefer having their own place to sleep. Your dog might actually prefer to have a place it can think of as its own, which feels safe to it.

There are medical reasons too. Once the dog gets used to sleeping in one place, it might refuse to sleep on hard surfaces, which can lead to arthritis and calluses as it gets old. Your pet will enjoy better health in years to come, if you allow it a good start. They even make orthopedic dog beds now to help address this very issue.

If you agree that your dog should have its own bed, what kind should you buy? Knowing your dog and its preferences should help you in your decision. Make sure the bed is big enough for your dog. No matter how much it matches your home decor, the bed should be one your dog is willing to lay down on. Else, it might end up never being used.

Next on the list of requirements is probably a chew proof bed, especially for puppies. It’s easy to find a wide range of beds – indoor and outdoor, for car and travel, heated and not heated, and even orthopedic ones for older animals. Your selection should be based upon your dog and your lifestyle.

The bed should be machine washable. Both the dog and the bed will need to be cleaned regularly. Fleas are a major consideration too and cedar shavings can help stop them becoming permanent residents.

Take a little time and effort selecting the ideal dog bed and both you and your dog will get a great nights sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the new day!

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Exactly How To Choose The Top Most Dog Kennels

March 5, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

There are the many reasons why you should make a purchase of the dog crates especially if you have pet under your care. Whether you are a novice or an experienced dog owner, you must be reminded that there are the fundamental things that you need to give to your pet. These things are very important to secure if you would like your pet dog to live long and enjoy your pet’s company.

When it comes to purchasing the above item, there are several things that you just need to consider and pay attention to. Despite the wide ranges of the selection of this item, you should be prepared to have a hard time of picking the perfect crate that will suit your dog’s preference.

It is also important that you are well equip of the essential information about this product so you will have some ideas and insights on which is the best crate that you can buy for your dog. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, there are the different brands and styles of this item and you just need to be patient and smarter in choosing the right one for your pet.

The following are the reasons why you must invest with the right crate for your pet:

* It is your responsibility of making sure that your pet dog is safe and comfortable at any given time even if you are not beside him. There are many things that can harm or pose problems in your pet especially if you will allow your pet to roam outside of your house. Although it is not right to restrain or limit the freedom of your pet, it is also not right if you will just let him of wandering outside and be exposed to the various harsh elements such as heat, rain, dust and other wild animals.

* It is very important that you can provide your pet dog a place where he can take a rest, eat comfortably and be spared from too much heat or cold outside. The above mentioned capabilities of this product explain the popularity of this product among the dog owners who just love their pets and want to give everything that will bring best for their dogs. Indeed, dog crates are the perfect answer to the needs of those dog owners who want to provide the protection and calming ambiance at all times.

* With the help of the mentioned dog’s item, you will be able to contain your dog in one area of your house especially at times that he should not be roaming outside. Examples of the situation that you should not allow your dog to be outside is when you have small children playing inside your house, you have new furniture that you do not want your pet to play with and you are currently performing a general cleaning inside your house.

What you have read are the information that would help you in choosing the right dog crate for your pet. As you can see the task of choosing the best crate is not hard as long as you know where and how to find it.

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Crucial Details To Perceive Concerning Dog Gates

March 3, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

If you have dog as your pet, you must be reminded that it is your responsibility of giving all the things that he needs in order to live long and survive. One of these things that you must invest with is the product that is called the dog houses. This product is crucial for any dog to have since this one will assure that your pet will be accorded the things he really deserves from you.

You will never run out of option of this product if you would search these things in any market. Even if your pet is not capable of telling you his wants and preferred style of dog house, it is important that you exert an extra effort in picking the right one for your pet. In this way, you can make your dog live much comfortable and allow him to have a much longer life.

Some of the reasons why most dog owners are making sure that their dogs would have their respective houses are to be sure that they have a place where they can stay, sleep and be free from the harsh elements outside such as rain, scorching heat and dust. With the help of this item, you can assure your dog that there will be no one who can hurt him even if you are not around. The house that is especially made for him will be just like your home that shields you from anything that can cause harm you.

However, picking the right dog house is a task that will not easy for anyone to do. There are the different things that you must give considerations and understand before you can be assured of finding the perfect product for your beloved pet.

The following are the essential things you need to keep in mind and give attention to:

* Besides making sure that the house you would choose is capable to provide comfort and safety for your pet, is it also much better if the one you would buy is the one that your dog would appreciate. Although your pet lacks in voicing out his opinion, he has his own ways of expressing his emotions in the things that are happening around him.

* It is also important that you give consideration to the size of your dog, the weather or climate in the place you live and your prefer style that you think your dog would also like.

* There are the different dog houses styles that you can find in market today such as the igloo, log cabin and the Snoopy classic style. All of the mentioned dog houses have their respective characteristic that for sure will be cherished by any dog.

* It is also imperative that you know the right materials of the product you would buy. Some of the choices of materials you will encounter in any store are the ones that are made from plastic, woods and the metal dog houses.

* Last thing to pay attention is the roof since this will assure that your pet is safe from the unpredictable weather outside.

After having the important information about the above mentioned product, you can now choose the right house that will surely suit your dog best.

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Dog Training Tips That Will Work For You

January 6, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Owning a dog while living in an apartment can be a challenge. Training your dog for this style of living is essential to your well-being, as well as, to the other tenants in the apartment. You will find important tips in this article to ensure that you and your dog are ready for living in an apartment, along with other great dog training tips.

A good plan when training your dog is to keep your sessions short. When you have multiple, short sessions of training, as opposed to one long set, your dog will stay interested and will anticipate more. Keeping your pet motivated by short interval sessions will be effective and have a stronger impact.

You shouldn’t wait for bad behaviors to start to begin preemptively addressing them. Most new dog owners can expect at least one bad behavior to crop up during their time as a dog owner! Start addressing inappropriate soiling, destructive chewing and separation anxiety as if they’re likely to happen, and make sure your environment makes those things hard to occur!

Sometimes it may be necessary to physically establish yourself as the Alpha in the pack. If your animal is being aggressive to another animal or a person, hold them by the scruff of the neck and put them in a prone position on the ground firmly, not violently. This lets your dog know you are in charge and exhibits behavior they would expect from another dog.

Make sure you are feeding your dog high-quality food. Behavior problems are often caused by a poor diet. High-quality dog food has human-grade ingredients and an expiration date. Making sure your dog eats plenty of protein and avoid giving him “junk” food from the table. A well-fed dog is a happy, obedient dog.

Teaching your dog a fun trick, such as “play dead” can be a fun way of distracting him. When your dogs behavior is bad, simply use the command you have established for his trick instead of using negative punishment. This provides for a fun activity for your dog and creates a positive environment for you as well.

The advice in this article is meant to help you improve your dog’s training. A dog’s behavior is reflective of its owner’s ability (and willingness) to control it. Although it may be hard to be strict on your furry little friend, you both will benefit from it at the end.

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Dog Grooming In Detail

December 11, 2011 · Posted in Family · Comment 

The art of dog grooming should not be unfamiliar territory if you own a dog. But if you are still in the process of considering whether to buy a dog, this is a major area of concern, not the least in terms of their appearance. Dogs with shorter hair, for instance, are generally easy to take care of. A dog with long hair requires daily brushing and sheds constantly, which can make for a long day of vacuuming. As for short-haired dogs, you can brush their coats only a few times a week without having to worry about your vacuum getting overloaded with sheddings.

First of all, you want to find a hair brush that would work just right with your pet. The first time your pet is brushed, this may cause them to get a bit antsy or excitable, so you want to start them out with gentle, even strokes. A regular bath is also a part of dog grooming, which can sometimes be the messiest. In the beginning, pets are often resistant to the idea of a bath. To avoid such acts of rebellion, it pays to start ‘em young and early, meaning you would want to start bathing your dog while he/she is still a puppy. In due time, your puppy should get used to, or even enjoy bath time, as long as you maintain a consistent schedule.

When they are able to run and play, they are able to have a bath and will probably even grow to enjoy it after time. If this sounds like a lot of work, then fortunately there is such a thing as a buddy system. While one holds the puppy, the other can wash him/her with a washcloth.

If you are unable to handle dog grooming, there are businesses that can take care of it for you. Try your veterinarian for starters, or an animal hospital – they may have grooming services, and so do the obvious specialty grooming services for pets. These services take care of your pet’s grooming needs, from nail clipping right down to brushing, with a bath included in between. This process isn’t necessarily a lengthy one, but it’s best to make an appointment before showing up for dog grooming.

With the proper dog grooming techniques, everybody is happy – your dog feels happy and you feel happy as a result of seeing your dog’s morale at a high point. They may dig up bones and shed their hair and snoop around our front and back yards, but just because they do that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a regular bath. Dog grooming is also a reflection of how much you care for your pet, so let the world know how much you love them.

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Volunteer at an Animal Sanctuary

October 23, 2011 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Horses are extremely popular animals, and there are very few young ladies that do not want a horse or pony at some point in their life. Unfortunately, more horses are being taken to animal sanctuaries and are very rarely adopted. Therefore, it provides the ideal place to volunteer and spend some time around the horses without the additional cost.

More people look at performing some form of voluntary work, and giving your time is always appreciated. Animal sanctuaries have a great deal to do in a day, and often they are understaffed with exceedingly little money. Therefore, any extra help they can receive for free is always welcomed with open arms. It is also the ideal opportunity to spend time with the horses, and learn more about them.

Teenagers often get bored especially at weekends and during the holidays; therefore, finding them something to do is vital. If they like animals and want to be a part of helping the animals in the sanctuary, volunteering is the best option. You will be amazed how committed they become and how they love the voluntary work.

Volunteering can be an immensely rewarding way to help out and give something back to the local community. You may not have the extra money to donate to the animal charities and sanctuaries; however, giving your time is just as valuable to them. They will appreciate the time and effort that you are giving to the animals.

There is always a vast array of different animals in the sanctuaries, and although dogs and cats are still the most popular animals, horses, small animals and exotic pets are becoming more typical to see. These animals will take more care, time and money to ensure that their wellbeing is maintained. Therefore, they will often need one to one care to ensure that they are healthy and well.

Spending time with the horses in the sanctuary will ensure that they are groomed, fed and given the attention that they need. Many people do not understand that even larger animals need attention, and love human company. Animals do not understand when their lives change for the worse, and it can become extremely confusing for them.

Whilst you are carrying out your voluntary work for the animal sanctuary, they will be able to concentrate on other areas. The more volunteers they have the better the sanctuary will operate, and the more animals will receive the attention. Although all of the animals will receive the correct food, water and health care, it is often the smaller things that they miss out on.

Many of the animals in the sanctuary will miss the company of humans, and this is what so many people do not have the time for. When you are, doing voluntary work you can dedicate your time to walking dogs, stroking and playing with cats or grooming horses. You can be there for all the fun things that the animals crave.

You can be as hands on as you want when you visit the animal sanctuaries, and the more that you are involved in the better. Giving your time to the animal sanctuary is valuable, and both the workers and the animals undoubtedly appreciate the effort.

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What Can Happen If The Dog Wont Eat

October 7, 2011 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Usual afflictions of your dog abnegating to eat is either slight or strong stomach ache, this is occasionally the cause of gathered stomach acid when there isn’t any food in the stomach, this may very well more than often result in vomiting, nausea a lethargic dog and it should certainly also without a doubt influence dehydration in dogs.

An empty stomach over a lengthy period should certainly induce the lining of the stomach to inflame and become irritable causing great discomfort and triggering vomiting which is likely to reveal a clear yellow fluid, furthermore this vomiting will spark dehydration to promptly increase. This will be tremendously stressful for your dog and they would certainly demonstrate warning signs of a lethargic dog.

Commencing to your dog refusing to eat, blood sugar levels will fall, Hypoglycaemia can produce weakness dizziness and shivering, which may possibly be the answer to why is my dog shaking. These not familiar dog health symptoms will even further trigger your dog not to eat. These tend to be very clear dog health symptoms that have to be looked out for. There are some specific nutritional supplements that could be given when your dog won’t eat, they may help make your dog feel improved to the point where their urge for food has returned.

Just what exactly to feed your pet whenever your dog won’t eat

It has to be reported that in cases where you are in doubt the right resolution is at all times to visit the vet. However there are numerous ways to support your dog and reverse the effects of hypoglycaemia which can include feeding your pet Nurti-Cal which is a type of sugar that could help your dog in eating again. A second answer which must be definitely avoided is honey however this is rather perilous and may easily cause further more problems If it doesn’t work. If you have noticed this strategy in a different place you will have to be alert it has its pitfalls and ought to be prevented.

A really good idea is to bring your dog a treat, especially one you may have applied when you first started off training your dog tricks, because if your dog won’t eat food he might possibly be more captivated by some thing that is seen as a treat, this could possibly also liven up his day a bit, causing your lethargic dog to become excited even if for a short period, exuberantly motivating the dog is a nice idea too.

The chance of dehydration in dogs that will not eat

In a case where you realise your dog won’t eat it is most important to make sure they are drinking, the leading approach to evaluate this is by dispensing only one drinking supply and every so often check on it to see if the source has demised, if perhaps it is the case that the dog won’t drink as well, you have a potentially a dangerous problem as dehydration in dogs is as life threatening as it is in people. On top of your dog not eating not drinking will in addition inflame the problem and lack of hydration will defiantly result in death. A trip to the vet is a need in this circumstance. A really good strategy to trick your dog into drinking is to dab a soggy material on their nose, this will trigger your dog to instinctively lick their nose, just simply keep doing this, and if you’re lucky the taste will tempt them to seek out more.

On a finalised note

Always seek out a licensed veterinarian whenever you are ever in doubt, if your dog wont eat for twenty-four hours, it is necessary. It is always better to seem irrational and troublesome than to have a lethargic dog showing obvious dog health symptoms.

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