Obtaining Manuka Oil For Nappy Rash And Other Disorders

December 30, 2011 · Posted in Health · Comment 

New Zealand tea tree products can be used for a variety of different aliments such as the use of manuka oil for nappy rash. It is sometimes refereed to as a tea tree product due to its many similarities with the Australian derived source. It is typically suitable for all skin types as its ingredients are naturally sourced. This article provides an outline of the many benefits of using this product.

Tea tree products are widely recognised for their important bacterial and fungal fighting properties. They have been used for hundreds of years by the original inhabitants of New Zealand. Tea tree products were valued for their ability to treat numerous conditions and help bring pain relief. There use has been furthered by the fact that they have been found to be extremely unlikely to irritate the skin meaning that they can be used by those that are likely to be allergic to other products.

It is normally combined with other essential products such as those sourced from avocado and almond or used with honey. This allows it to be used to help stop moisture loss and for healing benefits. It often helps to heal infections, in the treatment of acne, ulcers and fungus infections and for calming diaper soreness.

It is common for babies to suffer from sore skin and irritation in the diaper area. It might be caused by various things including irritants, allergies and psoriasis. It is often due to skin wetness which increases the PH level and makes the skin less cohesive. The healing properties of this product mean that it can help to treat sore inflamed skin including in the diaper area. It is often combined with other oils in barrier creams.

New Zealand tea tree products are able to be used for a variety of uses including dry scalp conditions such as dandruff. This is often caused by lack of moisture in the scalp and can create damage to the skin on the head and infections. Tea tree sourced products often help to promote the moisture balance in the skin and can be added to the bathing water or massaged into the head with another product.

This product is often mixed with other naturally sourced ingredients to provide added benefits. This increases its moisture giving properties and other soothing components. Its uses are wide and include treating problem skin, soreness in the mouth and tooth ache and fungal complaints.

The adaptability of this product, along with its ability to work well with other essential components mean that it is often a welcome addition to the medicine cabinet. It can be tried in various forms such as bath products and lotions and is normally able to be used by those with delicate skin. Choosing to use Manuka Oil for nappy rash is likely to result in effective and quick results making the baby more comfortable and calming the problem area.

Protect your infant from nappy rash with gentle and natural skin care. There is not a reason for your baby to be in misery from this common pain.