Organic Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance Schedule

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It’s never been simpler to tend to landscapes and lawns employing natural and organic treatment methods. With the spike in popularity, a wide range of organic lawn and landscaping products are readily available to homeowners. For those who prefer to have a professional lawn care company provide annual routine maintenance, many businesses are including organic and natural options to traditional programs. Following a basic schedule can guarantee a gorgeous landscape that is also pest-free.

Among the first jobs of the organic gardening schedule is to administer dormant oil, also known as horticultural oil. The best time to apply dormant oil is in the months of January and February whenever there will be a period when the temperature will not drop below 50 degrees for not less than twenty-four hours or more. Dormant oil can be sprayed onto landscaping to eliminate harmful and annoying insects and fungi including scale and spider mites. It is very toxic to annual flowers, though, so it’s wise to cover any plants that might be in the area that is receiving treatment.

The months of February and March are prime times for aerating lawns and landscaping. Proper aeration is essential to provide the means for water, nutrients and oxygen to permeate the lawn to get the best results. Liquid aeration contains soil microorganisms and humates and is applied to the landscape. Mechanical core lawn aeration can be done with any one of a number of instruments for that purpose. Mechanical coring works extremely well on St. Augustine grass that has suffered from severe winter weather.

Fertilizing at the outset of winter with a product that is abundant with potassium, magnesium and sulfur will guarantee that a landscape has the proper nutrients stored for spring growth. Even though the lawn and landscape may seem to have died, they are in fact merely dormant. It’s important to provide the appropriate fertilizer to support them through the cold weather of the winter months.

March, April and May are generally the time to apply natural fertilizer. When working with a natural fertilizer, there is no need to worry about over-fertilizing or having the fertilizer wash away. Natural fertilizers contain microbers that break down gradually, so that they supply nutrients slowly. If there are any acid loving plants such as azaleas, hollies and photinias in your landscaping, they will benefit greatly from an application of organic sulfur. Apply another round of organic fertilizer from around September to November. It will help supply lawns and landscaping a boost after having suffered through the heat of summer.

Organic gardening is more beneficial, as well as being safer, for the environment. It does not take any more time and it is no more costly or complicated than conventional methods of taking care of lawns and landscapes.

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Tips On How You Can Save Money By Having Regular Maintenance Of Your AC

February 20, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate · Comment 

One of the major reasons why homeowners install AC heating and cooling system in their homes is for them to be comfortable in all weather conditions. This is because the temperature can drop to extremes in the winter month and house may need to be kept warm. Conversely, it is necessary to keep the house cool during the summer months when the temperature is very hot outside the house.

Still, you should know that your air conditioning would not always run at the optimal condition without you being proactive. If you are not proactive, you should know that your system might suddenly develop some faults that will not make it serve its purpose. If this should happen, you probably know that the house will not be comfortable for any of its occupants until the AC is fixed.

Nevertheless, you can make sure that such an embarrassing thing does not occur if you have your AC maintained at regular intervals. When you hire a company to maintain your unit, they will be mainly preoccupied with keeping your system at the best possible working condition. In addition, they will help you with regular tuning up for the optimal performance of your system.

However, some people are usually reluctant to sign up for periodic maintenance of the AC units. Their argument is usually that it would be a waste of funds if they pay a company just to come over and examine a unit when there no sign of malfunction or impending breakdown on the system.

Quite on the contrary, when you entrust a maintenance service company to keep your unit properly maintained you are actually saving money. You should not be mistaken; you still need to pay the company for the services rendered to you. However, you will only be paying a small amount of money in comparison to the cost of a full system repair.

A good reason is that it a trained technician will be able to diagnose problems that need immediate attention during the maintenance session. This will prevent them from becoming a major problem that could lead to costly repairs. The technician will also help you to perform a thorough cleaning of the system so that it can continue to deliver clean air to your house.

More importantly, keeping your AC regularly maintained allows the technicians to help you repair some parts of the system before they become damaged to the extent of needing a replacement. In addition, when the unit is properly maintained you can be sure that it will not succumb to a total breakdown because the only solution to a total breakdown is usually to purchase a new AC.

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