Pool Filters Are One Of The Key Elements For Proper Pool Maintenance

July 21, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

Quality pool filters are needed to maintain pools that are enjoyed by various people including those located at residential homes, in gyms, public areas and parks and also at commercial buildings like schools, hotels and apartment complexes. Removing debris is a serious role that is performed by filters as one of several elements that are involved in monitoring and controlling the water quality.

Pool filters are available in a variety of types and models to best serve the needs for each specific situation. Another option is to hire a quality pool cleaning service to perform the necessary maintenance of your pool filter and pool for you. Of the various kinds of filters, each has their own characteristics and qualities. Residential pools frequently use sand filters that perform by attracting the debris and collecting it to extract the impurities of the water. Particles as small as twenty to forty microns are removed by this form of filtration system. This type of filter is run in reverse to clean the sand and unload the water waste, which is referred to as back washing to discharge the gathered debris and clean the sand filter.

Fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms are mined to create Diatomaceous Earth that is used in D.E. Filters, which is another form of pool filters that are commonly used. This substance is used to remove debris as little as five microns in size when it is used to cover the grids in the filter housing and performs as tiny sieves. This type of filter is also back washed like a sand filter and then is recharged with more of the D.E. Powder. This powder is classified as the most effective dirt remover for pool filtration.

Another pool filter type is the cartridge filters that contain a filter element made from a material that is a superior reinforced polyester. These operate at a lower pressure than sand filters which produce more flow and turnover with less back pressure on the pump. These cartridge filters must be cleaned once or twice a season by using a hose to spray off the element, which wastes much less water than the other filters that demand back washing.

Whether pools are above ground or in ground part of the maintenance involves the use of safety covers that should be installed on all swimming pools. A properly fit pool safety cover must also be strong, durable, and fill any gaps while it provides an attractive appearance with an elegant design. Choose a strong, but flexible cover to provide a close fit for any irregular shapes to make sure there are no gaps to the water’s edge that would permit leaves and other debris to accumulate under the cover.

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