The Moisture In The Air of Saunas and Other Spas

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What is it about the finnish sauna that’s allowed it to stand the test of time so extraordinarily well? Some men and women might argue that it is somehow more effective than other types of saunas. While indeed the finnish type of sauna as a whole has clearly become almost iconic as a piece of unique culture within Finland, I do not myself believe in the notion that the finnish spa experience is necessarily greater than all other types of of spa treatment. It does come with a a few significant noteworthy differences.

The characteristic differences between the finnish-styled saunas, and other varieties of spas like the infrared sauna or steam rooms largely relate to the humidity level character of each individual spa. Far infrared saunas do not offer any hot pebbles to drip water onto whatsoever, and as thus it offers a significantly drier spa experience. The finnish saunas, however do allow you the ability to have control over the air’s moisture content on some level by making available hot rocks for heat absorption and distribution via steam.

Steam showers are on the opposite end (relative to infrared) of the humidity spectrum. Steam showers manage to maintain a perpetually moist air condition that, despite actually being maintained at a cooler ambient temperature than other types of spas, is very intense from the energy transferred directly to the skin by the condensing vapor within the air. Millions of folk around the world use steam showers on a weekly basis, but despite this some people still avoid it for a variety of reasons.

There exists a number of notable concerns in regards to steam showers. One is that, if they are not cleaned well regularly, they might grow a hefty fungus infestation. This is not a huge cause for concern in the drier sauna environments. The other entirely legitimate concern is that due to the quick transfer of energy to the skin from the water droplets, it may be a little bit harsher than other spa environments.

Far infrared saunas are found to be located in places of residence more often than the finnish type, and, one reason is because the far infrared panels are most often embedded in the sauna walls they tend to save physical space better than the large bulky heaters found in the finnish saunas. Indeed, because their heaters heat the body directly through making contact with far infrared rays they also tend to be a bit safer than the finnish type.

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Helsinki Travel Experience

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland is unique in several ways. It is located at the tip of a peninsula. It lies between Moscow and Stockholm, and is surrounded by over 300 islands. It is known as the daughter of the Baltic.

It is a thinly populated city with no more than half a million people. The city appears stretched far and wide with small buildings and sparse population. Nevertheless, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Europe. Read more