International Italian Banners And Flagpoles

February 23, 2012 · Posted in Europe · Comment 

The Italian flag is flown from Italian flagpoles throughout Europe. This beautiful tricolor resembles certain other national flags. This national standard was adopted back in 1948, shortly after the Second World War. The three vertical stripes have the same width, but display different colors. The vertical stripe on the left displays the color green, the one in the middle is white, and the vertical stripe on the right is red.

Unfortunately, Italy was hit hard by the world-wide recession. This country is dealing with the effects of debt, and other financial problems. Different rating companies have given a negative outlook on the Italian national debt. The latter means that another downgrade of the country’s debt rating could be imminent. The Italian government has taken measures to save more than 100 billion Euros!

I am sure you have heard of or a familiar with of Rome, Italy’s capital. This city was the political center when the Roman Empire was still organized. Following the end of the Roman Empire, Italy was divided into a number of different kingdoms, but was again unified in the 19th century. Today’s Italy is a democratic republic, like most other countries in Europe.

The Italian tricolor came forth from the flags used in the new republics in northern Italy from 1796 and onwards. Green is said to have been Napoleon’s favorite color, or the local militia uniforms might have inspired it. The first vertical arrangement was used long before ’48

Ever since ’06 the president of Italy has been Giorgio Napolitano. He is the head of the state. An Italian president is elected for a period of seven years, like previous presidents of Italy. It is the president who selects the prime minister as well as the cabinet. Berlusconi was such for a few years till November of last year.

Italian flags are available fore sale here in the United States of America, in different materials and sizes. When selecting the proper flag materials, it is important to know where the flag will be flown, in terms of location. Weather conditions and sunlight are important factors to take into consideration when selecting the material of a flag. A flag made from lower grades of the polyester material may simply not work if you are seeking more of a durable flag.

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