Historic State Banners Attached To Flagpoles

January 29, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies · Comment 

A recently developed hobby challenged me to research certain differences between state flags. Many flags are hoisted throughout our Nation today from mostly home flag poles, and at times other objects. The 5 main category types of flags are (number one:) those that display emblems that tie into the war of independence fought in the historic past. The second group of flags are those that have a certain relation with the Confederacy. The 3rd category are those state flags that were designed before the Union “membership.” And then finally there are the designs of state standards that came forth as a result of more local circumstances.

Before independence each colony had a seal and sometimes also a coat of arms, but none of them had a flag. However, with the call to arms, flags for militia units were produced, regional badges were invented, and uniforms designed. In many cases these influenced the flags later adopted as the state flags.

The state flag of Florida, for example, is a historic flag. It features a red colored saltire, on a white field. The seal of the state is super positioned right on top, in the center of the flag. The flag’s design was approved around the 1900′s.

As far as Delaware is concerned, their flag is hoisted nicely on American flag poles. Buff were the colors of the state militia. The flag was at first just blue, but the buff diamond containing the state coat of arms was added in the 20th century.

Montana’s flag is one of the worst designed flags in our Nation. This flag’s backdrop is blue in color and features an image of the state seal on top of the flag’s field. The current flag is hoisted on mainly home and garden type flag poles in the state. It was adopted some seven years ago.

The state flag of New Hampshire consists of a blue field, with on top the state emblem. It has been flying around from state flagpoles. It was adopted back in ’09.

Another one is the flag hoisted on Virginian flag poles, which displays the seal of Virginia on a blue field. This banner was adopted during the initial part of the year 1861the year the Civil War commenced.

I take great pleasure in having been able to present a few state flags to you, which can be seen in different area of our nation hoisted on garden type commercial flag poles. Chances are that many state flags will change slightly as people progress.

Most commercial flagpoles reach heights greater than 30 ft and are made from aluminum.