How to find the best mlm company: Choosing the good from the bad mlm business

July 18, 2012 · Posted in MLM · Comment 

Multi level marketing also referred to as mlm is hitting the Internet hard but with so many showing up how do you know the right ones to invest in.

These kind of opportunities are coming and going all of the time but not all of them do so well, in fact the majority fall short and only run a couple of years at the most.

What I refer to as the traditional multi level marketing and networking businesses are solid. These are the ones worked off line way before the Internet came along. These were so powerful with personal recommendation and working hard was always advertised up front.

What you tend to find happening now is the Internet has created the lazy marketers, full of hopes and promise which nobody can deliver. Mlm, once a serious business has been slightly crippled by fast start scams and below par contenders.

Online mlm business opportunities are starting up almost daily with anybody now being able to get their hands on the down line and commission pay out codes needed to track and pay. Because this is so easily available, people are not using it on a solid product and this is the problem.

You would assume that the workings to a successful mlm business opportunity would come from the pay plan, but this is so far from the truth. The real success from these kinds of platforms, come from the product. If the product is the best in its field, unique, has longevity, is priced accordingly, then this will be the real success factor.

Obviously money is important, so the pay plan needs to reward accordingly to also make this work.

How does this create the so called lazy marketer then? Many people are sold on the make money over night, or simple push button system, or sit back and do nothing. This is duplication being caused by lazy marketers.

The true system to success is built on hard work which is done by many working together. A leading mlm opportunity will have an extremely powerful product at a reasonable cost. The better companies also tend to be honest up front about the hard dedicated work which lies ahead of them.

This is still early days though and we will only see more and more of these fast start platforms with little or no product coming and going. Unfortunately though they cause more damage than good and continue to breed the lazy marketer.

So to find a good mlm you need to look at the product first, then the company history, then the price point, then the pay plan. If you can tick all these boxes then you are good to go. Do your due diligence. [youtube:hAvmyxyXo0c; [link:Stiforp];]

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