Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning – Is It Right For Your Home?

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Reverse cycle air conditioners have 2 functions: to cool and heat your house. This makes them perfect for fluctuating climates that are very hot in summer but much cooler in wintertime.

How does reverse cycle air conditioner work?

When in heating mode, the reverse cycle air con (also known as a heat pump) extracts heat from the outside air and transfers this inside. This heat is then released into the room as a result of the refrigerant being pumped through a condenser. To cool down a room, the flow of refrigerant is reversed – resulting in cool air being expelled from the unit. Reverse cycle air conditioning comes in both ducted and split systems.

What are the benefits of inverted air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning is becoming increasingly popular across Australia. Not only are they extremely economical and versatile, but they also filter and dehumidify the air in your home – and have an average lifespan of 20 years. Heat pumps also lack exposed elements or flames, and so are significantly safer than traditional open-bar heaters. Reverse cycle air conditioning units are extremely easy to operate, meaning that your home will be heated or cooled at just the touch of a button.

Why are they so energy efficient?

It’s because reverse cycle air conditioning is the most efficient form of heating available. It can provide about twice the output as an electric heater for the same running costs, ideal if you are worried about keeping energy costs to a minimum.

This is because up to 3 or more units of heat can be transferred for every unit of energy employed to run the device. And by inverting the cycle, running expenses for refrigerating are kept as low as possible too. For split system air cons, the energy-rating label will be clearly shown, with more stars indicating lower running energy consumption.

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The Advantages Of Using Hearthstone Wood Stoves

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Hearthstone Wood Stoves have become popular home appliances due to their appealing appearance and functions. These types of stoves are suitable for creating warmth in your home as well as adding to the look and comfort to the room where it is installed. The market offers homeowners a wide variety of options to choose from. The models offered by manufacturers have various features but the functions and benefits are similar.

It is possible for homeowners to distribute warmth throughout the house quickly and this can be achieved with Hearthstone Wood Stoves.. Optimum temperatures are achieved in the house because these units burn firewood to efficiently to create heat. The heat produced by these fireplaces is maintained for many hours.

The features installed in these stoves provide the user with many advantages that will add to their enjoyment. These include a rear heat shield, exterior air adapter and clear glass windows. Homeowners can use these items to decorate their homes and enhance the appearance of the interior part of their house.

It is important for homeowners to purchase quality items as these will provide years of long lasting use. These stoves are made of quality materials to enhance performance and durability and are the materials used to maintain heaters for a long period of time. This means models designed in this way are durable and reliable for use around homes.

Soapstone is used as a thermal mass to retain high temperatures even when the fire burns out. To maintain steady heat in the home it is recommended that homeowners use a stove constructed with this material. This type of stove is unique because it provides a romantic feeling in the house as these heaters are designed with a front glass view allowing people to see the flames burning.

These stoves are designed with front and side doors which make the work of loading the wood easy. They are eco-friendly because they produce low levels of smoke and ash. It is recommended that homeowners use models with an exterior air adapter to increase air circulation in homes with little ventilation.

Homeowners do not have to worry about toxic gases building up in the home because the heater not only burns firewood but it is constructed in such a way so as to burn the escaping gases as well. The rear heat shield helps you place your stove against the wall. A rear heat shield also enhances heat circulation in the house via pipes and fans. You can buy Hearthstone Wood Stoves from local stores or online shops at affordable prices.

You can find a summary of the reasons why you should install a Hearthstone Wood Stove in your home and more information about the models and specifications by clicking here. For general information about wood stoves please visit our homepage.

Tips Of Troubleshooting Breckwell Pellet Stoves

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Troubleshooting Breckwell pellet stoves involves a systematic process of finding a solution to a problem on the appliances to make them operate well again. Though they are one of the best heat sources when the outside temperatures drop, they can be somewhat noisy when in use. Often this is due to improper maintenance.

Cleaning should be the first thing to check if the system is not working properly. Apart from using water to remove the dust, there are other methods recommended for use by the manufacturers for cleaning the appliance.

The exhaust pipe and the entire stoves need frequent cleaning. To ensure that the process is successful, following the steps given from the is ideal. The reason why one should do this is to ensure is to help maintain the heaters for long terms service.

Examining the control panel of the stoves is important. The newly advanced ones must always have a screen, which do display an error message in case there is any complication in the system. When this happens, it probably means that there is no proper airflow because of bad maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Wipe the dust that may be in any part of appliances such as the glasses, the combustion chambers and the blades. This will help in the end to make sure that it is still working properly and when done according to the prescription from the manufacturer, the working will be perfect. If not working properly, it is worth contacting to get the help from the professional who may help check on what the problem actually is.

When the fire is not stable, looking at the dampers and how positioned they are ideal, as these are the determiners of stability of the flame. When the screens display strange warning messages such as number 3 or a POF, then that means there is a problem that needs a solution. Steadily but carefully, slide in the dampers to make sure that the fire becomes stable.

Closing of these dumpers ensures that the flames become steady. If the fire is not yet stable, then repeating the process is the only way out. Repeat this until the furnace is stable.

The pulling of the heat exchanger of Breckwell pellet stoves several times a day helps a lot also. This is to detect whether there are soot in the chambers. Clean with a soft brush and some fluid not only for proper working but also for maintenance.

For more information about the various models of Breckwell Pellet Stoves please visit our site. You can also find general information about wood burning stoves by going here.

Delonghi Convector Heater – A Review

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I was on the lookout for a heater for my workshop at home for quite some time and after I had read countless reviews I settled for the Delonghi Convector heater 2.4kw. The fact that this heater did everything that I wanted made it a fantastic purchase that was great value for money.

One of the great things about the Delonghi Convector heater 2.4kw was that it was actually so simple to set up and it is so easy to use because it is very light and also has wheels. My workshop is actually quite big but believe it or not, it managed to heat it up in a matter of minutes. I have used other heaters before but not one of them ever managed to get the entire room warm and in so little time.

The Delonghi Convector heater 2.4kw comes with six different heat settings which provide a lot of flexibility and this is one of the best things about it. I like the room to be quite hot, but when my son is in the workshop working with me I need to turn it down a few notches.

The heater works without any noise; this surprised me because I thought the fact that it was a convertor heater would mean that it would be noisy – I’m not sure where I got that idea from.

You must remember however that you will end up paying quite a bit in electricity if you leave your Delonghi Convector heater 2.4kw on all the time. But if you are using it only as and when you need it, you will find that it actually offers great value for money especailly as it is great at doing its job. My only issue is that I often find that my heater has disappeared from the workshop; the fact that it is so light means that my wife and teenage daughter have no problem carrying it back into the house to keep them nice and toasty.

For everything you need to know about convector heaters just follow the link to find a wealth of information.

Reviewing Delonghi Convector Heaters

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The Delonghi convector heater deserves a glowing review. There are many safety features and bonuses that make this a safe, user-friendly heater. There are a number of different styles and sizes of heater which you can buy from Delonghi and if you need more information about the one that will suit you, the best place to visit would be the websites where they are sold and then check out some of the user reviews.

These heaters seem to be less expensive than other styles of convector heater regardless that they come with many more features. A great safety feature of these heaters is the inclusion of an alarm which sounds if the heater gets knocked over to ensure you will be able to rectify this before your carpet or floor gets damaged. And as a way to be certain that as little damage as possible is done in the event that the heater is knocked over, it will automatically switch off.

Another great feature of the Delonghi heater is the fact that it includes a 24 hour timer. This means that you can set it to switch on and off during the day – as you need the house or room to heat. For example you can set it early in the morning and then later in the afternoon before you get home.

The unique thermostat of a Delonghi convector heater will allow it to heat up a room and maintain that temperature. It will heat the room to the desired temperature and then switch off. Once the temperature dips below the set temperature, the heater switches itself on again and heats up the room.

You can choose between three settings which are 1Kw-Low, 2Kw-Medium and 3Kw-High. Each setting is aimed at catering for personal preference. The turbo boost setting allows the user to have warm air blown into the room to either top up the heat or to make the room warm instantly.

For those with pets or children, the Delonghi convector heater really is a great choice for heating the home. The safety considerations make it an proper choice and the other features make it the more affordable choice. If you’d like information on which Delonghi heaters are the best then you should take a look at the many Delonghi convector heater reviews for advice.

One of the best ways to warm up your home or office is with convector heaters. But when it comes to these you may want to find out things like Delonghi convector heater review. By sure to not rush your purchase until you have learned as much as possible about convector heaters.

For everything you need to know about convector heater just follow the link to find a wealth of information.

Heating Your Home With Electric Radiators

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During the winter one of your main priorities will be getting home and keeping warm. There are, however, several ways that this can be done, for example, wood fires, under floor heating etc. But the disadvantage of these ways are that they are either too expensive or they are bad for the environment.

One of the best ways to heat your home and to maintain the heat is to use radiators. Electric radiators are probably one of the best choices when it comes to heating the home as they are perfect for heating up a large room without costing a lot of money and they are more than capable of keeping the room warm for quite a long time.

When it comes to electric radiators, you will find a host of choices; in fact you will find more than 150 different styles. You can choose your radiator as a feature piece in your room depending on the style and size you choose or you might want to go with something less dramatic – the choice is yours.

As long as there is somewhere for you to plug in your radiator, you can use it in almost any room in the house such as kitchen, living room or bedrooms. Radiators are very safe to use and they produce a constant, even heat – but the one bad thing could be the fact that they do tend to get quite hot on the outside too.

Although it is never advisable to sleep with a heater on in a room, electrical radiators can be safely left on during the night without fear of causing a fire. But to do this you must ensure that the electricity socket and plug on the radiator are wired correctly and that the radiator you are using is in good condition.

Once on, the heater shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to heat up and within half an hour the room should start to feel very cosy. It is very important that you keep warm in the winter as it is good for the health especially that of young children. Keep warm safely!

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