The Best Way to Get Houses to Flip

July 20, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate · Comment 

What’s that? You are wondering how you can actually go about finding suitable houses to flip??

I spend a lot of time speaking with people about how to be successful in the real estate business, however if you cannot find potential properties to rehab, you will undoubtedly have a tough time launching your career.

Expert real estate agents can be a super valuable resource for finding houses to flip – they have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on and are usually very knowledgeable.

The Ins and Outs of How to Find Houses to Flip with the Assistance of Real Estate Agents

I recommend that you check out the below tips, and immediately incorporate them into how you go about finding properties with the help of a real estate agent:

Be sure to not waste the agent’s time: Like everyone else real estate agents are concerned with making money so you need to be careful to be respectful as well as not waste their time. The last thing you want to do is make a real estate agent run around at random properties. It is important to not have them do all this work unless you plan on taking action. Taking action on a potential deal is what it’s all about folks!

Communicate to the real estate agent what is most important to your real estate business: Often times real estate agents need to be educated on the type of house flipping you plan to do so you guys are on the same page right from the beginning. Tell them how you like to do business and purchase properties – the types of houses you want and where they should be located. It is important to be upfront with your agent regarding this stage in the process.

Focus on relationship building: Refer back to the importance of both building a solid house flipping team as well as the power of. Locating the right people is very important – you may filter through a number of agents before you find one that you can really mesh well with.

Getting access to the agent’s MLS account: Access to MLS is key (the nationwide multiple listing service). Finding houses to flip becomes much easier when you have access to an agent’s MLS compilation of houses in specific region, as well as for use in your comps when you submit an offer.

Additionally, their free service gives you some solid information on homes as well as foreclosures that are on the market for sale. Oftentimes the real estate agent will run comps for you at your request. But better yet, a good real estate agent you develop a relationship with may give you access to their MLS database so you can do it on your own. Of course don’t forget to mention just how much time you will be saving them.

Return the favor for them: And while you are busy looking for potential house flip properties, keep your eyes open for opportunities for them as well. Attempt to help them make more money by passing them qualified referrals. Always give more than you receive, then when you have asked for what you want, make sure you are ready to receive it when it comes. It’s not only smart business, it’ just good karma.

Explore mentorship opportunities: Sometimes a real estate agent will also be an experienced house flipper. The two business avenues work very well with one another. The agent is already in the field and they have insider information regarding properties throughout a chosen region.

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