Diabetes 101 – The Use Of Insulin For Type 2 Diabetes

January 31, 2012 · Posted in Health · Comment 

Glucose is a simple sugar in the blood that produces the energy which is used by our body to perform day by day activities. Without glucose, we don’t have enough energy to perform daily tasks or chores. Our blood glucose is regulated by some hormones which includes insulin. It is a type of hormone that allows glucose to move from blood into other organs like our liver, our muscles and our fat cells, which glucose is used as a fuel for energy.

Insulin is produced by our pancreas. The pancreas is a small organ found in the abdomen, between our stomach and our liver. The pancreas secretes other types of enzymes which are essential in digesting food.

In Type II Diabetes Mellitus, the pancreas secretes insulin, but our human body is not able to or partially not able to make use of the insulin it secreted. In professional medical terms it’s identified as Insulin Resistance. Our system tries to defeat that sort of resistance by producing a growing number of insulin, consequently elevating its levels. Elevated levels of insulin can make our body compensate with that incidence and thus don’t continue to secrete insulin to deal with higher demands.

Diagnosis for Type II DM involves fasting blood sugar and oral glucose tests. With these, the sugar ranges on your own blood will show in case you have the disease. Higher ranges could rule out that your pancreas are usually not secreting adequate insulin to breakdown your blood glucose. Your physician will also check your blood pressure, the skin and bones on your feet, the sensation on your own ft, and your eyes.

Though the primary drug used for treatment is the hormone insulin itself, there are also other alternative remedies available. Due to the research made for diabetes, new diabetes treatment has come up. There a number of managements available today.

The rapid and principal intention of treatment for Type II DM is always to reduce your significant ranges of blood glucose. The other intention is to avoid additionally complications. The key intervention for it is exercise and regulation of your diet regime.

People with Type II DM must eat at several times each day and must choose the right food to eat. This routine will regulate your blood sugar levels to maintain at a normal level. You must prevent it from becoming very high or very low.

Maintaining your weight is important. Obese persons with diabetes have higher chances to get complications. Some persons with Type II DM may stop taking medications even he or she has still diabetes.

Regular exercise is a necessity for people with diabetes especially for those who are obese. It is a natural way to lower your sugar levels in the blood without any use of medications. It can also burn your calories and fats to maintain your weight. It will also improve your health by regulating your blood flow thus maintaining your blood pressure level. Exercise also lowers body’s tension and can reduce stress.

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