Life of an iCollege Student

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

Being connected to the internet at all times is an absolute necessity for today’s college student. For me, my iPhone has been a lifesaver when it comes to checking last minute e-mails and teachers’ homework postings. My iPhone helps me get through the day and that is why my iPhone charger is one of my most important possessions. It is always with me, whether in my purse or backpack because I never know when it might be time to revive my phone’s battery.

Using my iPhone excessively makes my battery drain very quickly, which to me is basically a crisis. I use my phone for so many things throughout the day that I would go crazy without it. If I forget to print something for class and I need to view the file on my phone, having it fully charged is an absolute necessity. When I’m checking my Facebook notifications after a long day of classes, I need to have my phone plugged in, charging and getting ready for the next day.

I am never without my iPhone charger. Whether it’s in my purse or backpack, I never take a chance without it. I know that my mother is grateful for this because when she calls or texts me to see how I’m doing, she expects my phone to be on, charged and ready to answer her. Having my charger with me at all times is definitely worth not having my mom worrying about me while I’m at school.

I love trivia and interesting fun facts and when a question pops into my head, Google is my go-to resource. Being able to connect to the Internet at any given time is vital in my fast-paced on-the-go lifestyle, which is just another reason why having my iLuv iPhone charger is so important.

College life can get hectic and crazy at times, but having access to all the information that I need for my classes at my fingertips is so convenient. Making sure that my iPhone is always charged and ready to use is so prominent in my daily routine that I can’t even remember what life was like before it.

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Damage Protection with Samsung Galaxy Cases

July 25, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

With so many new smartphones being released out onto the market these days, they have become one of the most popular forms of personal communication now. With the wide range of features available to them, smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy are in high demand now. While you may be eager to go buy one yourself, try to slow down and consider what you should buy with it in order to protect it; Samsung Galaxy cases for example.

When you decide to finally get a Samsung Galaxy for yourself, you are probably excited to use its entire range of abilities, including its hundreds of various apps. But, it would be a great shame to lose everything that you’ve attained in the unlikely yet possible event that of the phone falling and breaking somewhere. If you want a phone that remains fully intact, you’d do well to add some sort of Galaxy protective cover to your collection of accessories.

It’s not always anticipated that the Galaxy that you’ve finally gotten your hands on will decide to fall and get smashed at any given moment. If it does happen though, you may not only have the screen shattered, but perhaps the entire phone’s ability to work well. Therefore, you’d do well to prevent your phone and/or wallet from breaking by buying a case. For options on new Galaxy cases, click here.

If you think that buying a Galaxy case will be an extraneous purchase that is a waste and won’t be put to use. The case can actually be one of the best accessories you will buy for your Samsung Galaxy because it will prevent future breaks and buying a completely new phone (far more expensive!).

You are probably enthusiastic to jump into the smartphone craze and you may be choosing a Samsung Galaxy as your smartphone choice. If you do so though, be sure to buy a case and you will be protected against extra expenses.

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Why an iPad Dock Makes Sense

July 24, 2012 · Posted in Internet · Comment 

For one reason or another, the market for iPad docks has not been nearly as large as the market for iPod docks and iHome products. This is funny, because a dock would be best served for an iPad over an iPod. It can do everything an iPod can do and more. iPods are just music and video, whereas with an iPad you can play the same music, videos on a much bigger screen with better quality, and you can do all sorts of other presentation and app related activities.

If you have an iPad, just think about the stuff you use it for. You use it for convenient Internet browsing, like when you say to a friend, “You seriously haven’t seen that commercial? Let me look it up.” We have all been there, in a crowded room with our iPad trying to show somebody a video and they tell you to turn it up and you tell them, “That’s as loud as it goes.” Wouldn’t it be nice to just pop the thing on a dock and actually be able to hear it? Also, when you’re showing it to people, rather than one person holding it and everyone standing over them, you could all sit back and watch it like it was a small TV.

While it might be easier to just complain that Apple should have installed better speakers in the iPad, where is that going to get you? We can all just collectively hope that they do a better job for the next time around. Also, charging an iPad can be a bit of a pain, because Apple has made their iPad wires unnecessarily short (something to add to your complaint to them when you write it). With a wire so short, it’s hard to charge it and use it at the same time. iPad docks charge the iPad, solving that problem instantly.

If you are looking for somewhere to by an iPad dock, visit here for more information. That website offers a nice variety of iPad docks at reasonable prices. The Internet is the best place to shop for these devices as of right now, because they have not taken off to the extent of other docks.

iPad docks have not been the product they were expecting to be, considering the success of the iPad. If you have an iPad, you should be willing to shell out a little cash to improve the sound quality and usage of your iPad. You don’t even need to leave your computer chair to get it, so there are no more excuses!

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How I Lost My iPhone Charger When I Went On Vacation

July 20, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

Recently I went with my family to the Bahamas for a 7 day vacation. All 5 of us – me, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister – went together. This might sound like a nice gesture on my parent’s part, but think about the fact that all of us were expected to spend every second of the day together and be cramped in a tiny hotel room. After thinking of it that way, it’s much more likely that this vacation would end in a disaster. But my mom wanted me to stay positive. She said to stop expecting the worst outcome and just go with the flow. I wanted to keep my mom happy because this was here only week of vacation time from her job until winter, so I decided to suck it up and just enjoy the trip. But things changed when I lost my iPhone charger before we even made it to the Bahamas.

It might not seem like a big deal, but I just got my iPhone and I’ve started to depend on it for a lot lately. I didn’t actually realize that my iPhone charger was gone until I started unpacking all my stuff later that night. I started off very calm because I figured it would turn up by the time I finished emptying my bag. Maybe it was just stuck on the bottom or it got lost in one of the many pockets of my luggage. But that didn’t happen.

It was quite a chaotic experience. I was rummaging through all my stuff and throwing things all over my room going crazy because my charger wasn’t anywhere to be found. I basically threw a big temper tantrum in the middle of the hotel room. My parents tried to calm me down, but I couldn’t live without my iPhone for the next 7 days. What was I supposed to do when my phone died? I needed my iPhone charger now.

The next day, I was still upset because we couldn’t get to the store yet to buy a new charger. My parents wanted to spend the day by the pool because they were tired from the trip. They told me I had to wait until tomorrow to go to the store. So until then, I made it my goal to do everything I could to conserve my phone’s battery. Instead of turning to my phone for the time, I found a clock or I asked someone with a watch. And instead of spending my time playing with all the apps on my phone, I tried to just sit back and enjoy the day by the pool. But I knew that tomorrow I would have to ask the hotel manager about where I could go to purchase a new charger.

The next morning, the first thing I did was find the hotel manager to ask him where the nearest store was for me to get a new iPhone charger. I was worried he might not know, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he had a list of all the retail stores within a 10 mile radius of the hotel. Although the list mostly consisted of clothing stores, I finally found a store that would work for me – Best Buy. I got the directions and I was on my way to the store in my family’s rental car within a few minutes. I was back quick, and I was much happier than when I left. With my new iPhone charger, I was finally ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy my family vacation. I really hope this problem never arises again.

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iPhone 4s Cases and LP

June 18, 2012 · Posted in Internet · Comment 

It’s true I had been unemployed for some time at that point in my life. I was bouncing from job to job that was off the books and temporary and I was becoming stressed about not being able to settle down. I had just bought a new iPhone with a brand new iPhone 4s case and was worrying how to afford the bill. Working at a nearby shop my friend confronted me about being able to get me a spot on the crew.

The job was an overnight stock position and the hours were to be from 9pm to 6am the next morning. Being that I never worked overnight before it seemed like an interesting life experience. The kind of people I may meet and eating lunch at 4am seemed like interesting prospects. My friend helped set up an interview and I was soon on my way to legitimate employment.

The interview with the top overnight manager went smoothly and the next Monday I was introduced to the people I’d be working with. There was Mike, Chris, old man Jake, Rich, my friend Steve and now me. Being overnight workers our core duties work sheer grunt work. This included; unloading the truck then breaking down all the pallets and stock the shelves for the next day. It was simple enough.

Not long after I started I came to know that my friend Steve didn’t care for Mike as he was a bold faced liar about many things. One of his exaggerations was that he was also a transit cop for the city when he wasn’t working overnight with us. So Steve came up with a plan to rid the night crew of Mike. As they were working together on stocking iPhone 4s cases away Mike told Steve he needed one or himself to which Steve replied; “Oh it’s not a problem, just put it in your pocket. I do it all the time and they never say anything to me.” Wanting to know more about iPhone 4s cases people can simply click here.

If you’ve ever worked overnight you would know that rule number one is under no circumstance will stealing be tolerated. With cameras everyone it’s understood that big brother is constantly watching. Without hesitation Mike was pulled upstairs by loss prevention and instantly fired. It was a sinister and sneaky plot that he put together and executed all on his own. I didn’t necessarily agree morally with what he had done but I can’t deny that I was pretty impressed.

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Why My Grandma Scoured The Stores For Samsung Galaxy’s Cases

June 14, 2012 · Posted in Internet · Comment 

My grandma is 62 years old now. Her birthday just passed, and my mom and her 4 brothers decided that the Samsung GALAXY’S would be the perfect gift for her. It was definitely a useful gift for her because she is tech savvy, always up to date with the latest advances in technology. Usually people think that grandparents can’t even work a computer, but my grandma is not like that. She loves Facebook, she probably texts as much as I do, and she never leaves home without her cell phone. My mom brought me with her to pick out the phone. We asked for help from a salesperson, who pointed us in the direction of the iPhone 4S and the Samsung GALAXY’S. After realizing that they really both had the same capabilities, we picked the less expensive one. I think we made a good choice because when my grandma opened her gift she was so excited. She was even more excited to go shopping, because now she had to pick out the best Samsung GALAXY’S cases.

My grandma called me the other day to ask me to help her pick out a nice case for her phone, and I was quick to agree. I love going shopping with my grandma. She’s a very organized shopper, so she a list in her mind of places she wanted to go since you can find Samsung GALAXY’S cases in a lot of places. Click here to see some of the coolest cases. First we were going to hit the mall by my house, and then we were going to try the mall by my grandma’s house. If we didn’t find anything there, we were going to look online. Also, my grandma had big plans to travel to New York City to check out some of the vendors there during her shopping trip next week.

We began our search at my mall, specifically, in the Verizon store. They only had about 10 different cases on display that day. I guess they were out of a lot. But the ones that we did see didn’t catch our eyes. The pink and purple ones looked too youthful for my grandma, and the black cases were so plain and boring. We gave up on that store and headed into the main building of the mall to look at the smaller vendors. Most of those cases were too glitzy for my grandma, so we decided against them. Then we left to go to the mall by my grandma’s house.

There were so many more options in the mall by my grandma’s house. There were a bunch of individual vendor stands in the main building. There was a wide array of colors and even a bunch of different patterns. My grandma actually found a few that she really liked, and I though they looked good too. Unfortunately, the price of these cases was astronomical. Some of them were even double the price of the cases we saw at my mall. In the end, we didn’t buy anything there because my grandma didn’t want to spend that much money. She wanted to try looking online first and then if she couldn’t find anything better she might come back and spend the money here.

We really hit the jackpot when we looked online. Somehow, we managed to find the exact same striped case that my grandma saw at her mall. It was on Ebay and it was as good as new. The best part was that it cost only half as much as the one we saw at the mall. It was our lucky day. My grandma bid on the case and she won it later that day! She was going to get it in a few days and she couldn’t wait. Our search for the perfect cell phone case was complete.

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How Technological Advancements in Accessories Such as the iPhone Case are Redefining the Technology Market

May 16, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

Technology is moving at a pace that has not been seen since the industrial revolution transformed the world over 100 years ago. This spread in technologies is unprecedented. The world ten years from now is still up for grabs, and monstrous technology megaliths like Apple and Microsoft are leading the way with their innovations. It’s not just the technology market that is reshaping the world, but the accessory market that goes along with it is helping to put capital in the pockets of these companies. Accessories such as the iPhone case are really helping out.

There have been multiple technological advances over the years. Producers have risen to the occasion and fallen off the wayside. Companies like Rim are stressed because their lack of vision and inability to innovate their blackberry is really starting to take its toll on the company as a whole. Even though it was RIM that introduced the first smart phone, it’s Apple that will put the final nail in the coffin with their iPhone, and their new processor, the iOs5.

Apple does not hold the only keys to the market of cell phone technology though; other companies have risen from the bottom to become direct challengers to the iPhone. The Samsung GALAXY has all the weapons it needs to directly fight the iPhone. It has everything from an advanced processor, to the android market, and a dependability that isn’t seen in many other phones that come with the Droid platform.

It’s not just about the technology market though. It’s also about the accessory arena and with some cool accessories such as the iPhone charger Apple is doing well. iPhone cases are just another example of the abilities of Apple to come out with unique and interesting accessory products for their iPhone. Let us not disregard the iPad either, a product that some say over time will overtake the abilities of Laptops everywhere. With the iPad dock it grew to become a new and interesting piece of technology that you can use with anything, anywhere you go. If you’re looking to buy one of these accessories, check out You should find out more about this company.

Apple has done quite well for itself with its technologies and parts, which are numerous. The iPhone case is just one instance of this. One could write several books about the success of the company over the last decade. Nobody really knows where we will be ten years from now technologically speaking, but one thing is for sure, things will not look the same as they do now.

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How Finding the Right iPhone Case Can Help You Find the Right iPad Dock

May 6, 2012 · Posted in Internet · Comment 

Are you looking for the right iPad dock reviews? Are you doubtful where to begin with things like an iPhone case? If you’re new to ordering electronics and accessories for your iPad, sometimes finding reliable sources can be a challenge, even for a misplaced iPhone charger.

Bear in mind, finding the information you need isn’t impossible. First, it’s all-important to realize what you want. This will help you define your iPad dock reviews. For example, did you want an iPhone charger for your car, your home, or for work? Did you want a device that is compatible with other mobile devices as well? The number of ports, the installation process, the price, the type of iPhone case, and others are all very important to consider prematurely.

If you’re looking for the most recent in iPad docking station reviews, it may be wise to review the latest press releases regarding docking stations. You may very well come across the release of a product that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Press releases are also quite trustworthy in that not only do they provide a wealth of information, but you’re guaranteed accurate details, as the facts come straight from the manufacturing company.

Sometimes, however, you may want second viewpoints. In this case, it’s in your best interest to search for legitimate blogs and sites that are geared toward iPod docking station reviews. Not only will they provide you with price guides and photos, but their reviews are guaranteed to be informative, interesting, and written by bloggers and journalists that have took care of the product themselves and know its nuances. Similarly, you may wish to begin to browse videos. This will allow you to witness firsthand how your docking station works, its size and shape, and how easy it is to manipulate. You may end up learning more from video iPod docking station reviews than you thought possible. Finally, it makes sense that you should be careful when reading user reviews, but you shouldn’t discount them entirely. Oftentimes you will find surprisingly detailed reports from passionate technology experts about what makes a particular docking station worth five stars or none.

Most importantly, it’s most important that you consider several iPad docking station reviews before making your overall decision. This allows you to make sure that the basic features you’re looking for are all consistent. When it comes to searching iPad docking station reviews, you may feel a bit puzzled at first. However, with practice and patience, you will be able to find the best docking station for your needs.

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Using an iPhone Charger and Case Excessively

May 6, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

I consider myself something of a secured person when it comes to caring for my hardware. Whether it’s my cell phone or video game handheld, I always feel like I need to have something surrounding it so that it isn’t bouncing in my pocket in an unprotected manner. An iPhone case, free from its iPhone charger, helps but at what point do you announce “this might be too much?” Protecting such items that you might find in an iPad dock is fine but at times the overprotective bug bites hard.

When I’m out and about, I am hardly ever without my phone case and I am sure many people can say this if they have an iPhone case on them. When you don’t have an iPhone charger and dock to cradle it, having an iPhone case to carry it in your pocket keeps it safe. I know I’m not the only one who hates scratches. Other people become overly afraid of breakage, too, so it’s good to have some cushioning in case an iPad dock or other related docking station isn’t present.

However, there comes a point when over abundant care comes into play and excess becomes the kinder term to use. I once knew someone who had split the screen on their iPhone and getting a replacement proved to be a bigger pain than what it was worth. After a while, he finally got a replacement and after that, he made it a point to keep that thing safe. What I did not know was that he would actually start coddling it like it was a baby made absolutely out of glass.

I couldn’t even touch my friend’s iPhone anymore because he was concerned of smudges on his screen. Whenever he got tired of playing around with it or if he had to get up, even for a second, the darned thing was covered. I’m not against protection of a product but there’s a fine line between protection and over protection. He fell into the second and while it was kind of amusing at first, his reluctance to loosen up definitely grated my nerves.

That’s my own personal story about just how neurotic people can get when it comes to keeping their tech safe. It’s important to do so, without a doubt. The problem arises when caring for an iPhone becomes akin to raising a child. It’s an outrageous, 24-7 procedure that never seems to end. It doesn’t have to be that way, at least in my mind. Just make sure you have a handy case and not to scar it beyond repair and I believe you will be just fine.

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The iPhone Case Does Well to Protect the iPhone So Maybe You Should Get an iPad Case

May 2, 2012 · Posted in Internet · Comment 

If you’re searching for a dock for your iPad that is flowing, stylish, and portable, an iPad dock is one of the best choices on the market today. Its innovative qualities, professional design, and excellent sound quality make it an ideal addition to any home, office, or classroom. If you need accessories for your iPad and iPhone the iPhone charger is second to none, and the iPhone case is also a great accessory to have.

Why is an iPad dock ideal for you? For one, its small size makes it simple to include it in any room of the house, whether you want to play soft jazz in your living room or encouraging classical music in your kitchen while you cook. It also fits nicely in home library bookshelves and mantelpieces, as well as desks and counters. Why do you need an iPhone charger? Well for one it’s a common charger, and works not just for the iPhone but for the iPad as well. The iPhone case is great at protecting your iPhone as well.

Another great feature is that the iPad dock works properly plugged into a wall or running on batteries. This not only allows you to display the device throughout your home, but it also allows you to use it outdoors as well, which makes it ideal for picnics, tailgating parties, and barbecues. The dock also comes equipped with a strong remote, allowing you to control volume, shuffle through playlists, and turn the sound on and off from almost any distance. Its sound quality has to be its most powerful point. It enables you to turn any room in your house into an instant gathering area as it plays crisp, clear, powerful sound with no sign of distortion or crackling.

Transporting the iPad dock is made surprisingly simple thanks in part to its opportune carrying handle. The iPad base also swivels neatly out of harm’s way, allowing you to carry it without worrying about accidentally knocking it against something. It’s trouble free to imagine how these attributes would be useful, whether you’re moving your dock to a different room or taking it with you on vacation. If you’re concerned about the speakers, you also have the option of purchasing an attractive carrying case as well.

What of the incorporating of the iPad and the dock? This dock is appropriate with almost all types of iPads as well as iPhones, allowing you to turn your favorite transportable device into a high quality sound system. Better still, should you have other mp3 players or music phones, its innovative adapter allows you to use these devices as well. If you truly wish to get the best quality sound from your iPad or iPhone, an iPad dock will provide you with unforgettable quality. Though pricey, you’ll soon discover for yourself why they’re worth every cent.

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Technologies of the Future: New iPhone Case

April 26, 2012 · Posted in Computers · Comment 

I have recently seen, in a few blogs, a couple of folks talking about how helpful the new iPhone case is, and after reading some of the articles, I agree. This isn’t like when the iPad dock first came out, and everyone deemed it was going to bring a revolution for the technology industry. It’s more like when iTunes first came out, how it was picked up slowly but now, it is on pretty much every computer in America.

The Clone Power Case from Apple comes with a new component. This feature is a back up battery pack that can give an additional 6 to 8 hours of battery. In addition to this being flat out amazing, it is also something that can change the whole industry. It would reduce the need to have more than one iPhone charger. In the future, I think that this is going to be taken by any and all manufacturers, mainly because they won’t want the competition to be a step ahead of them.

Products like the iPad dock were very interesting to see come into the technology world, however, it is understandable why they aren’t products that became major players in the industry. They get too conventional too quickly, in addition to that, they aren’t something that can be turned from an accessory into a necessity.

Think about it in the early days of the cell phone it was almost a flop. They weren’t that popular but now, some homes don’t have land line phones anymore because of the how often we use our cell phones. This is what I mean when I say turning something from an appliance into a necessity.

The new iPhone case will become a requirement, just mark my words. Soon we will see Android and other smartphone providers making casings with more battery packs inside of them.

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An iPhone Case is the Best Choice, Correct?

April 22, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

I have heard a few amazing stories about the adventures some of my friends have gotten into when deciding which phone is the best one to get. With all of the choices to make between which phone to get, whether or not you’re going to get an iPhone case, (in which case you should make sure it can accommodate the iPhone charger. If you’re going to need a Samsung Galaxy case, the possibilities are limitless.

At first glance, all the people seems to say, “Oh, I want the iPhone, for sure” and even I am guilty of doing the same thing. However, when you actually look at it, what are the main differences between the iPhone and the Galaxy, and which is the right one to consider?

The iPhone case has several great layouts, the 4G data is a huge plus, and an extra battery pack would make any person feel ok about leaving the house with half of their battery left. You could always buy an extra iPhone charger. Because of these details about the iPhone not being the most promoted, when you hear about them you immediately think that the iPhone is a hands down decision, yet what about the Galaxy?

The Samsung Galaxy cases are usually much more stylish and give a nicer appearance than those of the iPhone. Apps may be purchased faster on the iPhone, however, when it comes to the simple functions of a cell phone, the Galaxy is actually a really smart move. The Galaxy has a very long battery life on it, as well 3G data ability, which is standard, yet for some it is all they need.

The missing link, however, is the not popularized HTC Amaze, which is not mentioned heavily in comparison with the iPhone or the Galaxy. Yet, the Amaze is a very good smart phone, just like the iPhone case it provides a reserve battery to avoid automatic shut down when the battery dies. Like the Galaxy, the Amaze doesn’t have the accessible apps that the iPhone has. Yet, as I stated before, if you are looking for a great phone, that will live up to and past the hype, than the iPhone might not be the phone for you.

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