Dropping iPhones without iPhone Cases

June 26, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

I never really owned a smartphone before now. I’ve had cellphones; a Samsung and a blackberry once and a couple flip Motorola phones but in time I’ve destroyed them all. I’m not good with cellphones. To me they aren’t really worth much and are very disposable. I can always get a new one. I recently finally invested in my first iPhone 4 however. It’s different from my other phones. I feel like it is way more than just a phone, it’s like a little computer/ organizer/ everything in your pocket at once. Even playing with it for only a few minutes in the store I fell in love with it as much as someone could love an object. Even then though I was still on the fence about buying an iPhone case; I figured it was just one of those things salesmen push on you for an extra few bucks.

Since I’ve started owning cellphones I’ve never had a case for any of them. The way I see it is that eventually every phone is going to break and it’s just a matter of time. It might take a few months or even a few years but the phone will wear down, become scratched, and the buttons fall off and it breaks. All it is; is a mere fact of life.

Through my own stupidity I assumed the iPhone could be treated like my other phones. It would be relatively durable but as time would inevitable go on I’d have to purchase a new one. Even in terms of overall battery life eventually I’ll have to get one with a new battery because you only get so many charges. Regardless of the technology in the iPhone being more advanced than anything else I’ve had before I really believed it would be able to survive after at least one or two big hits.

Without much time passing; I quickly found that my ideas on cellphones were absolutely wrong. iPhones are actually extremely delicate. The screen with such vivid clarity easily can crack without too much effort whatsoever. Once I decided not to buy the iPhone case I headed home and cracked the screen right on my driveway in one shot. I barely owned it for 45 minutes so to buy a case for yourself visit here.

If you’re planning on getting a new iPhone for yourself don’t be as stupid as I was and pick yourself up a case along with it. It will save you stress, time and money if you dish out the extra thirty or forty bucks. I was forced to go back to the Apple store and buy a brand new one because I didn’t even have insurance on the thing. Needless to say; I was pretty pissed.

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Using an iPhone Charger and Case Excessively

May 6, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

I consider myself something of a secured person when it comes to caring for my hardware. Whether it’s my cell phone or video game handheld, I always feel like I need to have something surrounding it so that it isn’t bouncing in my pocket in an unprotected manner. An iPhone case, free from its iPhone charger, helps but at what point do you announce “this might be too much?” Protecting such items that you might find in an iPad dock is fine but at times the overprotective bug bites hard.

When I’m out and about, I am hardly ever without my phone case and I am sure many people can say this if they have an iPhone case on them. When you don’t have an iPhone charger and dock to cradle it, having an iPhone case to carry it in your pocket keeps it safe. I know I’m not the only one who hates scratches. Other people become overly afraid of breakage, too, so it’s good to have some cushioning in case an iPad dock or other related docking station isn’t present.

However, there comes a point when over abundant care comes into play and excess becomes the kinder term to use. I once knew someone who had split the screen on their iPhone and getting a replacement proved to be a bigger pain than what it was worth. After a while, he finally got a replacement and after that, he made it a point to keep that thing safe. What I did not know was that he would actually start coddling it like it was a baby made absolutely out of glass.

I couldn’t even touch my friend’s iPhone anymore because he was concerned of smudges on his screen. Whenever he got tired of playing around with it or if he had to get up, even for a second, the darned thing was covered. I’m not against protection of a product but there’s a fine line between protection and over protection. He fell into the second and while it was kind of amusing at first, his reluctance to loosen up definitely grated my nerves.

That’s my own personal story about just how neurotic people can get when it comes to keeping their tech safe. It’s important to do so, without a doubt. The problem arises when caring for an iPhone becomes akin to raising a child. It’s an outrageous, 24-7 procedure that never seems to end. It doesn’t have to be that way, at least in my mind. Just make sure you have a handy case and not to scar it beyond repair and I believe you will be just fine.

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My New iPhone Case

May 5, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

I am very responsible when it comes to cell phones. I have had the same phone for over 2 years now and before that I didn’t even wreck my old phone; I was just eligible for an upgrade so I used it. I loved my old phone, especially the Samsung Galaxy case that I picked up for it. But, I’m so stoked to start using my new phone.

I just purchased an iPhone. I know a good number of people have the iPhone now, but I was reluctant to purchase it. I ordered the iPhone case with the phone, even though I don’t really drop my phones because I’m so careful with them. I also got the iPhone charger that came with the phone. It was an incredible deal.

I was definitely unsure whether to get the iPhone at first. I’m not very tech savvy, so I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to operate the phone correctly. The major reason that I bought the phone was because I needed a phone with internet capabilities. Somehow, I had my old Samsung Galaxy without shelling out for the data package, so I didn’t have internet access. I’m not really sure how that happened, but now I really want the world wide web on my smartphone.

I went to the Verizon store last week to consult with a sales representative about changing my phone. The lady there was very knowledgeable and helpful. She showed me all my possibilities for buying a new phone, and she discussed the pros and cons of each option. She mentioned things like the battery life of each smartphone, the online capabilities, and the amount of data that they could hold. I was mostly fascinated about the ease of use of each phone. It turns out that overwhelmingly the phone that was easiest to use was the iPhone, so that is what I decided.

As soon as I opted for the phone, I had to go evaluate the accessories. I haggled with the sales representative to include the iPhone charger with the purchase price of my cellphone. She was pretty lenient about it, so it didn’t take that much persuading on my part. Also, I picked out an iPhone case. I decided on a case with black and white polka dots on a pink background. I basically just decided on the case to add some style to my mobile, not to protect particularly it because I wasn’t nervous about dropping it. It was a much better case than the Samsung Galaxy cases that I saw when I was shopping for accessories for my old phone.

Overall, I’m glad I decided to buy the iPhone. Although it’s new to me and I don’t know about all the features yet, I’m psyched to begin using it. I’ve already started using the internet on my phone now. That has been massively helpful because now I can access my email accounts for work and school when I’m not around my computer. The salesperson was entirely right – this phone is so simple to use. I would without any doubt recommend the iPhone to others.

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iPhone Cases: Why You Should Put Effort into Your Search if You Live an Active Lifestyle

February 9, 2012 · Posted in Technology · Comment 

When you get a brand new iPhone, one of the things you are going to have to do is accessorize it. This is the only real way to tell which one is yours if you happen to leave it on a table during a party, since most people have one these days. The thing that you will want to do is make sure that you explore the various options of iPhone covers for your phone, no matter which model you have.

For instance, you can look online and find that there are a multitude of accessories and covers that you can choose from. Some of these are strictly decorative. If you know a teenager who just got a smart phone, then he or she may enjoy the iPhone covers that look glittery and interesting. However, if you are an adult that wants to keep good track of your phone, then you should find the covers that are indestructible.

Some people even have a hard time finding their way around a city without the use of their phone. This is why you should put in a few hours of research to find the best iPhone 4 covers that will protect your phone. If you find the right covers, you will see that they can protect your phone even from water damage. This is especially useful if you walk around outside each day, since you want to be sure that if you drop it in a puddle, it will still be safe.

The main thing that you want to do as you try to find the iPhone cases that are going to help keep your phone safe is read reviews online. A product can advertise anything that it wants to without any regard for the truth. Reviews, on the other hand, are going to be more likely to tell you what you want to hear. You want to make sure that you read the reviews of the products that you are considering before you buy them.

Once you read the reviews about the iPhone covers that you are interested in, you are going to see which ones will keep your phone safe. Having this type of device is a great blessing because it can teach you things about the world and keep you safe in the event of an emergency. Many people are getting smart phones each day, and even more people are realizing the importance of having a good hard cover for their smart phone.

Having an iPhone is a great privilege. These devices can be used for anything from looking up directions to calling someone without even hitting any buttons. The last thing you want is for yours to break because you did not get the right type of iPhone cases. This is why you should put some time into finding the best ones for your specific situation online.

When you want to find the best iPhone covers, just look online. You can find iPhone 4 covers for much cheaper than in the retail stores.

Contact Professional Retailers for Quality Protective Accessories

January 8, 2012 · Posted in Communication · Comment 

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the life without electronic devices as we can find them everywhere around us. Advanced technologies of this era have made it possible and easier for every individual to get access to any of the gadget these days. Hence, whether you think about to communicate, educate or to move from one place to another you will find any of the technological advanced devices or machines will be involved in everything as an integral need of the society.

Gadgets are not only making our lives comfortable but also bringing style to it. These days, innovative gadgets like iphone, ipod, I pad2, Xbox have become the necessity of every second individual. If you are also a gadget lover then you must think about its safety, as these gadgets are fragile in nature. For their safety, a wide range of protective accessories is available in order to save the gadgets from dust, scratches, fingerprints, moisture, and damage from any kind of accidental fall. These accessories are purchasable at economical rates. Thus, buying any of these accessories is best, as it can save your time as well as your money. Do not forget that finding an expert for fixing the gadget is difficult and it also requires money.

Quality accessories can be easily bought from the market. These accessories include skins, stickers, cases, and covers of different colors. Many retailers are dealing in them and you can contact any of them. However, the reliability of the retailer matters a lot. You can find any reliable retailer on the internet. For finding the best retailer on the internet, it is important to specify the gadget as well. For example, if you are looking for the best retailers of the i pad 2 covers then you must write the name of this specific gadget, which is i pad 2, in the search bar of Google.

Various retailers are capable of providing best quality protective accessories to the customers. You can buy any of them as per your choice. If you love to apply any of the handmade accessories on your gadget then you can buy handmade covers and cases for them in different colors and styles. Leather skins are also getting famous day by day especially in the people who love to apply decent skins on their gadgets.

Besides retailers, you must take care of the size of accessory, which you are buying for your gadget. Do not forget that accessories are specifically designed for the gadgets and the user must buy them according to the size. For example, if you are owner of iphone 3 then you must buy any of the iphone 3 cases specifically designed for it. The best practice is to carry your gadget along with you for buying any accessory item.

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Cases for iphone 4g

December 29, 2011 · Posted in Communication · Comment 

A person may own many different types of accessories. One may buy several things daily. Whether it is any household item, utensils, crockery, vehicles, luxury items, FMCG’s, clothes or shoes, they all need to be secured by protective measures when no one is using them. The case with gadgets and electronic items is the same. The reason why they all should be secured is to give them savor their lives and enhance their regular time span of use so the downgrading process is gradual. The accessories remain in a good condition for long and facilitate the requirements they are used for regarding a person so that, expenses are less and the durability is more.

Out of many smart phones, the iPhone series has entered the market with complete success and different and unique features. The different functions it has, increases the buying ratio and people love it for its different aspects and ease. When one plans to buy an iPhone 4g, the latest of its series, the first accessory that is necessary to buy, are the different iPhone 4g cases. Providing protection and safety from harm is one of the major reasons why they are bought. The body and touch screen are protected by these covers and give the iPhone a look of style due to the different designs of the cases.

Many businesses have entered the market to provide accessories and unique iPhone4 cases for the new series. Online markets and market places provide a long range of extraordinary, varied and designer covers and cases for the gadget. This gadget, which has the ability to use the cases and covers of its previous versions, has intrigued many people. It has given business opportunities to the online stores and websites to expand the variety of iPhone 4g cases and other different accessories by designing the previous versions accessories for it as well. This is why; iPhone 4g accessories are the more among the different accessories for other smart phones.

The different designer based unique iPhone 4 cases and other range of iPhone cases offered by online businesses have the ability to be tailored to the need of the customer as well. They provide the contributions of online sketch templates for the customizable items. IPhone 4g can easily be cased-in with different types of cases with a variety of textures, designs, and the material that one may choose. This is a unique way to secure the iPhone 4g as well as give the phone style and aura to match the personality of the user.

Designer and branded unique iPhone 4 cases and covers have come to the market as well. Many different case providers have developed a huge collection of these accessories Different websites and online stores of shoes and bags now give away matching cases, and accessories for the iPhone. It is a good way to extend the boundaries of their working capacity with creativity and innovation.

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