Jennifer Aniston lives by a strict Diet.

May 12, 2012 · Posted in Weight Loss · Comment 

What is the secret to the mythological Jennifer Aniston Diet? How does she keep her beautiful figure, and seemingly defy aging? Although the Hollywood press has created many myths, the Jennifer Aniston Diet is in fact rather simple, and easy to follow, so with just a few changes in your diet you could copy her diet.

The Jennifer Aniston diet consists of two basic components, the famous Zone diet and of intensive yoga and jogging. The combination of these two key ingredients makes the lifestyle of Jennifer Aniston extreme healthy and promotes regeneration of damaged cell in both the skin and organs.

Now how do we take the tools that is used to make up the so called Jennifer Aniston diet and find the time to fit it into our busy everyday lives?

You would want to begin with reading up on the zone diet and slowly changing the ways you eat the fulfill the 40 30 30 criteria which are the same as Jennifer Aniston uses.

Once the Zone diet is implemented, you would want to start up with your work out schedule, make room for 3 to 4 hours of jogging (not running) a week. Make sure that you stay within the fat burning heart rate. You can make use of a pulsewatch to make sure that you are in the right zone.

Yoga must be done several times a week and make sure to set of at least 30 minutes for your yoga exercises. Yoga helps in both stress relief and keeps your muscles lean end slender. Yoga is one of the most important parts of the Jennifer Aniston Diet according to Aniston herself.

Remember to take it slow and begin studying the different aspects of the Jennifer Aniston Diet, before you venture into it. If you rush things you might just end up with burning out of faulty techniques of setups and that would be a pity as all of the tools in this diet is effective and proven to work.

Remember always to keep a physician or other healthcare professional in the loop before you embark on diets and drastic changes in your way of living.

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