Gutter & Downspout Issues

February 25, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

It is critical to keep water away from your house. The easiest way to do that is thru the gutter and downspout system. Keeping the water away can stop issues with wet basements and foundation issues.

Check for any loose clips on the gutters. If they come loose it’s simple enough to secure them back. Grab a wrench or a drill and secure them back onto the gutter board until they're nice and taught. If the screws aren't grabbing you could have to move the clips over 1 or 2 inches into some new wood.

If the water isn’t draining and coming over of the gutters then there are most likely either alignment problems or a clogged gutter. Look into the gutter for any debris. If there are clogs then clear them. Gutters can come out of allignement by the weight of a heavy snowfall or from the weight of a ladder.

You can test your gutters by running some water thru it. If it flows away from the downspout then you have an alignment issue. If it drains away then you will have to adjust the clips so that the water drains towards the downspouts. The gutters should drop about one quarter of an in. per four feet of gutter.

Look for leaks in your system. It’s fairly common for a seal to fail in one of the seams. If you are leaking in the gutter body see whether it’s from a screw or another pop hole. If it's caused from rust it may be time to replace the whole system and call in a gutter Installer or a local home repair contractor

Seams are the most typical place for a leak to occur. If this occurs you can fix it by applying some gutter leak sealer in the seam. Ensure its going to be dry for 1 or 2 days and ensure you dry and clean the seam before applying the sealer.

Keep your downspout cleared and a few times a year it’s a brilliant idea to wash all of your gutters. If you keep them clear you can save time and money in the long run and get a longer better life out of your gutters.

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