Some Reasons To Choose Eco Friendly Cabinets

March 20, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Environmental conservationists have kept up the call for people to do their part in conserving the environment and their efforts have paid off. An ever increasing number of people have become conscious about making choices that are environment friendly. Choosing eco friendly cabinets is one way that people are doing this.

All kinds of wood can be turned into green wood which does not give off harmful vapors. One way to be sure that one is using green wood is by checking for the Forest Stewardship Council mark. Finding ways to find ways to use less wood than one would normally use is another way to preserve the planet.

There are several kitchen remodel San Francisco firms that can make the change without necessarily taking what is already there down. However, if repairs are needed, it would be an opportune time to make a change. If, for instance, some have pull ons and handles that are broken or those that have hinges or door glides that are broken, replace them with those made with green wood. The wood can also be added onto related items like divider trays for drawers as well as lazy Susans. Cabinet resurfacing is another option.

Another approach is to scale back on the cabinets one has installs. For example, in place of those that run from wall to wall, put in open shelves in some parts of the kitchen. This saves not only on the wood but also the overall costs of remodeling a kitchen. Choosing bamboo is another green choice that is being used to make wood for cabinet making and even flooring.

If you choose to go green, follow it through all the way through. Apart from the wood, choose adhesives, paints, sealants and other materials that contain minimal quantities of volatile organic materials or VOCs or none at all. Another good choice is plant based oils. Also to be avoided are materials that contain urea formaldehyde which can trigger serious health conditions. Also safe are materials made with soy, PVA or phenol formaldehyde.

If those that you have, have been made with materials based on urea formaldehyde and replacing them is not an immediate option, emissions can still be reduced. They should first be thoroughly aired out for instance in a garage for at least two weeks. It is also possible to keep most of the formaldehyde locked in by painting exposed areas with several coats of a clear, water based sealant that is low in VOCs.

An increasing number of kitchen cabinets San Francisco companies are making the switch to eco friendly cabinets. Go around to several and look at their designs, prices and other alternatives. There are units that come ready to put up and there is also the option of having them custom made. Whichever choice you make, keep the choice to keep the earth green uppermost.

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