Organic Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance Schedule

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It’s never been simpler to tend to landscapes and lawns employing natural and organic treatment methods. With the spike in popularity, a wide range of organic lawn and landscaping products are readily available to homeowners. For those who prefer to have a professional lawn care company provide annual routine maintenance, many businesses are including organic and natural options to traditional programs. Following a basic schedule can guarantee a gorgeous landscape that is also pest-free.

Among the first jobs of the organic gardening schedule is to administer dormant oil, also known as horticultural oil. The best time to apply dormant oil is in the months of January and February whenever there will be a period when the temperature will not drop below 50 degrees for not less than twenty-four hours or more. Dormant oil can be sprayed onto landscaping to eliminate harmful and annoying insects and fungi including scale and spider mites. It is very toxic to annual flowers, though, so it’s wise to cover any plants that might be in the area that is receiving treatment.

The months of February and March are prime times for aerating lawns and landscaping. Proper aeration is essential to provide the means for water, nutrients and oxygen to permeate the lawn to get the best results. Liquid aeration contains soil microorganisms and humates and is applied to the landscape. Mechanical core lawn aeration can be done with any one of a number of instruments for that purpose. Mechanical coring works extremely well on St. Augustine grass that has suffered from severe winter weather.

Fertilizing at the outset of winter with a product that is abundant with potassium, magnesium and sulfur will guarantee that a landscape has the proper nutrients stored for spring growth. Even though the lawn and landscape may seem to have died, they are in fact merely dormant. It’s important to provide the appropriate fertilizer to support them through the cold weather of the winter months.

March, April and May are generally the time to apply natural fertilizer. When working with a natural fertilizer, there is no need to worry about over-fertilizing or having the fertilizer wash away. Natural fertilizers contain microbers that break down gradually, so that they supply nutrients slowly. If there are any acid loving plants such as azaleas, hollies and photinias in your landscaping, they will benefit greatly from an application of organic sulfur. Apply another round of organic fertilizer from around September to November. It will help supply lawns and landscaping a boost after having suffered through the heat of summer.

Organic gardening is more beneficial, as well as being safer, for the environment. It does not take any more time and it is no more costly or complicated than conventional methods of taking care of lawns and landscapes.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using electric lawn mower cordless

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Electric lawn mowers are certainly needed by homeowners. A lot of people buy electric lawn mowers cordless these day. These days a lot of people switch over to cordless electric lawn mowers.

Choosing cordless electric lawn mower can help save Mother Earth. The cordless electric lawn mower has identical feature as the gas-powered one, the only difference is the power source.

The cordless electric lawn mower obtains its power from a charged battery. This allows users to have a freedom of movement. Be certain that the battery is completely charged before you mow your lawn. Owners of cordless electric lawn mowers do not need to change oil and spark plug replacement. As compared to gas powered lawn mower, the cordless lawn mower is noiseless. Aside from giving your eardrums a break from the noise, cordless electric lawn mower also offers environmental benefits. Electric lawn mower cordless emits less toxic waste. Easy transport of cordless lawn mowers is one of its advantages. Starting the lawn mower is effortless. The cordless electric lawn mower is lighter than the traditional lawn mower. The cordless electric lawn mower is not heavy it can be pushed and lifted eassily. Pulling the string to start the mower is not necessary as you simply need to push the start button.

However there are downsides of using a cordless electric lawn mower. One of the disadvantage is the restricted capacity to mow your lawn. As it depends on battery power it may not be the ideal choice for very large lawns. Cordless lawn mowers also has restrained strength. Limited power is one of the problems faced by those who use cordless lawn mowers.

Lawn owners must know the specific features of good mower when buying one. One of the reasons people have for choosing cordless electric lawn mowers is that it has no movement-limiting cords. If you opt for this type of lawn mower you can have mulch for your plants as it has a mulching feature too. Cordless electric lawn mower can be push type or self-propelled. If you have the push type, you will need to push the mower to and fro to mow the lawn. The self-propelled mowers can drive itself forward and back because of its powered rear end wheels .

A lot of choices are available in choosing a comprehensible lawn mower. Cordless electric lawn mower can give your lawn an impressive clean cut. You will not regret if you switch to cordless electric lawn mower as it is very easy to use. Lawn owners are certainly thankful that such a wonderful lawn maintenance tool was produced.

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Handymen And Where To Find Them

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If you’re someone who is skilled and has the time to do home repairs, then you’re lucky. If not, finding a reliable and honest handyman is your best choice in repairing everything that needs repair in your place. Finding the proper handyman can start a long relationship with somebody who has the abilities and who is certified to do repairs, fixing and even cleaning wishes of your home.

An all-around carpenter can be thought to be a handyman. The regular services that they perform apart from the general carpentry services include property maintenance, home repairs, building maintenance, home restorations, painting, and fencing.

The handyman also does repair jobs on staircase, renovations or modifications on decks, tiling, and pergolas.

There are gardener workmen. They provide yard care, lawn care and yard maintenance services. In choosing a home renovator or in building new homes, make sure that you consider the following advice in employing the best contractor.

– Ask for recommendations from satisfied clients in your network of chums. Inquire for the integrity and the quality of their work. You have to also ask on the personality, timeliness and cleanliness of work provided.
– Ask for proposals from a local electronics store or your building center. Sometimes, these people have contacts and may make reference to you the best workers in the sector.
– Look online or through classified adverts and list down those whom you think have possibilities and then contact them for a in depth interview concerning their work quality and ethics. Jot down a note as well with their hourly rate, specialisation and locations.
– It’s also important that you verify the licenses of your contractors. Depending on the area or area, some contractors have licenses while there are those that don’t. Securing a license to operate will promise you that these folk are performing top of the range work or at a minimum meet a homogenized output.

It is good if you become proactive with your hunt for a handyman. Try chatting to at least three contractors and weight on the benefits and drawbacks of the services of the handyman against your work wants. An online business directory may also be highly useful in locating a handyman.

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Renovating and Taking Care of Your Property

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There is more to home renovations and maintenance than meets the eye. Are you Altering the kitchen, building a new deck or repainting a living room? Yes, these can be done only for aesthetic purposes or for improving comfort within the house.

There's nothing wrong in all these, naturally. But if you are just thinking of living with interiors that are not too comfortable or pretty and foregoing renovations and regular care because they're a waste of resources, then here are some of the reasons why you should rethink your decision.

Properly maintaining your house in certain ways such as adding on a new room, making improvements to the overall appearance and feel or other renovations projects can improve the valuation of your residence. When the time comes that you decide to sell it, these additions will certainly be worth it. Put simply, you should think how home renovations and upkeep as a deserving investment.

Increasing the safety of your property is also a part of the equation. As an example, calling in an professional carpenter to brace and update your wooden fences or deck will go a good distance toward guaranteeing that no unwelcome guests can come in and that those deck parties will go well without anyone being hurt by loose floorboards.

Then, there is the need to keep all residents in the house healthy. Like all the above, this is also a good motivator for considering revamping as soon as possible or , at least , taking better care of your home. Why? Well, imagine that you ignore all the trickling pipes and the molds and mould forming in the kitchen. This situation can simply lead directly to a person in your house getting allergies or even more life-threatening illnesses. But if you take the time to call a trusty handyman or contractor and have those leaks fixed or remodel your kitchen with improving its ventilation under consideration , then diseases can be avoided.

Overall, regular home repairs, yard maintenance, renovations, adjustments, room additions, and so on provide a lot of price to homeowners like you, so do not hesitate to consider them. Naturally, make sure to hire trustworthy executives only for the job you have in mind.

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Get The Lawn Of Your Dreams

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We all want the perfect lawn. It is not as difficult as you think. The right planning and these five tips can help you get the lawn you want. All grasses need the same things; fertilizer, water, sunlight and a weed-free environment. Start in the fall or early spring with proper testing. Also make sure to check your specific type of grass for special growing requirements and use these tips and get ready for a great lawn.

Test Your Soil: All grasses need food to live. They also need the right conditions. Performing the proper testing and fertilization are keys to a lush lawn. The right pH levels and levels of nitrogen and other trace elements are the most crucial. All garden stores carry an inexpensive testing kit that gives you a basic measure of these nutrients. However, these are generally inaccurate and provide little in the way of help fixing any deficiencies. Instead try a local university. Most provide a detailed analysis of soil, highlight deficiencies with exactly how to fix them.

Mowing: Every type of grass has different needs and grows at different rates. In general, however, mowing your lawn too short is a bad idea. It weakens the plant itself as it struggles to grab capture sunlight for photosynthesis. It also allows weeds to take purchase by allowing sunlight to penetrate to the soil. Try to keep your lawn at a height of three to four inches during peak growing season. Also ensure your lawnmower blade is sharp. A dull blade will damage grass rather than cut it, slows growth and invites disease by weakening the plant.

Lawn Fertilizer: In addition to preseason testing and fertilization the end of the growing season is key. As grasses begin to overwinter the roots require increased levels of potassium. This allows them to remain strong during the winter months and emerge sooner and stronger as a result. “Ensure you do not over-fertilize your lawn as it can be severely damaging and cause burns and even plant death,” advises Nate Merchant who performs Morris County Landscape Design. Always reference and follow strict instructions and guidelines.

Watering: All grasses have different watering requirements. Warm weather grasses are dormant during the fall and require very little water, if any. Cool grasses do require a weekly watering. You should avoid light watering to allow roots to penetrate deeply into the soil and strengthen the plant. Shallow, frequent watering is bad for your lawn as the roots get what they need close to the surface. Any new seed should remain damp until the roots have properly taken. Also avoid watering at the hottest part of the day. This will burn your lawn as the water droplets act like magnifying glasses. Instead, water early in the morning. This will allow the grass to dry before the sun hits it.

Bugs and Disease: Even well maintained lawns can become victim to pests or disease. Monitor your lawn for any discoloration or other obvious problems. At the first sign of a problem take action. Disease can spread very quickly. Visit a garden store or talk to a landscaper at the first notice of any issues. Keeping weeds at bay is an easy way to reduce the likelihood of pest infestation. Try an organic herbicide if possible which can be applied in the spring or fall to kill emerging weeds.

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A Few Ideas To Improve Your Backyard

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Weirdly enough individuals put in a bunch of time and money always dreaming and fantasizing about various holidays and highly-priced items that they would like to buy. However, the majority of people usually never put in the time to consider enhancing their own residence and yard and making it a place that they would like to be.

Even if if you would like to learn how to barbecue, start gardening, or just give your whole entire lawn and yard an overhaul, by having merely a couple of simple steps and some ingenuity, you can easily turn your house and living spot into a location where you like to be.

Now, the total design and look of your garden really entails several different elements. You could choose to install a water characteristic such as a fountain, or even a birdhouse, or perhaps also some outdoor patio furnishings like an outdoor grill or a hammock. You may even want to install a whole outside kitchen area. Whatever your concepts are, simply including a few things that you think are alluring and enjoyable can easily make your lawn a fun and fulfilling spot to be.

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time in your yard, is in the company of other folks in the form of a backyard cookout or a party. If you do have a party, there are all sorts of games and activities and outside sports that you can engage in with your guests. And, there’s all kinds of different parties that you can easily produce, anything from a costume party to a yard barbecue to potluck dinners. You can get more tips about throwing backyard parties here.

A great tasting manner in which to enjoy your patio area, is to learn just how to barbecue. Discovering how to cook out and make use of a grill can be an exceptionally satisfying and tasty way of passing your time. Also, one of the finest means to spend the day with yourself is to dip into a book while you barbecue some poultry or salmon.

Gardening can be a very satisfying and productive means of spending some of your downtime. One more included benefit is the cash you’ll conserve on fresh veggies and natural herbs that you can easily pick directly from your backyard garden. You’ll also never ever taste anything as mouth watering as a homegrown tomato. Even if you simply have an extremely tiny area to work with there are still a ton of methods that you can easily make use of small amounts of space to cultivate vegetables and natural herbs, such as in containers or hanging pots.

Learning precisely how to care for your yard is one more noticeable step in making your patio a more delightful location to be. This is something that the majority of individuals have no idea precisely how to do properly, however it’s really not that difficult. There are some very effortless methods and strategies that you can easily use to have greener grass, a fuller yard, cultivate herbs and flowers, and merely make your entire lawn and back garden a more beautiful location.

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How to find the right carpenter or handyman for your fencing task!

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As the owner of a home, you know that you feel most secure if everything is in order. And since security is vital to householders and their family, some owners put fences around their home to avoid trespassers and to safeguard themselves and their stuff.

If you would like to get the most from your fencing service, make sure that your carpenter or handyman is a professional and can do a fine job for you. If you don’t know someone that can do these carpentry services for you, ask around and folk are sure to know a credible handyman who can do the work. If you are pleased with the work that your assigned carpenter has done on your fences, you’ll like to get them to do some repairs and maintenance to other parts of your house.

In spite of the fact that your property may be new and made of high quality materials, a time will come when you're going to have to do some upkeep and repairs to it. You have got to maintain your property the same way that you would maintain your health. As a property owner, you've got to ensure your home undergoes regular upkeep and repair to be sure that everything is in order and working accordingly.

It's better to choose a carpenter who you know has a record of doing superior work so that if you want any maintenance and repairs work done in future times you can try for his/her services again. You must make a good working relationship with your carpenter to help maintain work performance. It will help if you have a sound relationship with the folks that work for you because it will incentivize them to work harder and better.

Your carpenter can also help you to adhere to your desired budget for the work since he will be able to make good proposals pertaining to the materials and where to purchase them. They know the places where you can buy very good quality materials that stick inside your means. Not to mention that they have the tools required for the job so you no longer need to buy any yourself. Having a carpenter to do the work for you can relieve you not just from extra expenses but also from additional stress that you may face.

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Landscaping Services That Are Available

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Landscaping Raleigh refers to the many services that touch on this area. These are all services that are design for the outdoors. The outdoors is part of any great home environment. It adds that extra appealing look that one may be after to make the home complete.

Having a good lawn in the area can be attributed to lawn maintenance Raleigh. A lot of work is input to ensure that they leave it better than they found it and that everyone is satisfied. The supervisor has to facilitate this by guiding his people on what to do and how to do it.

Getting the best people for the task is all about comparisons and reviews. Listening to what other people have to say will help you make an informed decision on the best company to hire. These are people who include neighbors who may have received the service before.

Given the fact that the client is going to spend a lot of money for this, the providers have made sure that they have the best trained people. These are people trained on how to deliver. It is the only way that the firm can be able to assure its customer that they will get what they are paying for.

Lawn care Raleigh is one of the services that the society really depends on. There are people who depend on the job that they have to be able to meet their daily family needs. The company needs the money earned for it to be able to implement any expansion plans that they may have.

Having modern equipment not only saves on time but also guarantees a good job will be done. Each of the equipment comes with an operating manual on how to have it done. This is what the people operating the machine will rely upon when using it.

Businesses that operate on a certain area have several obligations to the state and to the people. To the state is to ensure that they comply with the laws that are available. No business is immune from the hands of the law. This is seen in the way that the law handles all the law breakers.

Landscaping Raleigh has the duty of making sure that all the people that work for them have all the right documents. This is in terms of the work permits, certificates and identification documents. Hiring illegal immigrants is considered a crime punishable by the law. You also have to make sure that experts who are well trained and licensed are working for you.

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Uncover the Top rated 6 Causes Why You should Improve Your Outdated Privacy Fence Today

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Privacy fences are an crucial attribute of several properties nowadays. In reality, it really is truly odd to walk by the dwelling of an individual and not admonish one particular of these unites outside of it. If the existing structure that sets outside from the dwelling that you simply reside in, has met its environmental match then you will need to take into consideration the 6 causes to upgrade your old privacy fence now.

The major purpose why you see these structures set up outside of folks residences is always to aid them preserve specific elements about their properties private. But, when the structure begins to fall a portion, plenty of the major causes why the barricade was erected inside the initial spot start to go down the drain.

These fences are generally installed to help an individual have an added amount of privacy. If the current unit that is erected outside of the dwelling that you live in is falling a part or missing pieces, then the security feature of the unit has been jeopardized. It is important to ensure that the security of the family that you have living with you is not in jeopardy. Therefore, before considering the money or any other reasons to have this barricade upgraded, consider the well fare of the family that you have living with you first.

The value is undoubtedly proper today for any person which is considering erecting one particular of these fences about their present dwelling. The economic climate has triggered plenty of tiny construction organizations to close down. Inside a continuous struggle to produce a living, plenty of construction organizations are providing their services to folks for close to half the value they traditionally would charge. As a result, should you want perform completed on the present fences that surround the residence that you simply reside in, at the moment may be the best time to have this perform performed.

Think it or not, these structures are developed to block out any undesirable noise levels that escalate about the current dwelling. Despite the fact that, outdoor noise levels are often a whole lot greater than indoor, you’ll be able to simply deflect some of that added noise by getting a robust sturdy barricade structure built about the current property that you simply reside in.

You will find lots of new supplies to select from when electing to have 1 of these barricades placed about a particular dwelling. A couple of in the most typical supplies utilized to erect 1 of these barricades are either wood or stone. It’s greatest to speak having a contractor concerning the greatest kind of supplies to make use of prior to any alterations are produced towards the present partition that’s outside of one’s present dwelling.

The quantity of cash that a piece of property is worth will improve once they have 1 of these unique barricades outside of it. Using the present actual estate marketplace continuously fluctuating, the final factor that anybody desires will be the worth of their house to go down. By getting a brand new fence or the present fence surrounding a dwelling upgraded, property values will either improve or stay continuous.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people are interested in changing the appearance of the fences that are erected outside of the present home that they reside in is for cosmetic related purposes. Most people that own a home, want other individuals to notice that the dwelling they live in is decadent. If there is a ratty old fence surrounding the yard, the last thing that an outside looking in is going to think is that the dwelling beyond the barricade is anything glorious to look at.

Although we’ve only named 6 factors to upgrade your old privacy fence now, you will find lots of other elements which you require to think about when altering this specific barricade in the dwelling which you presently reside in.

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How Best to Apply Lawn Fertilizers

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Slow-release fertilizers are most appropriate for your lawn if you want the nutrients dispersed gradually over a certain period of time. These fertilizers are produced for the mass market and on offer at most home and hardware outlets.

Given that slow-release lawn fertilizers let out their nutrients gradually, as opposed to at the same time, you’re effectively extending the feeding. As nutrients are let go, the root system of your grass fills in any bare patches. This alone endorses lawn weed management, depriving weed seeds of a site to emerge, and thus eliminating the weed plant on your lawn.

Before buying these or almost any lawn fertilizers, read the directions on the container very carefully (or talk to someone at the store for details). A certain product may not be suitable for your kind of grass. Similarly, when applying lawn fertilizers, comply with guidelines clearly, with regards to how much to utilize, how often they should be applied, and under what conditions they should be applied.

Lawn fertilizers are best put to use with spreaders. Be cautious never to fill the applicator with the spreader left parked on the lawn. To do so encourages grass-burn, as you might unintentionally release way too much while loading. Instead, fill the applicator someplace else, then bring the spreader onto the lawn. Some individuals are going green with their growing using free of chemicals fertilizers and weed control. Having said that, they don’t realistically provide you with an edge when fertilizing your lawn and garden.

Plants take in nutrients in the same manner whether the source be organic or a normal fertilizer. Turf grass roots will merely soak up dissolved nutrients present in the soil water. Organic fertilizers fail to offer any added benefits to the treatment of your lawn. The decision is strictly personal preference, so don’t get worked up over the variances between both. The critical thing is that you are employing a fertilizer of any sort, as (typically) any fertilizer is more effective than none.

Additionally, there are lawn fertilizers that offer lawn weed control concurrently. Efficient lawn weed control should, after all, go hand-in-hand with the utilisation of lawn fertilizers. If the weeds eat up any of the nutrients that you are providing, those are nutrients getting thrown away, as they will not be going to your grass. Fortunately, utilizing lawn fertilizers and practicing weed control may be integrated into the same chore, though should you only practice weed control you would quickly see an increase in the health of your lawn as a by-product.

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Works Well, It’s Exceptional – Gas Lawn Edger Critique

January 17, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement · Comment 

Work on grass when it’s dry. It has an edge guide that’s somewhat useless since it doesn’t go down very much past the base of the wheels.

This one does the job quickly easily and efficiently. Only drawback is having to run an electrical cord to power it but I have no big problem with that, just a little inconvenience to deal with every couple weeks.

So I’ve got to stay on top of my yard if I don’t want a “nasty-gram” from the lady who drives around and makes sure that all the grass is mowed and the shutters are painted. The B&D Edge hog and the replacement blades are a breeze to use.

I really like this edger. Although I have a lot to edge (a corner lot with two driveways, one to basement and one the main driveway) I still like this one. That was very adequate and the sparks rarely flew. My reserve blade will likely not be needed until deep into next year’s cutting season, if then.

I have had this over a year, so I have had plenty of experience with it. I have had to use it in trenching mode to even get it to edge. I believe the blade was cold-rolled instead of hot-rolled, which will make the blade more durable. This Edger replaced a seventeen year old Black & Decker Edger. It will fill with mud but is easy to clean out. Real easy to assemble but the grass was over the driveway about three inches in places. Does the job intended to do. Work’s great compare to the hand power one I have the electric one does an excellent job, would recommend it to anybody who would like a clean cut trim yard. I haven’t used it as a trencher for my beds, but I imagine it would do the job quite well. Just as described – prompt shipping – easy to understand with minimal assembly.

The blade would still spin but I would get build-up in the protective shield around it. Cleaning it out was a piece of cake. I have St Augustine grass and the top of the lawn is about three inches taller than the sidewalk. This leaves a lot to cut. I bought it to replace a much more difficult one to use, a gas-powered one from Sears. Even though it is electric and using a cord is somewhat more restrictive, it does a good job and is easy to use.

I bought this to edge my lawn – I think I should have bought a string trimmer instead. It does edge but I don’t think it does that well with my kind of grass and my edges have some stones. Great item and works well after we brought a power converter to run on Australian 240v. I cannot blame the supplier as it was up to me to find this out with a question to them used it 2 times works great and I have a lot to edge no problems with power did it job like you would want it too Good edger that is durable (have had for two years and still running like a champ) and does the job.

This will be the nicest looking piece of trash that I’ll have had the pleasure of disposing of. Pedal Power Bicycle Generator.

Just Purchase A Different Item – Lawn Edger Tool Critique

January 15, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Good thing I bought an extra blade up front. I’m very satisfied.

It was one of the cleanest edges I’ve seen from an edger. I think the serrations on the blade really do help. It is lightweight and easy to use. I am no lawn care expert, but I think this is a great fit for someone with a small area to edge.

Get this one it a great product! I live on a corner and have a lot of property to edge. The edger does a great job where the edge of the sidewalk is vertical. Where the concrete is slightly tilted or curved, it does a reasonable job.

The handle, power head, and shaft all wobble in relation to each other. The housing is cheap plastic.

This edger has power! And it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and the handle folds in thirds for storage.

If I hadn’t bought this product, I’d still have this project to look forward to next weekend. The Edge Hog works great. I just purchased the new Edge Hog from Black & Decker and could not believe the power it has. I love the fact you can use it for trenching too-I just installed some outdoor lighting with it and use it around my garden beds and also along my sidewalks.

Shipment arrived in original box that had been cut and opened then taped closed. The edger was dirty and had scratches on it. After trenching and edging my lawn, the size of the blade reduced in size dramatically. Meaning, the thickest and durability of the blade isn’t as good, or as high of a quality of a blade, as the other competitors. This B * D Edger is an excellent product. The assembly was easy and when I proceeded to edge our sidewalk, after many weeks of overhanging grass growth, the ‘Edge Hog’ produced a nicely trimmed edge. The edger was able to cut through the turf with only minor difficulties. It did at one point start to overheat at a really thick muddy portion of the turf. I would tear up electric edgers about once a year. I was ready for gas this time but got a nice deal on one of these so I thought I’d give an electric one more try.

After the initial work it becomes easy, and it works. Hope this helps others who are having a hard time initially.

Then we lowered the depth to 1″ again, and with the edge guide still retracted, we placed it with the wheels on the curb side, and carefully avoiding the curb edge ran it along the edge. recliner chair electric.

I Loved This Fan So Much I Purchased Four – Lawn Mower Edger Critique

January 11, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

It worked beautifully and felt great. I got some goggles out, and whenever I hit a rock, I used a small garden shovel at that very moment to dig the rocks out from the immediate area in front of me and kept moving.

My only concern is how well it will hold up over time. I had another Black and Decker product (a hedge cutter) and it was flimsy.

My only problem is that I was unable to see the guide wheel from my vantage point in the rear of the edger. I compensated by using the guide imprinted on the front housing, above the hidden wheel. Not so, I tried used the product but went back to the grass hog. Its okay for digging trenches – if that’s all you need it for.

We have St. Augustine grass here in Florida. I receive my package on time. I would have rather the shipping company or someone have boxed or wrapped the package but all in all it was a good experience. We changed our minds several times before purchasing the edger – our other options were to rent a gas powered edger or use a manual one. We are pleased with our decision; it was the perfect tool for installing the wire. The blade does not penetrate enough depth to properly cut a decent edge. Perhaps the blade is dulled as others comment in this thread. Talk about ‘the fleecing of America’ when it comes to the consumer. It’s all around us now and arguably getting worse!

Yard devas are all about color and looking good while you are having fun! Make sure the depth adjustment screw is tight though, it loosened up once and I had to secure it but after that it was fine. This might have something to do with me having the handle fully extended due to my height. It’s something the B&D engineers may want to look at when they redesign it in the future. This machine tackles the tough Bermuda grass without a hiccup. Plenty of power at much less cost than gasoline models.

It cuts through tough grass easily because of the motor amp. The only thing I did not like about this product is the blade. What I hadn’t counted on was how heavy and awkward that would make the task of edging. I have some spinal injuries so I thought that might have contributed to my difficulties.

The product is very light weight and easy to manage. Mexican Blankets.

Lawn Cuttings: Keep or Throw Away?

January 8, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement · Comment 

You will discover two ways of thinking when it comes to this issue – neither of which is definite. Quite a few people say leave the clippings on the lawn once you mow. This not just saves time and effort, but the clippings decompose fairly quickly and add crucial nutrients back into the ground.

The truth is, recycling grass cuttings has just lately taken on a movement of its own. Proponents call this practice “grass-cycling” and suggest that leaving those clippings where they lay saves time, landfill space and nourishes the ground. The Professional Lawn Care Association affirms that approximately twenty percent of all waste products that enters into a landfill is gardening trash and most of that is just grass clippings. With yard waste restrictions set up in many parts of the country, “grass-cycling” will give you a different option, and together improve the health and beauty of your lawn.

Grass cuttings are eighty-five percent water, break down fast, and return nourishing substances to the soil with no thatch accumulation. They can return twenty percent of their own nitrogen to the soil to feed the lawn’s root system. And grass-cycling is often practiced year-round with most mowers.

On the other side, others state that leaving clippings on your lawn is not merely unappealing, but it could cause harm to your lawn also. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn will become a dilemma only when they are too thick. If you mow the lawn before it gets excessively tall, the bulk of your grass clippings will not be satisfactory to warrant raking. When cut grass lays in large clumps, it might be keeping the grass below it from having the sunshine and fluids which it simply needs to grow. This can leave behind ugly brown sections of dry grass.

A smart way to obviate being required to rake grass cuttings is to mow using a mulching lawn mower. Once you have a mulching mower, the cuttings are collected in a container and can be utilized in compost piles for fertilization. Working with mulching mowers can not only reduce your yard preservation, but it may also make your grass greener. In any other case, it’s possible you’ll end up either raking or bagging the grass cuttings, which in turn means dumping those grass cuttings or recycling them, which means more work.

The bottom line is provided that you are mowing fairly often and you don’t leave behind clumps of clippings, it won’t cause any sort of harm leaving your clippings right where they are.

Lastly, if you are currently looking for a new mower, check out the John Deere LA105 or the John Deere LA145 to give you some ideas!

A Must Buy – Powered Lawn Edger Review

January 6, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

I would have much more stability if it were a straight bar, especially when all you have to do is push the edger. The pistol grip is better suited for hedge trimmers and reciprocating saws. But much to my delight the Edge Hog cut through everything like butter. What I was expecting to take a few weeks took a few hours instead. First we found out that we had lost about 6 inches of driveway because of overgrown grass and second we realized we could not get as clean an edge as we did with this edger. It took a while to initially edge since we were cutting so much grass but it was well worth it. The cord proved to be no trouble at all, and in a way was much easier to use than a heavy battery that slowly destroys your back. Plus, no awful gas mixing and ridiculous noise. I have used it twice, and it does a great job on my lawn. Unit operates as described in advertising on Amazon.

By the way, I don’t know what to do with the extra blade that I ordered, because the current one doesn’t seem to be in trouble for a long time to come. Wish you luck.

I was a bit leery of an electric edger, thinking it might not have the power to do the job. But after reading many of the reviews here decided to take a chance.

The guide lines on the blade guard really help to align the blade perfectly to ensure a perfect cut. However, I did have trouble with taller edges. The front wheel has worn quite a bit too and wobbles now but all and all, well worth the price if you don’t mind a power cord. I expect a 4th, I just put it up for the season and it showed no signs of quitting so I will at least get part of the 4th year out of it!

Although I wish I could have figured out how to use the weed eater to edge my lawn, this purchase was what my lawn needed. Future edgings should be quick and convenient.

I am in a newer community and I discovered that there are many rocks along the edge of the pavement and my yard. The edge hog threw one of these rocks toward my neighbor’s house, and almost hit her and could have easily shattered a window were her car in the driveway.

I had expected the edger to cut the grass cleanly. If you don’t want to deal with gas-powered edger, this is THE ONE.

I am learning how to dig a trench and get better with the edging. You will like how easy it is to handle.

I recently purchased the Black and Decker Edge Hog and used it for the first time a couple weeks ago. It has much more power than the electric edger that I previously owned. You should also be aware that things will get pretty messy when you’re using it as the dirt that’s being displaced is flung at high speeds in a forward direction. Of course, there’s really no way of getting around this when you’re edging or creating trenches.

It is lightweight and easy to use. Kitchen Microwave Carts And Stands.

Do Not Buy This Item – Lawn Mower Edger Critique

January 4, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

This is the latest version of an edger B&D has been making for at least 20 years, and there are plenty of the 20 year old models still in use. It’s nearly silent, much easier to use than a gas model, and seems to cut better with less stalling than my neighbor’s 3.5HP gas model. Subsequent uses are smooth and easy to do. Do not mind the cord because my front walks and driveway are not that big.

Only used it once, but very satisfied. Great little edger! Works great for edging, and cutting in buried cables and making garden boarders. When edging, try moving the edger forward about a foot or two, then pull it back, and then forward again about 2-3′. This is the first edger I’ve ever owned, but it seems to work very well. There is a metal guide that makes it very easy to make a perfectly straight cut along your driveway or sidewalk. My neighbor came over and used his yard blower to clean up some grass I’d left on the sidewalk using my string trimmer, to help retain the look. That’s how neat the finish is on the lawn. I was a bit leery of an electric edger, thinking it might not have the power to do the job. But after reading many of the reviews here decided to take a chance.

Guides are easy to see and use. Makes a very clean edge. It is a great investment. I would highly recommend it. I used full depth and the machine performed flawlessly. I bought an extra blade with my original purchase and it is still in the package it came in.

The new one clogs up and strains to get the job done. What a piece of garbage! Worked like a charm. Someone already mentioned NOT using this when the ground is really wet.

My only advice is not to use it when the grass is remotely wet. When the grass is wet the part that you are edging the grass and dirt get caught between the blade and the cover.

I would have much more stability if it were a straight bar, especially when all you have to do is push the edger. The pistol grip is better suited for hedge trimmers and reciprocating saws. I figured this would be real easy. Wrong I made five passes going slow back and forth and it only cut about 50% of the grass that needed edging.

Augustine grass here in Florida. used telecaster.

Shocked And Extremely Happy – Powered Lawn Edger Review

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Well the air may have been cleaner around my house but the lawn certainly wasn’t. I purchased my Black & Decker heavy-duty Edge Hog landscape edger on August 27 and received it on August 31. There was so much yard cut off that I had to haul most of it away using a shovel, when it was done and after I swept up, there was a perfectly straight, neat cut on my yard. I would pay $79 for this every time, and I get to keep this and do it for years to come!

It does not work if you have an edge that has never been edged before in clay soil with tough sod. Mine overheated and the motor burnt out.

I was very pleased with this item. It is very easy to use and does a great job edging. Also, I found three cables I wasn’t expecting. Fortunately, they were buried deep enough! What a great piece of equipment. Takes a little getting used to when edging off the pavement but it’s powerful, quiet and allows for multiple depth settings.

Purchased to replace 30 year old B & D Edger – easier to use and great for sidewalks (you don’t need to carry it like string trimmers). It was total waste of time and money when I found that it was just not better than an electric toy. I purchased one of these about 8 years ago and it’s been chugging along fine ever since [other than replacing blades periodically). We have purchased another house about 3 hours away and I decided to buy another one for there. If you tend to hit the concrete sidewalk/driveway a lot check the blade and replace when it gets worn down, otherwise you will be “edging” but not a lot will be happening. I put a new blade on the other day and it’s like a brand new edger again!

They recommend checking for electric cables before using this unit. After some futility in using a manual edger to dig the trench for an invisible fence, I bought one of these.

It is easy to handle and powerful enough to penetrate the red clay crust in our yard. I had a little trouble getting precision edge-lines since I was used to a single-wheel model that has been discontinued. But this edger has plenty of power for my needs, and although I was a total novice at this task I was edging in no time. I agree with other reviewers that the instructions are essentially worthless, but you don’t need them anyway. He loves it. He says that it is much easier to handle than the neighbors gas one.

It had a tough time with cutting through areas where sod had grown over the walk. I had to use an edging spade to prepare the way for the edger.

My wife and I had always used a hole to edge with. Boy what a difference the edger made.

Two horsepower is plenty adequate for your basic edging needs. Small Cargo Trailer.

A Cool And Economical Option – Lawn Trimmer Edger Review

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Now that I’m finished and got the heavy work out of the way, using this again next month will be a piece of cake. My drive looks nice and neat.

I definitely had power to the edger. It just quit. As they say “the right tool makes the job easier”. The Edge Hog was very easy to assembly and adjust. Has more than enough power to cut through the overgrowth on my badly neglected sidewalk and driveway. Some reviewers have indicated that this does not work.

I installed it and the thing was working like a dream. After 30 feet or so of edging, there was a noticeable power drop and then the unit started smoking.

I had to go over the same spot a couple of times so it could cut the sheer amount of grass that was over the edge of the driveway. Once I got that part out of the way I feel it will be very easy to use since the grass will never be overgrown like that ever again.

I used to have a gas-powered edger, it’s just a hassle compared to an electric one. Excellent in trimming along flower beds.

It’s a slight safety concern because if the user momentarily stops to adjust the extension cord it could tip over as they are re-grasping the trigger to start again. All things considered, I love this edger and would definitely buy it again. I love this new edger! It was easy to put together and easy to use. This unit wasn’t inexpensive…paid about $80.00. I’m going to spend a couple hundred and but a quality edger. I have used it twice, and it does a great job on my lawn. Unit operates as described in advertising on Amazon.

In fact, when I had finished edging with my gas edger the first time I came inside and loudly proclaimed to my husband that from now on, edging was his task! It’s not that I didn’t want to help out, I just couldn’t. I’ve only used the Edge Hog twice since getting it this week but it’s been fantastic. I haven’t edged my property for about 10-11 years and the sidewalks were overgrown with grass, vines, and branches from bushes covering up to two feet of the sidewalks.

When you are removing a lot of material, it is much easier to edge a dry lawn than a wet one. Removing 3-4 inches of wet dirt is not easy, but this unit was up to the task.

A few notes – Only use it when it is bone dry outside. windshield repair resin.

Best Practices For Eliminating Weeds

December 12, 2011 · Posted in Hobbies · Comment 

Managing weeds in a new or existing lawn is vital to the healthiness and all round appearance of the lawn. A stunning even lawn gets most of its good looks from the simple fact that it is clean and level with no weeds sticking up above the turf. You’ve probably mowed your lawn previously just to have dandelions popping up above the grass a day later which makes it look like you need to mow all over again already.

Some weed-type plants are intrusive and fast growing. Their growth behavior overtakes our developed turf plants, depriving each of them of water and food. Other weeds are incredibly noxious and lead to further problems for humans if they get close to them. In the lawn, the most common weeds are simply a nuisance. A great number don’t result in skin reactions or respiration complications, they merely don’t look good. You’ll find three basic types of lawn weeds: 1. Grass Variety Weeds 2. Grass-Like Weeds 3. Broad Leaf Weeds

Every one of these requires a different technique in order to handle. Professionals agree that the best way to control weeds is to keep them from showing up in the to begin with. There are certain weed control products on the market today that can accomplish this. They are classified as pre-emergent controls and should ideally be implemented in the spring. The soil’s surface is engrossed in a microscopic defensive layer that prevents any germinating seeds from establishing itself, including crabgrass.

If left intact, this defensive coating will hold its defensive traits all the way through the prime germinating period. This is when most weed seeds will normally start growing. Of course, there is absolutely no 100 per cent assurance that extra seeds aren’t going to be carried in by winds, birds, or any number of other methods.

Thoroughly read, comprehend, and adhere to all information on herbicide labels. Steer clear of windy days, because they materials may damage many landscape and garden plants if they drift (the droplets end up off the lawn). Also avoid hot days (over eighty-five degrees F). It’s advisable to have adequate soil humidity, but no rain for 24 hours after application. Don’t mow for a day or two both before and after application. Take into consideration spot treating weeds rather than broadcasting weed killer across the entire area.

Use caution on freshly seeded areas; put it off 4 mowings ahead of treating newly seeded lawns and thirty days before seeding areas treated with broadleaf herbicides. Study the label regarding possible tree damage when used on lawns growing over tree root areas.

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