Planning Your Internet Site for the Social Media World

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To optimise results from your website and gain as much exposure as possible , you have to consider gearing it towards the social media world we live in. Social media involves data being simply and easily shared in a viral world at lightning speeds through a spread of desktop computers and portable gadgets like smart cell phones, iPhones, laptops, net books and cellphones. Designing your website means you need to implement social networking widgets, web 2.0 marketing tools and a selection of media tools like video sharing in a user friendly way to keep your watchers engaged and interested in returning.

When planning your web site, be sure to include an area on your site that is specifically for social media widgets. After you design your site, you want to register your website with as many social media sites as is possible to increase its exposure. Each site has their own widget that incorporates a special HTML code that may easily be copied and pasted onto your web site. These widgets make it easy for your readers to share info they find engaging on your internet site with their social contacts, mates and associates. Some of the more preferred social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Delicious, Stumble, Digg and Tumblr.

Videos are a very popular center point when talking about the social media world. YouTube, a popular multimedia site, receives over 1 million uploads daily. Losing out on this amazing opportunity can play havoc on your website’s success. When designing your internet site, give enough room for outlines and links to your mpgs found on YouTube and/or other video sharing sites. You can leave an area that permits your visitors to directly click on the video found on your site. Link exchanges play a very important part in your web site ranking. Web crawlers love links of all varieties, including inward-bound and outgoing. Top quality links rank favorably among search sites. Inward bound links particularly help determine your internet site seriousness when compared to other sites. Do not forget to include an area in your sidebars for sites that have linked to yours and for sites you have connected to. After adding the links, make certain they operate properly before making your website available for public viewing. Go back on a regular basis to test link operations. If the link does not work, remove it and replace with an operable one. If a web crawler scans your web pages and finds inoperable links, your internet site will get a negative ranking which ends in bad visibility.

Make sure your web content is topical, enlightening, concise, targeted and decently employs keywords. All of these factors make your internet site more germane to the search site and therefore, increase your exposure and popularity ranking. Your content must be current and regularly updated to keep your website in good standing with the web crawlers. Keeping your content fresh also increases your link opportunities with other sites.

Consider preparing your website with an area for social promotions that generate a buzz among your users and visitors. Give your spectators a chance to participate in competitions, sweepstakes and trivia quizzes to increase the fun cost of your website. Visitors will regularly return to your internet site to discover how things are going and share the data with their social network. Preparing your site for the social media world needs to be a center point for any modern day business to be successful and viral. Failure to do so costs you time, coin and letdown.

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Benefits Of Choosing The Printing Services Of Singapore Companies In Ubi

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With the influx of the internet, we are faced with a number of opportunities we can do such as booking a flight, purchasing various products and even seeking information about the printing services Singapore companies provide. Doing these things online gives us much convenience because with just a click of a button, we instantly finish the transaction and just wait for the delivery of our purchases.

However, transacting online also involve some risks and disadvantages. If your business is located near or along Singapore’s Ubi Ave, you might rather choose to personally check the printing services a Singapore company provides.

Indeed why go online when you can directly speak with a person (face-to-face) who can show you actual sample and past works? In addition, a nearby printing company on Ubi Ave can do a trial run for you while you wait. On the other hand, an online-based printing shop would find it hard to do these things for you.

As it is just near your residence or place of work, the printing companies on Ubi Ave will be easily accessible just in case there are sudden changes that you would like to apply to the design. You may talk immediately to the store manager and discuss with him your exact requirements. This way, you are assured that everything is clear and changes can be done right there and then, which you can instantly inspect and approve.

You can also cut on delivery expenses when you choose the printing services of a Singapore company. Hence, you’ll have extra funds which you can use in other more important matters like brand or product development, marketing and sales. You have two options if you want to save on delivery expenses: first, ask your local supplier to just hand deliver the finished products. Second, you may just be the one to pick up from their office.

Knowledge of computer and Internet use is crucial in online transactions. If you or your staff is not yet adept at doing this, you might have to get training first or just go to your local printing company on Ubi Ave.

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How Brand Guidelines can improve Business Effectiveness!

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Brand guidelines are essentially the blueprint to your company’s marketing and branding techniques, which people need to abide by while representing the company in all forms. They will set the foremost dos and don’ts of the brand, and structure’s it’s overall impression and identity and give the company some direction when strategizing with regards to the brand.
Incorporated into these are the information regarding just what the brand stands for, business history, mission statement, primary values etc. Additionally, they include the graphic id of the company – its logo, color schemes, design patterns etc. along with the tone of communicating and language, and social media marketing dos and don’ts. The brand guidelines are displayed available as possibly a Pdf, a website or business record. They are generally developed having a relationship between your creative designers and also the branding crew.
Brand guidelines are very important for a company’s branding strategy. They assist to construction the style of the brand and make it relatable to your consumers. Additionally, they grow competition throughout the industry by establishing the brand aside from the others. The effect of the brand is greater when they’re clearly laid down.

The regularity of the brand image is preserved with these guidelines. In addition, these guidelines should develop and grow together with the company and be extremely versatile to change. The brand’s corporate signature needs to fit the particular logo and tagline from the business and be distinct and identifiable. Colour schemes, typography, pictures and the like additionally play a crucial role in developing how a brand presents itself towards the consumers and the market.

Brand guidelines help the business adhere to just one concept that brings the brand’s processes and actions together; the activities of the brand tend to be devoted to this concept. That they encourageprofessionalism and consistency within the brand. In addition they create specific quality and image standards that need to be adhered to. With this the groups involved with building your brand need to be effectively organized and coordinated to bring the best guidelines.
The actual long-terms benefits of these are typically numerous. They provide a fast means to access the sources that need to be assembled to regulate the brand and also provide a ready format for all the actions the brand must become into. Consistency develops confidence and this subsequently guarantees plenty of customer devotion and involvement together with the brand.

The philosophies, ideals and ethos of the business should replicate through its brand guidelines and they should be followed continuously by all of the groups responsible for the brand. Moreover, they must be easy-to-read not only for experts involved but also by other audiences that would want to understand more about the brand.

A well-defined collection of guidelines not simply helps make the brand’s general message more lucid but it also gets rid of any opportunity for ambiguity or dilution of exactly what the brand is truly trying to convey. They would ensure that there isn’t a scope for uncertainness, and make a positive, lasting effect while they are used adequately within the brand’s image-developing.

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Crowdsourcing — A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

November 5, 2011 · Posted in Online Marketing · Comment 

Smaller businesses deal with numerous difficulties, many of which are related to income. This is particularly the case throughout a corporation’s start-up phase. Because of the potential high cost of expert custom logo design, it is easy to understand that many company owners might seek ways to trim the cost

One of those ways is to crowdsource the task.

Crowdsourcing with regard to logo design basically involves arranging a competition among several designers. A company owner would provide a prize (e.g. $100), and allow a large number of creative designers to compete

The winner – that is, the person whose logo is chosen by the business owner – might receive the prize.

In this post, we’ll provide the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing this tactic to have a company logo made for your company. We’ll first explain the advantages you will enjoy, and then list some of the possible downsides.

The Good Side Of Crowdsourcing Your Custom Logo Design

The most obvious gain is the lower price. With unusual exceptions, logo designs born from crowdsourcing initiatives present significant savings – at least, initially – for the client

To demonstrate, the cost of a specialized brand mark might cost several hundreds of dollars while the cash prize for a design competition might be $100 or lower.

Another benefit is that the business owner is able to take advantage of a bigger collection of creativeness. Each one of the creative designers will probably generate concepts that other participants don’t have.

Lastly, there is generally much less time and communication associated with the development process, which may appear beneficial to busy customers. In reality, the lack of discussion is often detrimental to the final style and design since there is little chance for the company owner to offer feedback.

Not Enough Substance And Credibility

One glaring disadvantage of crowdsourcing your custom logo task is that the developers are unlikely to understand anything at all about your organization. They will not be acquainted with your brand. Nor will they possess understanding regarding your firm’s background, the area of interest you occupy, and how your business pertains to others in your sector. An expert developer is going to commit the time to investigate these and other details.

A common outcome of these contests is that the ultimate design (i.e. the “winning” custom logo) fails to catch the brand identity of the organization for which it was created. Failing that test, the logo cannot effectively symbolize the company.

You Lose Out On Creativity And Originality

Another problem with crowdsourced design initiatives would be that the participants may “take inspiration” from other companies’ trademarks without informing you they are doing it. This might seem harmless, but may lead to a number of issues with regards to possession.

For instance, imagine you select the winning design without realizing it is rather similar to a logo employed by another organization; further assume you move ahead with printing the logo on stationary, catalogues, pamphlets, and other collateral. If the organization that is the owner of the original mark finds out that you are using it, they can file a cease and desist order

Unless of course you appeal the order in a court of law, you will have to scrap your logo design in addition to any materials on which it’s printed. This can be pricey.

Plagiarism is typical in company logo competitions. Regrettably, much of it never comes to light up until the business owner has begun to incorporate the plagiarized design.

Likely Waste Of Time And Money

Crowdsourced custom logo design tasks often neglect to generate something that may be utilized by the company owner. Based on the rules imposed by the site at which the undertaking is hosted, he or she may be not able to terminate the contest. A winner has to be chosen and the cash prize has to be granted. Consequently, the business proprietor wastes both time and money because the search for an effective company logo must carry on.

For specific circumstances, crowdsourcing the design of your company logo design may be an acceptable option. This might be the case if you desperately need a cheap brand mark for your visual identity, to use on one-off projects like cheap stickers and such, with plans to replace it down the road. But most business owners will find the process ultimately frustrating and disappointing.

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