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The root of full contact kick-boxing can be traced back to Thailand 2000 years ago, where the art of Muay Thai fighting started. Kick-boxing has been practiced for thousands of years, but did not become popular in the United States of America until the early 1960′s, where kick-boxing has become an extreme sport for the extreme contender. America did not recognize kick-boxing in the formal circuit until 1970 and it is a swiftly growing sport.

The difference between kick-boxing and regular boxing is the work “Kick”. The kicks are what take kick-boxing to a whole different level than regular boxing. The most common kicks used by the fighters today are the, front kick, side kick and the round house. Most of kick-boxing can be traced back to a form of martial arts such as, but not limited to;

Karate Judo Ju Jitsu Tae Kwando Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Kapo Luta

Take any one of these martial arts and combine the fundamentals with boxing and you have a very aggressive, powerful and conniving fighter, who with one quick move could take his opponent to out. This form of fighting is much more dangerous than regular fist to fist boxing with gloves, because of the light weight gloves used and the use of kicking allows for a more powerful delivery.

The art of kick-boxing teaches strength, discipline, focus and defense; it is a great competitive sport and offers a total body workout. True kick-boxing is the art of defending and attacking ones opponent, Kick-boxers wear certain equipment and clothes that assist in protection and are used for easy movement, like mouth pieces, fight shorts, gloves, shin guards, all of these are used while the fighter punches, kicks and grapples with his opponent. Below is a list of the most common gear worn in the kick-boxing industry today and their prices.

Head Gear (leather with or without face cage)- 19.99 Revgear Cardio Wrap hand wrap- from 7.99 to 24.99 Pro Spar Shin Guard and instep- 34.99 Pro Spar Punches-Gloves- 34.99 Pro Spar Foam rib & ab guard- 44.95 Revgear Long Sleeve T shirt- 39.99 Revgear Fight Shorts- 49.99 Muay Thai Fight Shorts- 49.99 Focus Mitts- 49.99 Revgear Challenger MMA Grappling Gloves- 49.99 Revgear Platinum Leather Gloves- 79.99 Compression Shorts with Protective Flex Cup- 39.99

Mouth Pieces:

Shock Doctor-Gel Max- 19.99 Shock Doctor Pro- 9.99 Shock Doctor Power Double- 37.99 Shock Doctor-Braces- 29.99 Shock Doctor Power Ultra Gel- 34.99

Any of these apparel items can be found on-line at

As the art of Kick-boxing or Mixed Martial Arts some call it, takes on its new transformation in the western countries and we continue to take the sport to a whole new level, we also watch the apparel change as well. Once before they were extremely expensive, just like any other trend, with time the prices have come down and made it more affordable to be able to participate in.

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