Significant Factors To Consider In Buying Bay Area Real Estate

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate · Comment 

If you listen to all self-made realty moguls, you will clearly see that today is the best time to buy any Bay Area real estate property. Apart from amassing of affordable and foreclosed homes, mortgage rates are also at an all time low. Your monthly rent may save you from plumbing costs but when it comes to long-term investment, buying your own crib is still a much lucrative idea. In doing so, careful considerations must be done.

Whether it is to cater to the needs of a growing family or being near your workplace or great access to city living, it is important to always have a sense of purpose. This will be your guidelines in choosing the location, amenities needed, size and accessibility to important facilities. Setting up a realistic approach will help carry out your plans flawlessly.

If you do not have the finances, stay where you are. By making pre-mortgage evaluation with a credible bank or financial planner will help you find your standing according to the standard three C’s in the realty market, namely, capacity to pay, collateral and of course, credit history. With the economy downtrodden, most financial institutions and lenders will surely be shrewdest in their evaluation.

As soon as you already have a goal and a mortgage amount in place, carefully planning for the type of location is important. If there are children involved, a quiet and gated neighborhood will surely be safest. For city-slickers, condominium and other high-rise living spaces are slowly getting their fair share in the realty market these days. If you want something quiet and everything organic, country living is for you.

Often, home shoppers get easily swayed by gigantic chandeliers or perfectly manicured lawns. Seldom do they think of the plumbing systems as well as HVAC facilities snaking all throughout the home. Carefully checking for these facilities will ensure cutting down on repair costs when leaking or clogging starts seeping in the moment you move in.

It is imperative to have a realty broker or agent to call for in the area. Their knowledge and connections will surely help hasten the search. By simply providing your specifications, careful scrutiny of properties will be done by them to ensure that you have a suitable place to come home to the moment you or your family move in.

Truly, there is so much to consider when buying any Bay Area real estate property. Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind will surely help guide you in your search. This is a lifetime investment so make sure to put your heart into it.

If you’ve considered moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, a brand new housing development is being built now and will be finished soon. It’s called Pacific Place of Redwood City, a community of 21 single-family homes.