Tip on How to Sell Coins

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Taking up coin-collecting as an investment is not only enjoyable for the inherent aesthetic value of the coins themselves, but also for the fact that one can decide to sell coins for extra cash to augment one’s checkbook. When one becomes a collector dealing with other items, the act of selling items from one’s collection can prove to be difficult. Not so with coins. Coin collectors and coin dealers are always ready to deal with coins for cash, and one can sell coins for an easy profit. This kind of liquidity makes buying and selling coins a more fluid and financially sound investment than others.

To sell coins from a collection carries many advantages that make it a truly attractive venture. At the top of the list are old, rare, or collectible coins that certainly strike a chord with coin collectors. On the other hand, coins from precious metals like silver, platinum, or gold will always capture the interest of investors who want to keep a portion of their portfolio in precious metals form.

There are some reminders of which you should be aware when you deal with coin investment:

* Coins are collectible because of their age or rarity. There are so many different mints of coins available that it becomes difficult to succinctly and accurately compile a list. It is good to remember that these coins are tangible vehicles of history, and they tend to surpass the value of the metal initially used when making the coin. Involving yourself in the buying and selling in these coins makes you an active participant in their history. In addition, prices that collectible coins can fetch in the market can be quite substantial–sometimes they can sell for upwards of $30,000 per piece when you sell to old coin or rare coin dealers!

Coins from precious metals. While there is plenty of history in these coins, they primarily sell for their metal content than for anything else. Gold, silver and platinum coins are common. Even “junk silver” coins – those made of 40 – 90% silver, command good investment prices in the market. Likewise, the price of these coins is determined by the price of the precious metal on the market on any given day. As such, it works more like a “stock” in that the price can vary incrementally depending on the market perception of the strength of the metals as an investment option.

The most convenient way to sell coins is to work with a reputable dealer, some of whom offer the ability to sell and buy coins online. You can be anywhere in the country, or anywhere in your home, and be able to conduct transactions with the click of a button.

Selling coins effectively means taking an active interest in the investment itself, and this interest will translate in to profit later on down the line. With the market being as dynamic as it is, a little time spent researching here will not be for nothing. Educate yourself by using all the resources available to you online and through your local library. Applying a reasonable amount of diligence and forethought will make the endeavor of selling coins not only pleasurable, but profitable.

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Where To Look When You Have Old Coins For Sale

December 20, 2011 · Posted in Business · Comment 

With the coin and precious metals industry near an all-time high, now is the perfect time to put up those old coins for sale. The reason for this is simple: more and more people are recognizing the value of turning to coins and precious metals as an investment option. As such, there are many old and rare coin dealers who are willing to pay good money for old coins for sale.

So first thing’s first, what exactly constitutes an old coin? In this regard, the definition is not very clear. In many cases, date is not an overriding determinant of the price of the coin. Rather, it is the rarity, condition and demand for coins that drive how much they sell for in the coin market. In many instances, older coins become rarer and coins in high end condition become harder to find. For this reason, older coins tend to sell at higher values than newer coins, but this is not necessarily always the case. In general, however, old coins for sale command more competitive rates than the more common and more recent coins that are readily available in various mints. For example, the Morgan silver dollar minted in the early 1890s will almost always outsell the more recently minted American silver eagles.

To simplify the criteria, old coins refer to those that are highly valued by coin collectors and coin dealers alike. These coins are typically composed of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, and carry historical significance; although, older U.S. minted coins composed of copper nickel, and other metals, can also sell for significant premiums. These coins are referred to as numismatic coins, but the more commonly used term is collectible coins.

It’s important you know who you’re dealing with when you have old coins for sale, as not all coin dealers are alike. Old coins typically sell more for their collectible value than the underlying metal content; therefore, you should only consider selling old coins to old or rare coin dealers, or at least coin dealers that deal in all types of coins. Only individuals that are familiar with the numismatic coin market are able to properly value old coins.

Regardless of the strategy of the seller, the most important consideration when you sell old coins is to find reputable old and rare coin dealers that are known for their ethical business practices. You can find these dealerships by reading reviews and feedback from previous satisfied customers. These dealerships should also be accredited by third-party organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and should be an established business. The importance of the length of time the business has been operating can’t be understated: it is a direct indicator of how a business has been able to weather the ups and downs in the coin and precious metals industry; not to mention a reflection of its integrity and ability to attract clients. A family-owned business with emphasis on values rather than profit would also be an excellent company to deal with for old coins for sale.

It’s also important to remember that you’re never required to accept an offer made by a coin dealer for your old coins for sale, so if you don’t receive a fair offer, or are just curious as to if the offer is competitive, don’t hesitate to obtain more than one quote. Furthermore, don’t rule out coin dealers that may not be local to you, as it’s possible to sell coins online to well established old coin dealers, and in some cases, even receive partial reimbursement for your shipping expenses.

In summary, you can receive a substantial amount of money for old coins for sale if you go about the process the right way. Make sure that you find a coin dealer that is familiar with old and rare coins and that they are highly regarded by their customers and third party accredited organizations, alike.

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