Information About Peapod The Grocery Retailer

July 14, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks · Comment 

Founded in the year 1989 by two of its current executive officers, Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, Peapod is a company that deals with online grocery services. Its main operations are based in the United States of America. It operates through Royal Ahold, a company that first acquired a major stake of 51% before eventually buying out the rest of this grocery provider.

Deliveries are made from Royal Ahold stores across the states as well as from its very own warehouses. Initially it was known as IPOD which in full stands for Information and Product on Demand. It was later changed to the current name, a decision that was arrived on during the making of the company’s business cards.

Partnering with other companies has been one of its major stepping stones towards what it is today, making it able to provide its customers with online services, this all happened before the year 1996. This year also saw the launch of its website, among a handful of other companies that were into internet sales and marketing at the time. It is this that led to its resulting growth ranking 69th on Inc 500.

An IPO was held in the same year, and this marked its expansion into new territory which included new cities in different states in the US. This happened in partnership with another company, Stop & Shop. This gave birth to other new strings of partnerships starting from the year 2000 to the year 2011, leading to it expanding its jurisdiction even further into newer territories across the United States of America.

In 2000 Royal Ahold, a giant in grocery business bought 51% of the company’s shares. The year that followed it bought the rest of the shares forcing it to cancel contracts with most of its partners. The only companies that remained were two of Royal Aholds chains, namely Stop and Shop and Giant Food, both of which operate in America.

The company launched a phone app in 2012 that targeted those that use smartphones. This app allowed these users to make their choices by scanning the barcodes of the goods they wanted which would then be delivered to their homes. This gave birth to a new era of online phone shopping by the company.

This shows how Peapod has made its journey in the world of groceries starting with humble beginnings, eventually becoming a giant in the business of selling groceries. It might be under new management of Royal Ahold but it still gives the same quality services it did before, even better with new technology.

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